147. Levitation

Many of you might have experienced a dream wherein you were able to fly, others might have dreamed about being able to fly in real life, yet others again dream about being able to defy gravity, or think about some exotic propulsion system that must drive unidentified flying objects. I particularly spell it out fully and not use UFO because to some this automatically means ET, extra-terrestrial beings from another planet. Unidentified means just that, not yet identified, while the whole universe is life ‘but not as you know it’, who is to say that it needs a planet at all? Earthbound way of thinking again is it not? I will only say one thing about this: everything falls under the same law, the law of God. And no one but you can save you except God.

Now to levitation again, there is a kind that about 20 years ago made superconductivity possible at very low cost with liquid nitrogen.

Please read this following first:

i. Zero electrical resistivity. This means that an electrical current in a superconducting ring continues indefinitely until a force is applied to oppose the current.

ii. The magnetic field inside a bulk sample is zero (Meissner effect). When a magnetic field is applied current flows in the outer skin of the material leading to an induced magnetic field that exactly opposes the applied field. The material is strongly diamagnetic as a result. In this experiment, a magnet floats above the surface of the superconductor.

Superconductivity [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]. A magnet levitating above a high-temperature superconductor, cooled with liquid nitrogen. Persistent electric current flows on the surface of the superconductor, acting to exclude the magnetic field of the magnet (the Meissner effect). This current effectively forms an electromagnet that repels the magnet. Superconductivity is a phenomenon occurring in certain materials at extremely low temperatures, characterized by exactly zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field (the Meissner effect).

The electrical resistivity of a metallic conductor decreases gradually as the temperature is lowered. However, in ordinary conductors such as copper and silver, impurities and other defects impose a lower limit. Even near absolute zero a real sample of copper shows a non-zero resistance. The resistance of a superconductor, on the other hand, drops abruptly to zero when the material is cooled below its “critical temperature”.  An electrical current flowing in a loop of superconducting wire can persist indefinitely with no power source. Like ferromagnetism and atomic spectral lines, superconductivity is a quantum mechanical phenomenon. It cannot be understood simply as the idealization of “perfect conductivity” in classical physics.

Superconductivity occurs in a wide variety of materials, including simple elements like tin and aluminium, various metallic alloys and some heavily-doped semiconductors. Superconductivity does not occur in noble metals like gold and silver, nor in most ferromagnetic metals.

In 1986 the discovery of a family of cuprate-perovskite ceramic materials known as high-temperature superconductors, with critical temperatures in excess of 90 kelvin, spurred renewed interest and research in superconductivity for several reasons. As a topic of pure research, these materials represented a new phenomenon not explained by the current theory. And, because the superconducting state persists up to more manageable temperatures, past the economically-important boiling point of liquid nitrogen, more commercial applications are feasible, especially if materials with even higher critical temperatures could be discovered.

Levitation Currents

The Meissner effect in superconductors like this black ceramic yttrium based superconductor acts to exclude magnetic fields from the material. Since the electrical resistance is zero, supercurrents are generated in the material to exclude the magnetic fields from a magnet brought near it. The currents which cancel the external field produce magnetic poles which mirror the poles of the permanent magnet, repelling them to provide the lift to levitate the magnet.

The levitation process is quite remarkable. Since the levitating currents in the superconductor meet no resistance, they can adjust almost instantly to maintain the levitation. The suspended magnet can be moved, put into oscillation, or even spun rapidly and the levitation currents will adjust to keep it in suspension.

Look here for some of the things connected to superconductivity.

Having done this will help to make the link with the structure I have been talking about to you through the articles. Science is now looking to find a way to establish it at room temperature by looking at different materials, superconductor acts to exclude magnetic fields from the material. Since the electrical resistance is zero, supercurrents are generated in the material to exclude the magnetic fields from a magnet brought near it.

I want to keep it simple here, you know through the other articles where this zero is in the star of Bethlehem and the thorus. So a superconductor acts to exclude magnetic fields, which in this zero centre is what it does. And this centre is much like soul, much like God, everything flows out from it(also think of the big bang theory). When a coil is made based on the knowledge pointed at in the articles then you create the desired effect, and through the keys have control, and indeed create warp drive; a centre of non-duality, this centre in yourself,  Alpha Omega. And for all this you need the roadmap. This roadmap(this mercy seat only personally explained) is really the inner way, and you need to lose everything first, then you can have it. It  has all to do with what is explained through the articles.

A last point here, think about the question, what makes the earth float and keeps them from being

pulled in, but also think about the atoms and the space in between them. And the seed that can become all, but also think about the factors that determine what it will be, and the determining factor being conscious.

The geometrical pattern(number) .

There is only one place where the outer does not influence, and that is the true centre within you. The other (semi) centre it does influence.

Plus and negative, + and –.  While this positive is the outer centre and not the inner centre but at least looking in the right direction, from your inner better knowing which is still limited.



Moshiya van den Broek