*02-01-1959 - 21-07-2021

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My dear friends

His work on Earth had finished and it is now time to pass the baton on to others to carry on the work.

Many of the predictions he, Moshiya van den Broek, foretold are unfolding and there is a greater urgency for the citizens of the world to unite and deepen their understanding of the Wisdom teaching. I encourage you to continue reading his articles and following the precepts.

I invite those who have studied to share their experiences with each other by contributing an account in writing and share on the website. This will help deepen their understanding of the keys given in the articles – numbers, patterns science and philosophy based on the structure and help restore the earthly life to its true purpose and glory.

In order to maintain the website running as freely given- any donation will be used to
continue the website to be free at the point of use.

It was his hope to build a centre for students to meet and share in France. It is now for others to take up the challenge and complete what he dreamt of and started.

Blessing and Love

Rinus van Ravenstein

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At the beginning of 2021, we noted that revenues had been lagging behind for years and that website and bank costs continued to rise. In January 2021 we decided to close the bank account and transfer it to my administrative office. Since then, no further benefits have been received. The biggest expense is the website. Due to the death of Ruud, no new initiatives have been developed. The whole is still, it no longer grows. The website will remain in the air for the time being and everyone can enjoy these beautiful articles, for free. This is in the spirit of Ruud, without personal profit, free to share. Rinus van Ravenstein Chair Foundation Truth&Revelations