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My dear friends

His work on Earth had finished and it is now time to pass the baton on to others to carry on the work.

Many of the predictions he, Moshiya van den Broek, foretold are unfolding and there is a greater urgency for the citizens of the world to unite and deepen their understanding of the Wisdom teaching. I encourage you to continue reading his articles and following the precepts.

I invite those who have studied to share their experiences with each other by contributing an account in writing and share on the website. This will help deepen their understanding of the keys given in the articles – numbers, patterns science and philosophy based on the structure and help restore the earthly life to its true purpose and glory.

In order to maintain the website running as freely given- any donation will be used to
continue the website to be free at the point of use.

It was his hope to build a centre for students to meet and share in France. It is now for others to take up the challenge and complete what he dreamt of and started.

Blessing and Love

Rinus van Ravenstein

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At the beginning of 2021, we noted that revenues had been lagging behind for years and that website and bank costs continued to rise. In January 2021 we decided to close the bank account and transfer it to my administrative office. Since then, no further benefits have been received. The biggest expense is the website. Due to the death of Ruud, no new initiatives have been developed. The whole is still, it no longer grows. The website will remain in the air for the time being and everyone can enjoy these beautiful articles, for free. This is in the spirit of Ruud, without personal profit, free to share. Rinus van Ravenstein Chair Foundation Truth&Revelations

The purpose and goal of the site

The aim of Truth and Revelations is to bring to light the real teachings of the ancient wisdom.
The Christian Church, in the 3rd century, began to systematically eliminate the ancient wisdom teachings, plunging the Occidental world into a Dark Age which still envelopes us today. Ironically, the ancient wisdom is contained in the Bible, available to those who have the keys, as provided in the articles. We elucidate the ancient wisdom symbolism with reference to the Bible and other scriptures and mythologies.
Penetrating into the human condition and the cosmic purpose of human life and the structure upon which it is based as mankind needs an understanding of the ancient wisdom in order to restore earthly life to its true glory and purpose.

The essence of the ancient wisdom

Central to the ancient wisdom is the concept of the divine spark or seed buried within each person. It was the purpose of the ancient mysteries to bring to life this divine spark so that it would illuminate life on this earth. This divine spark was symbolised by various figures at different times and in different places. Their names were Christ, Horus, Orpheus, Dionysus, Mithra, Krishna, Adonis, Hercules etc. They were symbolic and in some cases historical men.

New readers/students to Truth & Revelations will be shown the great depths and that will lead to the greatest height possible if old dogma can be let go off, so you may gain insights into who you really are.

1- We have created this website for you not to believe or follow but to find this truth within yourselves.

2- The articles are like dots on a sheet of paper that make it possible to connect them to create the whole picture. While some may wish to intellectually understand the science of creation, it will not be needed to become a mathematician, expert in history or ancient scriptures.

3- But please do not be misled by those commercial sites offering you enlightenment, great spiritual wealth or happiness, understand that for them to be able to give you they would first need to have it themselves “YOU CAN NOT BUY ANY OF THE ABOVE!”

4- The best that can be done is to create a situation in which you can learn. Now the reason why this has not been reached by most of humanity and why there is still so much suffering is a conditioned mindset and heart.
You will first need to understand what causes this conditioned mindset and heart which leads you in your search to reject one thing and accept another and at the same time functions as a wall keeping you from reaching your inner truth.

5- What most of those commercial sites and organizations are doing is the very opposite of what is needed. They feed you with what you want to hear, what the conditioned heart and mindset dictates. For example, someone who has mentally built the conviction that god does not exist will never look in the Bible for answers, or someone who has experienced a terrible situation will dread or fear any situation that reminds them of that past situation, or simply the media giving time to those organizations which try to sell their products telling you if you do not have this, that or the other then you miss out on life. Just look at the economy, a system that can only be upheld by your debt which creates a faster and faster growing disposal of goods by short lived goods causing pollution and using up of resources, creating poverty and greed in its slipstream.
Then there are those who think it’s all one great conspiracy and start to see it in anything that is not agreeing with them, but those who conspire are just as much a victim of their heart and mindset as most of mankind.

6- Have you ever noticed when someone is talking to you, your mind is already preparing to reply? Or thinking about it? Do you realise that at such moments you are not really fully paying attention? Yes, I know some will say, so why can’t I do both at the same time? No, it is that you can not stop it! What is the problem with doing the thinking after listening? You will hear much more than just the words if your focus is to listening only.

7- You have been trained to think, and to see this thinking as you. O this great intellect, try to be open, be compassionate, not judgemental and mentally quiet so the truth in you behind the veil of personality might recognize of itself also. If you can be all this then there is no room for thinking, and perhaps your thinking becomes a tool to communicate this deep seated truth that is otherwise shut from being brought to life at will unlike its will.

8- Some of you might find the numbers mentioned on the site difficult, some say, I am not good with numbers, but this is again a conditioned mindset. Numbers are a language and they tell a story, each letter, each word has a value, but words have lost their value due to the many interpretations.
Numbers were the first language of creation and if you practice to be open as said in paragraph 7 then you will come to see it. You will come to see that this creation-al language is the skin that clothed you and the material world.

9- Whether listening, looking or reading, done in the right way will be like a pen following the dots that will present to you what Philo called the unseen framework of god’s creation. Realise that like such drawing it is not until you follow the dots and are at least very close to finishing that you start to see that the Bible, the Veda’s and other ancient holy scriptures describe all that was, is and will be, and most important of all, YOUR LIFE and a way to spiritual wealth, happiness and enlightenment.

10- I promise you that this quest will lead you to the greatest treasure you could possibly have dreamed of, your personal holy grail.

So you see it is not entirely free, you do not get it by buying a book or a course, not even believing in angels or Christ, because what you are really believing in is a personalised idea that fills your heart and mind, and when you invite him in, you really invite an imposter. He does not enter an unclean house whose host is after personal gain, but he enters one who says this house is yours and offers him the last of the best. Such person places Christ above himself and is worthy to receive Him. If that is truly the price you are able and willing to pay then be ready to bring an offer and it will forever change your life.

Is your believe just lip service? Is your spirituality a hobby? Or is your religion just a way to say it is in god’s hands so you can escape your responsibility? He gave this world to you to look after, he asked you to look after your brothers and sisters, remember?
Do you think putting some money in the basket on Sunday will put you in the clear? Your collective church has enough money to feed every man, woman and child on the face of the earth, is that a household that gives the last of his best?
Or do you think your chosen government is going to save you? Or perhaps your hopes are on that lottery ticket that takes from the many to give to a single one, often run by governments whose kings and queens consider themselves descendants of king David, the holy bloodline. But in truth it was power and money that runs through their veins, you do not gain holiness by inheritance but by goodwill.
Or are you an atheist?
By now those who belong to one of the above categories will likely not have read this far because it attacks their conditioned minds, they are the real slaves and at the same time the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They pray on you, the lost souls.

If you are now here it means you belong to the group of people who are really willing and able to take action and are likely already doing so, well just imagine us joining you in your effort and you joining us.

Moshiya van den Broek