152. The power of words, and the(in)ability to hear and see

A reporter asked if she could place the articles on her news site and came with a bit of advice which was well meant if I were into making gains by commercializing something popular. She said do not use the word YOU because this sound to preachy use ONE, like in one will have to…. Etc. instead of YOU will have to, why is this? Because when I say “you” I call upon ego so he will show himself and when I say “one” he can pretend I am talking about someone else. I did not come here to feed him but to bring him to light and free you from him(with HE I mean evil, he that hides in your unconscious mind and knows you better than you know yourself).

This HE has your field of experience to work with and seeks to make sense of the world, to gain power to satisfy his needs based on what it thinks it knows and needs. When he recognizes something he wants or does not want then he will stir the water and cause ripples you call thoughts and feelings, to which you cling and say I think/I feel. Feeling without mind could not speak out for itself, but in time it made connections with the experiences it could then relate to, and it became known as intuition.

Someone else said, I think you are him (the one everyone is waiting for) He asked: are you him? It is not my answer that would free him, but realizing what stands in the way from seeing.

What causes this yes and no within you? Clearly this inner does not know and therefore seeks while at the same time it finds it hard to accept that it does not know, hides behind what it thinks it knows “yes but”. Stop seeking; what you are looking for is already there. Why was it that Jesus said: be like children? Being less conditioned.

Someone else said there are many ways to god. While this is true, it is not the path you are walking on, consider all I said before and ask the wisest part of you; Who guided me? The first step on the right path would be to admit, to see and forgive yourself, and in it recognize it blinded others too and forgive them too.

Another said, I was Cleopatra in a previous life, but who was she but a collection of masks called personality, if you were her then you would still be if you were the continuation of that life. The karmic residue has built a new personality through which you have the ability to learn. The part that remains unchanged is what you seek today, not the title or cloth or the vehicle which collected karmic residue. It is your identification, “I was, I feel, I think”. How can you learn from your past? You did? Well, I will get to that later, but is it not the past that led you to be who you are today? So when you look back at your past, is the way you look at it not already coloured by it? Here again it is your identification with it. When you watch a film on TV you tend to predict who did it, because you are shown more than the detective playing the role of investigator, now when you go back to your past you take on the role of the individual again, the single frame of film of the victim, hero, investigator, lawyer or any other role you played, when you do not identify with the character then you might see the bigger picture. I say at times look at it as if you are looking at someone else, be outside this bubble, do not get emotionally attached, at most like looking at an actor who looks a little like you. And each time when you go back with the gain you made in growth, it places you further outside the bubble until you see the whole picture.

Evil points to the future too, that is where the gain is, but it is just an excuse to continue on His path. All that can be learned you already have, don’t cause more karmic ballast.

Practice in past so you see how it influences the present, and add to this actor with a whispering voice forgiveness and the insights you gained, so when the past seeks in today it is less blinded and causes less ripples that distort or discolour what you see.

Someone said you are a bad Hindu guru the only way to god is through Jesus, someone else said you are Muslim and they are wrong too, again someone else said you are a Buddhist and I do not agree with them. But I believe in all: Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohamed, and they all used words as vehicles in this world to bring you as close to the truth as possible. The bible spoke of a time where there were no more true believers, I say this time is today, words have lost their true power, their true value, because words such as true believer have been personalized. When someone does say “I am a believer”, then this believe is built upon the understanding of the words they read and the value given to these words through experience. This is why even among Christians, Muslims and other religions there are differences, much like this holy war which to some is a war outside of them against non-believers while this holy war is a war within as you came to understand in the beginning of my articles.



Moshiya van den Broek