146. The thorus

Before going to explain more about the thorus I need to go back to the 2 and 5. Visually you can see that they are like mirror images of each other, you also know that the star of Bethlehem is 576 degrees and half is 288, multiply it by two and you get 576 but divide 288 by 5 and you will again get 576, the only thing that moves is the decimal point.


As you know the highest is 9 and the highest of 3 tree’s is 999, divide it by the 8 and you will get 124875, the same series of numbers of doubling shown in other articles.

Do you still remember the Thora? And the key it provided? 31,25. Now 124875 divided by 31,25 is 3996, now you have all the numbers. While not fully correct here is the layout:

This is of course a donut type thorus, and not according the configuration I have shown you. But it will help you to get an idea .

Now let’s go back to this 124875 divided by 31,25 is 3996 and see if it gives you the right numbers again, as you know lord Jesus Christ has a number value of 3168 and I have also shown you that on a higher scale a number is added (9).

I will not need to go much further into this at this point, when you have seriously studied the articles then these numbers are now familiar to you .

Unlike some who think that it is the thorus which is the structure that re-generates, provides free energy, and enables you to produce a propulsion system that defies gravity, it is in truth the tree or star of Bethlehem, known by long past civilizations .

You could say that this knowledge is not of this world, dimensional travel(not really traveling at all),this is the mechanics that science theory of wormholes searches for.

In fact it is the bible, the source of many holy scriptures. As you by now must have realized, numbers are much more than a tool to measure quantity . It is the structure that causes everything to curve around it. The number patterns are the basis of all mathematics (In, out and around). It shows the universe to be like an ecological system of renewal.

Proof of an omniscient being, Allah, God and many other names/aspects. It provides the underpinning geometry of the universe, and everything else, DNA and therefore all life.

It is a math whereby numbers do not move but the functions move. How numbers form a 3D solid geometric object(from spiritual to material and back). The true bible code, as the numbers/letters are part of the structure.

The bilateral symmetry of the decimal system, that results in polar number pairs having parity by being perfect mirrors of one another. Think of the twice 7, one left one right of the two trees. The zero point in the centre( the law that adds a zero).

Unbroken multiplication series on the outer layer of the thorus.

Look at the arc of covenant where the 3 and 6 are yin and yang and spirit is 9. In other words free will is not a choice between 3 and 6, but between them and 9.

The solar system and zodiac and events both on personal and global level are a story told in many cultures and are based on the inner geometric lining. Just like the cross in the article December 2007.

From the cosmic crucifixion down to the person(al) crucifixion the two crucified, one on his left and one on his right, the goodness and believer and the bad non believer of which one will be saved, is again the same story, one planetary, and one on a personal level, like mars and Venus and the good and evil in you. But do not think that the believe you hold on to is the same I am talking about , as yours is self-made.

Of this time it is said that there are no believers left, a story related to this is that of Sodom and Gomorra. The world is full of good wishes, and right now probably you have made several good year resolutions as well for which the ego personality will make many excuses not to follow up on. You might even consider making a donation while deep inside you know that most of it will be lost along the way, but it is an easy way to pay your way to heaven. If I were to say that all this does not provide you with the password to enter then your ego is quick to make his defense by pointing to others . If you really wish to help others then start helping yourself.  Take what is given to you in the articles as the most important and do not let ego come up with any excuse or wander off to find of its own liking.

I have gone through great length to reach out to you, never asking anything in return, but to many of you if nothing is asked in return then it will not be of value, such is the way of this world and your thoughts, you think you know right from wrong but your knowledge will be tested against the wisdom of god, know by these very tests that will be knocking at your door that you placed your trust in the adversary, sold your soul. From now on you will need to come halfway.

When do you know? And then where to go? Help is there, all you need to do is follow and become.

You can chose to be.. to do.. to hear.. to see.. to believe.. to love.. to nurture… to care.. to tolerate and forgive.. but you forget what self-realization is.. few are gifted.. most of you are bemused and crazed creatures, strangers to yourselves, to one another and to the world.. even from an ideal viewpoint you can glimpse but not adapt!! Life would be more beautiful and meaningful with you knowing to love, respect and treat each living entity as one of you.



Moshiya van den Broek