145. The end of days

Only a very few of you have seriously studied the articles, but those who have done so will realize that we have now entered the final days. 2007  is the end of the Mayan calendar and not the 2012 so many believed, this is where the predictions stop and where the 5 extra days were given, a day being 360.

5 times 360 is 1800 and 18(00) is a cycle equal to 576. Uncharted territory so to speak. Pneuma or wind/spirit has the value of 576, it is the last breath, all events that happened in a cycle are now going to happen in a short 5 days.

Some knew and built this knowledge into the constructions such as the great pyramids, and even Washington DC. But they can be found within the stories themselves if they had eyes to see. They used measurements in accordance with the law, in other words in harmony with it.

Even weights, lengths and volume, the master builder GOD. This was known by the free masons (high ranks) 33th degree, Sir Charles Warren was one of them, and if you look at a dollar bill and the pyramid, you will find the date 1776, the declaration of independence ( 576 x 576 is 33.1776).

All was based on this very structure, the structure I refer to as the star of Bethlehem and the 3 levels of knowledge or the tree of good and evil and the tree of life.

Some might think that being somewhere at a particular time will save them, IT WILL NOT! It is true that some will gather at a place (known to some) but there is something else that needs to be recognized if you are to enter the gate.

So many of you believe that they will be saved, and that they will automatically be transformed, That the impurity will be cleansed by the influx of light, Wrong! Let’s look at a film, your film! Your life ! You walk and experience being in the movie from the now to the future and looking back on your past, past you can look at, future you cannot. Of God you know that he is alpha & omega, he can see the beginning and the end, while you can see past and present, but past only from the present moment. Usually when you do look back you experience it the way you did back then, as it is difficult to look at it from another angle, but if you are looking at it as an outsider,  not emotionally involved, you would be able to see what the personality could not see due to not being that personality. But if you are in it but not of it, then you can look at it as looking at a series of film frames.

Past ……………………………..present

You would be able to see that from that past experience you judged the next, as if your eyes would through these past images look to the present. The first image shows you being confronted by, for instance, someone who wants to hit you with a baseball bat, a few frames later again someone walks up to you with a baseball bat and you run away, but if you could move even further away.


You would be able to see that he actually wanted to ask you if you wanted to play a game of baseball.

Point of view .

Some of you might have experienced this split second where you wanted to act differently but then emotion guided you with more force. Now just imagine you who knows better in the present are the outsider who is present in that past moment talking to you in the past. If you were able to listen then you could have given the you then, some good advice, you would have called it a guardian angel. But you don’t listen to you, you only have ears for your emotions.

Just imagine being able to move to the future frames knowing where it all leads to and then look back to the present and the past. Body, mind, spirit, it is all point of view!

If you would take the highest view point you could even recognize the structure upon which all is running its course.

Let’s go back to the structure again 18, the eight and one, the eight has 32 paths (18 x 32= 576) 18 is from the one to the eight (the 6 days of creation, the 7th was rest day, and the eight was eternity) and from this you need to go back to the one, in another way 18 to 81, would it be any surprise that the value of alpha & omega is 801?

Where does this zero come from? As you will know the thorus on its outer centre point (the 4 and 5 on the tree) becomes a single point that is a circle within. It sort of puffs out a circle like you might be able to do with smoke, entering unity to encompass(enclose) all. Now the highest was 999(the mirror of this world 666) divide this 999 by the eight and you will have 124875, in a different order these are the numbers of the one divided by seven 142857 (267732= 26 generations twice 7 and 32 paths). Now let’s have a closer look at this 124875. It is a doubling of numbers 1 x2=2 2×2=4 2×4=8 2×8=16 1+6=7 2 x 16 = 32 3+2=5. And 3 numbers are missing the 3, 9 and 6, in the right configuration these are the numbers on the outer skin of the thorus.

This now provides you with the Z axes.

Timeless time axes. The heart of a black hole into light.

Without these coordinates, Z point energy would remain unattainable, without it time travel mere science fiction. Without the story line a jump into the unknown(life as you experience it right now).

There are many grains among man or in other words rudiments found in science and religion and in the hearts of mankind, bread was shared among you.

But who has done the gathering for you? You, your personality has developed its own taste and do not recognize the heavenly bread that gives eternal life. The harvesting time has come. And that what is impure burned. It is not this knowledge that will save you but life lived in accordance with it. Do not think that these five extra days is the time you have, your time might be any moment, even if you make it till the final moment.

The Tale of Osiris, Isis and the Dog.

Long ago, in Egyptian myth, there was a character named Osiris. He was married to Isis. One day, a man named Typhon killed Osiris and cut him up into 14 pieces. His wife Isis, with the help of the dog,

Sirius, helped Isis find 13 out of the 14 pieces. The 14th, or the phallus, was never found. Isis fashioned one out of wood, and Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris took his father’s place. Horus lost an eye.

The Key to Washington DC is in the Measurement. In order to understand the secret, you need to measure Washington D.C. Once measurements are made, you will see what Washington D.C. represents. Understanding the measurements can only be done when you understand the Solar System and The long Count of the Mayan Calendar. Let’s start with the Mayans.

Like Osiris, the Mayans divided what they called the Sun Period into 13 equal parts, 396 years each. These periods were called Baktuns in the Mayan long count. The Mayans believed that every 13 Baktuns, we on earth received a new SUN. The sun Period had a length of 51,84 years. Coincidentally, the procession of the Sun through the houses of the Zodiac (which is really the view from earth around Polaris, the pole star) takes 25,920 years to complete. When you divide that amount by 5, you get 5,184 years; or (5) 5,184 year segments. Do you notice the similarities between the Mayan long Count and the Story of Osiris? You should.

Covenant Man 231. 1.776 to Centre of Fountain is 2.31 kilometres, representing 231 years. 1776+231 is 2007.

Without going into too much detail, this December on the Winter Solstice (in 2007) there will be a Grand Conjunction. This conjunction forms a cross, with the base at the Galactic centre. Here the process starts when the sun dies (and will be reborn).  It is what the Mayans, Egyptians and your Founding Fathers were trying to tell you. It is why over the past few years your weather has been going downhill and the people in government have been screaming about global warming. Global Warming is nothing more than a cover-up for climate change, due to Solar changes. Throughout time, the climate on Earth has changed with little or no industry on our planet. This is a natural occurrence. But some cycles can be pretty destructive. The Bible warned us and gave us clues.  Through the Builders of Washington DC it reveals when it will occur according the calendar system we now use.

Bethlehem. It is this event, the Star of Bethlehem, which researchers say may have occurred around 4-6BC. Ancient people dated things by events. This means that the research done into the Mayan Calendar is correct, but the starting year is wrong; therefore making it 2012 years from a celestial event and not our 2012 AD.

Covenant Man

Just like the numerology of Serpent being 358 in Hebrew, Israel or covenant man has a number as well. This number is 231. When you measure from the 1776 base line to dead centre of the fountain, you get 2.31 kilometres. This, like the distance from 1776 to the middle of the Washington Monument is measured in years: 231. 1776+231 is 2007.

Remember , Jesus was the messiah. He is the head of the corner, or the stone the builders rejected. This is why the capstone of the truncated pyramid is separate on the dollar bill and in Washington. A pyramid is therefore an appropriate symbol to use.

Time is being measured astrologically based of past and future events.

Messiah = MshIch= 358

Serpent = Nachash=358

Pyramid Roundel on reverse of $1 bill. Notice detached capstone, eye, 1776 on base in Roman Numerals. Truncated base is 13 levels, with capstone being 14. Annuit Coeptus is from Virgil’s work the Annead. It was used as a poem to Jupiter. Novus Ordo Seclorum means New Order of the Ages. This roundel is announcing the birth of a new age symbolically depicting an event to occur to bring in the new age. It will be a SOLAR event.

Another symbol of Importance on the reverse of the $1 is the Pyramid. This pyramid is based on the Pyramid at Giza. It has 13 parts and a space, which equals 14. The eye in the pyramid always attracts a lot of attention. Although many people think the eye in the detached capstone is “Big Brother”,  it really has a more important meaning. Here is the pyramid in Washington DC. Another important symbol people often miss, the year 1776, in Roman Numerals, located at the base of the pyramid. Here is how and where both the EYE and the date 1776 are in relation to the architectural structure of Washington DC.

Osiris is not a man, he is the SUN. Isis, is the MOON and Sirius is not a dog but the star Sirius located in the constellation Canis major. What the story is about is the death of the SUN, how the period of the sun is divided into 13 main segments with a short 14th segment, and how the moon and Sirius find 13 of the pieces.

On July 4th 1776, when Sirius and the moon were is certain positions, the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Founding Fathers knew that this point in time was important not just to the freedom of an emerging nation, but also recognized the astrological significance and the effect a series of major future events would have on future generations and more importantly, when those events would take place.

Another reason for 2007? As you may know, there are 72 names for GOD, and the procession of the sun moves 1 degree every 72 years.

Many times a cycle came to an end, like that of the dinosaurs, but civilizations too like that of Atlantis. But this one is the final one.

There are 99 names but the pentagram is based on 72 of them.

For the one it will be a time of joy for the other one of suffering, while many think they will be part of the first,  they will find themselves to belong to the last.

From here I will only speak to those who are open to hear.



Moshiya van den  Broek