151. Signs for 144,000

It is not about me telling you, but about you seeing what I said. Throughout the articles I have given you more insights than I was ever given until I came to see, and wisdom became my first love, and my love became wise. I needed to experience. You need to learn to see and hear.

Some reporter send me an email asking me to tell them more about me, but my past is of no use to you, it is about you and your past and what you have done with it . It is not about me, I do not seek followers, you seek truth and I lead you there, that is all.

2 timothy 4:3, 4 There will be a period of time when they will not put up with the healthful teaching, but, on accord with their own desires, they accumulate teachers for themselves to have their ears tickled, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, whereas they will be turned aside to false stories.

These teachers are of course the media also which carry so many different tastes for each part of the personality to find food in . But this food is unhealthy.

Just as in Adam all are dying, so in Christ all will be made alive, Jesus paid for the sin from Adam until Christ, he ate of the tree of knowledge (through experience learn from it). Many of these experiences have sunk so deep into the unconsciousness that they have become semi-automatic, like breathing and the heartbeat. All sins up to the sacrifice of Christ of the tree of good and evil at the feeling level were forgiven. Call this feeling for the moment the feminine sides, the experiences until then were more on the feeling level and less connected to the men-tal side. Through the mental, feeling becomes known (not yet knowledgeable). After Christ a period came where they had to discover that no matter how they follow and respond to that what they collected and seek for. it is never lasting. That somehow true happiness never lasts, this is because the image they have made of happiness, is as limited as your ability to see beyond the present moment, and deformed by your past.

So eventually people realize they cannot find the answer out there, so they think answers come from men-tal, the working of a trained brain has answered so many things, so we must seek inside, measuring it against what we know, “and desire and fear”. Yet others say the gate to this kingdom is love, and measure against their own experience and therefore understanding of it.

Such simple words: know thyself and you will know the other. But the tower you need to climb reaches the sky. This tower is made brick by brick by nobody else but you and then you locked yourself out of it.

Many ride the waves of thoughts but don’t know that the hot and cold streams made it move together with the moon, like positive and negative and feeling. Yes nature is also in us in many ways.

Some of you experience what they call karmic kickbacks while they practice doing good, they think that the wires that connect cause and effect are so deeply hidden that they can never find the cause and set it right, but connect two wires and the light goes on. To bring the past to light does not mean to look at it from the YOU point of view. Because you are blinded by them, in other words the experience itself made connections to feelings and thoughts and judged all else in the times that followed and made the you YOU are today. So when you look back all you see is your point of view, and that view you know. This view likes to hold on to its knowing because it feels good and makes sense for itself. Even if it only last a second, this feeling comes from recognizing of self but this self is like an image in a mirror, the reflection does not feel but causes reactions in you, your subconscious, all your experiences and connections to words. Feelings seek of themselves, it does not care about you, you are just a tool through which evil feeds itself. You might be able to still the waves but you know little of him that really lives in your house, of what lies under the waves and what causes them to move together with the moon. This is because you cannot bring it to light with a conditioned mind, it is like a thief being a locksmith fixing your door and shutting you out.

Your looking in is conditioned, when you look at a past moment/experience you need to realize that this past experience played a role in who you are right now. You might know that a past experience was judged wrongly at that time and you now know better and think that therefore it does not influence you but why then do you at times say or think: why did I do this while I knew better? Because this past experience seeks, and feeds on its own or similar reflections while being unaware of it. Sometimes a smell related to a past experience is picked up unconsciously and triggers a response in you, feeling does the same and then it is often called intuition, feminine intuition really is connections of experience with feelings.

But feeling needs a mental connection to clarify, to say I feel this and mean that in clear words. But because it is not or only little, the man had to rule over woman. The bible holds great truths but mankind does not see it because he reads with personalized(by limited experience) understanding of the words and what he has connected to these words, so they come to think that woman need to be slave of man. But let me tell you that women are often closer to god than men because men suppress feeling because they see it as weakness, while all is vibration, is frequency, feeling connected to wisdom. LOVE.

Men-tal on its own seeks to rule, control and is desire driven, so it is the weakness of men-tal that made it needed for woman to cover up.

One who knows the dividing line between the two worlds heaven and earth is 144, has opened his eyes.

Half of the 8 is 288 it has 4 times 72, the fifth reaches in the 6th, the cycle has an opening of 24 degrees, the circle has 15 points, 30 degrees is 216 ( 40=288) it takes 72 to move a degree and each year is 72 and 4 times 365,25 is 1461.

24 are the frames per second times 60 is 144 times 60 minutes is 864 times 24 is 20736 mirror of 3927, the 66 books. The clock of life and the clock of the zodiac.

20736 divided by 36 is 576, by 18 is 1152 and by 12 is 1728.

288 divided by 22 is 1309 half golden ratio, all letters and half way. Each 72 years it moves one degree, 30 degrees is one zodiacal year of 2160.

Each second has 24 frames, times 60 seconds times 60 minutes times 24 hours is from the new testament 207.

Back to the old, the full cycle 36(0).

The ark of Noah (you) travels the eight (576) 45 times.

And 45 times 576 is 25920 years which is called a great year or 12 times 2160 and 54 times 576 gives you 31104. This number is known as the creational starting point.

Those who know the structure through having studied the articles will know that you enter the ark 4 to 5 and leave from 5 to 4, 45 and 54. 22 Hebrew letters times 144 is 3168 the number of Christ. The true student also then will realize that you need to reach the 7 by the lining out of the 5 and 6 to make 7 instead of 11. But this needs to be done on both the tree of good and evil(balance) 77 times 144 is 11088. Which is 54 times 22 again.

The 3 master keys, the 52,36, the 31,25 and the 56,25 together make 13986 this times the structure eight is 111888 and 13 times is 181818( 26 naturally gives you the 3 cycles 363636 ) and 65 times 909090.

From the 5 to the 6 is 666 and from the 6 to the 5 is 999.

From the point down and rounded off is the 6 and this on the physical, mental and spiritual level, once on this cycle the only way out is from the cycle back to the point or in other words the 9.

So really you need to go halfway (13)which means you then have the 65 from heaven to earth instead 56 from earth to heaven, 909090 divided by 666 is 1365.



Moshiya van den Broek