11. Where do we go wrong?

Man has put his faith in science in search for wisdom, while true science (knowledge of g-d) lies in religion.
Often when they do look at religion for knowledge they judge it with their faith in science.

Here is a reply from one of those researchers:

“The sacred geometrie is found in many belief systems. The symbols can be distilled out of the math, but remember that the Hebrew and Greek grammatica only came into being about 600 years B.C., and the Thora was written ca.1450 B.C. This means that the Thora was already in existance for 850 years when they started to put numeral values to letters. Sadly there is a lot of that so called sacred geometrie in the world and I think we should not mix the two together. My research is therefore called ‘bible code research’”. – Frank Colijn

Ruud: “So ask: “how does this man separate the two?” It must be a personal belief system that enables him to see the truth (his relative truth) so he may separate them (the good from the bad). But then why is it called research? It is not research if you know it, for he should be able to recognize it. And the bible states that we have our life in him and he lives in us, does this then not mean we should be able to recognize him in everything? Lift up a stone and find g-d, can you? And if you can not, who then is blind?”

I showed him a similar article I posted on the site, concerning 1 / 7 = 142857, and pointed to the fact that if you double numbers starting from one (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048) and continue endlessly you will have 124875124875124875 endlessly – indeed the 3,6,and 9 missing!

1 1 place the two alongside and cross ref them, what do you see?
2 4 patterns emerge.(try to multiply 142857 by 2, what do you see?)
4 2
8 8 142857
7 5 x 2 = 285714
5 7 x 3 = 428571
1 1 x 4 = 571428
2 4 x 5 =
4 2 x 6 =
8 8 x 7 =
7 5
5 7

Now this 1 / 7 = (142857) and the 17 we spoke of in the last article (“How to catch fish”) where we added 1+2+3 up to 17 gave us the fishes in the net (153), and its multiplication with 7 gave you 1071 multiplied by the 22(hebrew letters) gives you 23562 which in turn was the Ark of Noah again!

The Ark of Covenant (1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 = 5.625) 5625 / 142857 = 39375 x 16 = 63
16 =1+6 =7
63 =6+3=9
9×7= 63

Then we take our royal cubit 5236/142857=36652 As in 7 times the cubit is 36652.

Do this with your 5625 / 142857 = 39375 once again Your multiplication will give you numbers such as seen above 39375 times 16 = 63 But also 55 times gives you 2165625 so 216 divided by 5625 Or 39375 times 70 gives you 275625 so 27 divided by 5625 Or 39375 times 103 gives you 4055625 so 405 divided by 5625 Recognize the outcomes? Yes they are all the holy numbers that belong on the star of bethlehem.

I did say it before, first you recognize patterns in the world. Then you recognize them in yourself, but this only starts to happen once you finished building a heart (32) and are now making it good with 17. There are 9 points to awaken (look at the star of bethlehem) 9 times 17 is 153 then you will have all the fish in the net to feed everyone!

But here is a warning, do not “feed them to the pigs”, the pearls of the sea (this knowledge). They eat anything for they never get further than 32.

The Tree of Good and Evil the 8 (576)(degrees) x 2 = 1152 Divided by 32 = 36 on the cycle they remain.
32 x 36 = 1152



Moshiya van den Broek