144. Inherited sin

The questions what and how about inherited sin and reincarnation but also death, have never been answered. Some might be satisfied with their believe in any of them but it always boils down to…. You have to believe. Any evidence always ends up nothing more than a personal believe according your understanding of what is written or personal experiences (with emphasis on PERSONAL). Science too has never come up with an answer.

Let’s have a look at what is commonly understood by reincarnation. There are differences but in general you die and enter a new life on earth. Death, your body returns to the earth (from dust you are made and to dust you return) and you go to heaven or hell. When a child dies, the pain the parents experience often makes them ask, WHY GOD? WHY? He never hurt anyone or did anything wrong… Christians will say, inherited sin because of Adam and Eve but fail to explain it. The question remains why should he or I suffer for what they did wrong?

Let’s return to reincarnation, is there any physical evidence? There is one that you usually do not think about! Your children! A bit of you is carried into the future through your children, the spark of life in your seed. There are physical things such as: he has my eyes or her nose etc. and through their upbringing you give them of your personality or they try to counter you, but your life and experiences do affect your children. And the spark…? Well that too.

But those of you who have read the articles also know that the soul is threefold. You could say that one belongs to god, one is connected to mental and the other to body.

Now let’s return to inherited sin again. As you will remember the snake, the devil is really the temptation. And when you are confronted with something you do not know, temptation is there to try to experience it (human nature you could say) but if you and the object are fully one then there could be no question. So the first touch does only tell you something about its outer body or vibrations, you can then only judge it in accordance with what you know about it. If you give this feeling a name let’s say apple, then you still do not know its taste. Now if you take a bite but the apple is not yet ripened so to you, the apple means sour, while someone else eats one that is ripened and to him it is sweet.

Now take all these possibilities and the enormous possible combinations, yes as many as there are people on this earth, each a little different, each seeing it a little different but far from the truth. Now that incompleteness, you pass it on your children too. This is the world of good and evil you call choice and free will, but think, really think this over, to know what is really good?

What mankind calls good, man cannot oversee from beginning to end. And what is bad might turn to something really good, but your judgment is made the moment you were confronted with it.

Wisdom comes from the root of the word knowledge (Greek) man often speaks of being wise. But to be truly wise means you include all. Not just being knowledgeable in a particular field, unless it is connected to all. You might think to do good by avoiding him to fall, but through it he learned to walk. Do you judge the apple by that sour taste? Or was yours sweet? This impurity, this way of looking, your children inherit too from you.

To root knowledge through learning is not to limit it by your thoughts which were born in blindness, and then you reach where wisdom is given in all its love.

Now we move on to death. What dies? The body and the mind are attached to it, holds on to it. The body returns to the earth, mind to its own heaven or hell. What does the Bible say about this? Death will be like a deep sleep. What do you know about sleep, what do you know about dreams? Indeed you are helpless, you cannot stand up against your fear, it just happens to you. Yes, I realize some of you will say that they have experienced realizing that they were asleep and could even fly. Just think of what it tells you… WAW? Here, you can do it every day, but do you? Or are you still guided by ego personality?

Then there is this part that reaches god, but are you aware of it, here, right now? Not even this moment of WAW? If you are not even fully aware of it here then how could you in death? You, who are still so attached to your thoughts and physical experiences.

What about “the death will arise”, there is also a saying that says that death live in your memory, what is being reborn? What has to die on the cross and what rises from death?



Moshiya van den Broek

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