149. Miracles

Miracles are those moments of insights that transform your life.

It is now time to explain a bit more about karma. Karma has always been this unclear concept which was simply: the law of cause and effect. If you slip over a banana peel you are able to trace cause and effect, when you switch on the light then you know cause and effect but you cannot see the wires that run from the switch to the light bulb. But you wake up with a shock when the alarm bell rings in the morning while you have set the alarm clock yourself .

This can be understood but to see it in your own life is another story and often worse than the alarm clock because you cannot find out what the cause was, why for instance a relationship breaks up, the wires are so criss crossed that you cannot find the cause. Buddha once had a headache and when he was asked what had caused it he said, as a young boy he had hit a fish on the head. While this example could still be traceable as the cause been related to the effect(hurting a head), karma is not that simple, just like the accumulation of experiences which makes you who you are, each moment influences the next and the next, the buckets filled up. While I say it is not that simple then I say this to your present state of mind because it is as clear as the banana peel when you have removed the curtains that blocks you from seeing.

Not only is it physical but it is mental and spiritual also. Physical and mental are related to you, your actions, but spiritual is the higher one, the one that guides.

Let’s say you fall in love with someone, what is it that attracts you to the other person? Even if you could mention physical and mental aspects, or just because you can, then how could it have broken up? That one “ falls out of love”? Have a closer look……… let’s say one does not like to argue and plays the underdog and the other is the bossy type, you might discover that your personality as underdog has grown because of experiences you have had and the bossy type pushed you to where you needed to become aware of the roll you play. But you need to stop to be the underdog because people will walk over you, or as the bossy type you discover that your experiences led you to fall for the underdog type( the spiritual guidance) and realize that people do not share with you. You did not see what attracted you, what made you be attracted was a third law, that of spiritual good, that pushed you towards that what needed to be learned and realized, and that all that let you be the person(ality) that you are as buckets full of judgments that need to be balanced out, as this will clear your vision because the whole collection of things that made you attracted to the other, all the preferences, all the attractions are really born in differentiations and not in unity. The spiritual law of attraction and the law of karma of good and evil of cause and effect. They bring the weaknesses to light. And the ego needs to die so YOU may be reborn.

But because you live out his life through you, because you are those thoughts and emotions you cannot see, because they block out your view from true seeing, the past dictating the future according its limited view blinding you from truth, be in it but not of it, be outside that bubble. When you do then all these criss crossed wires are indeed neatly structured into purpose wisdom and love.

To be in the now is something very different than being in the now from the personality point of view, from there looking back in the past is seen through personality whereby the accumulation of experiences have coloured the way you look at those past moments just as it had when the disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us what Heaven’s kingdom is like.” He said to them, “It’s like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds, but when it falls on prepared soil, it produces a large plant and becomes a shelter for birds of the sky.”

I say, if your faith is the size of a mustard seed then you do not have to go to the mountain but the mountain will come to you. And I do not mean the faith you say you have because that faith is built on personal ideas of truth. You look to the future. Only when this personality has died will the past and future show itself as it truly is. In other words, the point of view is then not coloured.

Being in the now is not the silence or simply the quieting of the mind stuff (the thoughts that might arise), it does not do this with reference of what is known. Even the ability to focus on a single line of thought or object. It is the seeing and hearing without judgment. The eternal now has no boundary and is free.

This practice of meditation looking outside the bubble of thoughts and emotions helps you to realize that your view is limited and that by letting them go as well will clear your sight. The aim to still the mind and then transcend this plane of existence which is an act of ego.

This state of pure awareness is where there is no separation between subject and object, being in this state is very liberating and could be translated as unity consciousness or Samadhi. It is what some call enlightenment, however this is only the beginning, on this plane you will experience a new kind of duality, the experience of unity consciousness is expressed through you in the illusionary universe of relativity.

When you can remain in this unity consciousness and at the same time be fully engaged within the demands of the relative world and yet non-identified with it then you have reached the state of enlightenment.

While this death of ego was in a time of life where my pain became unbearable, I really gave up. It was then that I first experienced OOB. I took 3 days to resurrect, to be able to have control over mental and physical. I found that there was a seeing and hearing that did not depend on physical eyes and ears and so lost fear of the unknown, but there too I came to see that that world was still seen from an experience known world, still with its dramas and interpretations collected in human life. This death of ego was a part of ego that had died, the famous size of a mustard seed, therefore it needs to be overcome while in this world if you wish to be free, otherwise you remain connected and on the wheel of karma, of limited seeing.

So even if you are able to have outer body experiences and even when you have control over your dream world, you still live in Maya(the worlds of illusion). When it is said that you need to lose everything then you might think it is all material goods, or the stronghold it has on you, but in truth it is this you, only then can God become your will.



Moshiya van den Broek