142. How Truth & Revelations will give you the tools to continually develop and transform

Why is it so difficult to change in the midst of everyday life—to evolve not only your perspective on life, but also your ability to consciously participate in creating a new culture and better future for us all?

While the answer may seem complex, I will provide a simple, yet profound explanation: there are two different parts of the self in each of us, and they have two entirely different motivations. Whether you’ve used the same names or not, you’ve likely experienced these parts of yourself already.

One part, which we will call the ‘ego’, is that part of you that doesn’t want to change, that seeks security, comfort  or self-satisfaction above all else.

The Authentic Self, however, is that part of you that is passionately interested in evolution and development, that cares about the whole, and acts in service of the creative impulse of life itself. What I will teach you will give you lasting tools to distinguish between these two parts of yourself. Many of you unknowingly get trapped in endless loops trying to change the ego into the Authentic Self.

On this site and the lectures, you will not only discover the radically liberating truth that there already is a part of yourselves that is inherently free and always ready to creatively evolve. You will also learn how you can choose to consistently act from that part of ourselves and effectively ignore the ego’s demands(which inevitably lead to inertia and stagnation).

What’s in a name? when I say soul instead of Authentic self some of you might already reject anything said or stop reading here, or when I say devil instead of ego. You have a choice, you will act or you don’t, it is your responsibility! Many of you are being told that the incoming light will heal you: in other words sit back and the light will do it for you. Wrong! Ego has no free will, it merely acts out of fear, desire, self-preservation. A limited field of experience gained in this life.

The Bible speaks of the death being resurrected, how does this fit in with reincarnation? How is it that you do not remember past lives? What does it mean when you remember a past life? You die and are born again without the recollection of the previous. What if all previous are awakening in you? Physically you already have characteristics of those who were before you as well as mentally. The one you might not like in this life, could be a loved one in a previous.

Science is discovering that there were great civilizations that came and went long before our known history, now how many would walk the earth if they would all be here today? Parts of you move on through your children, both the good and evil until whole again.

My intention here is merely to make you think, to use common sense and logic. To learn how and through what your believe system has come to be ‘self-knowledge’.

While the scientific world states: the most logical answer is likely to be the right answer, they themselves often refuse to accept to follow (see article the theory of everything).

What is a parable? To illustrate, to explain by means of known the unknown(a silver bird) you will come to see that both the mind and the heart cannot be trusted and when I say read with your heart then I don’t mean the place where you connected your personal ideas of good and evil but the authentic self, the Christ principle. But many of you do not know this place, remember that an idea is not the same(a silver bird is not an airplane), therefore we need to build a bridge so you will learn to see for yourself, not blocked by self-created ideas.

When you were still a little child and went to school you were taught to read, write, calculate and took it as the truth, and you made it your own. And when exams came you tried to recollect what you have learned, and not your own interpretation but what you were taught. Now try to do the same while reading the articles as if you will have an exam and be questioned about it, then let mind examine it with the logic, then live by the truth you found in yourself and this special place in your heart will be opened. Read it several times, study and take the Bible to hand.

Look around you, what is going on in the world. I am sure you want it to change, become better.  Then ask yourself how long ago did you start to wish for it to be better? And did it help? Did you pay off your duty by giving money to a good cause that likely sponsored corruption and never reached its goal? Or did you forgive those still blinded by ego? This is only possible if you know how it blinded yourself and were able to change it within yourself. There are those who seek refuge in helping others because they cannot help themselves, there are those who say they are healers while they lay on hands while impurity is still in their hearts, this is like having an operating table in a garbage belt doing open heart surgery.

True healing can only be done and come from the source. A true teacher is one who creates situations in which you can learn(but the learning is your responsibility).  This world was your school and exams are now! Fight with forgiveness and compassion in the image of god before he takes over your temple, against these weapons he has no defence.

When you have come to learn from your wrong doing and wrong thoughts then they have become gifts for others.

We are what we think.

All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With your thoughts you make your world.

There are no limits other than those you create yourself.

No universal truth contains the ego self.

Do not intoxicate yourself with the desires of the present or indulge in the fantasies of the future or the burden of the past.

Each drop in the ocean is the ocean but each individual drop does not know this truth.

There is no real entity that can be called I, there is no entity that can be called mine, given there is no I then there can be no basis for anything called mine.

Because you think you have a body and mind separate from the rest of the universe, you generate the perceptions of self- centeredness such as I and mine from where greed, resentment, righteousness, negligence and doubtfulness are born. The only way to end these worries is to start by developing the perspectives of selflessness and of not owning anything.

Do not believe because your teachers, legends, scriptures, traditions, philosophers tell you or because it causes sensations or is spread far and wide, do not believe anything to be true because it fits your preconceived notions. Any believe that you accept as without personal verification is called superstition. Only when you hold supposed truth to the light of personal verification can you reach proper believe.

To rid yourselves of your delusions, you have to start from learning to know every belief as it truly is. This knowing of what is true is not obtained by just listening to what others have to say, but only after personal verification, therefore acquire the proper eyesight for universal truths, this is like one has personally witnessed what is true.

Practice to personally test essential universal truths, like using fire to test real gold. You can learn to recognize them from the fruits of their manifestations. Before truth can be internalized, they must come from one’s own realizations and practices. Through a lifetime of personal practice, human beings are capable of revealing all of the secrets of the cosmic essence. And you are your own best judge.

The wise ones do not depend on philosophical theories, the wise ones do not blind themselves, they only observe carefully and listen Intently.

The enlightened wise ones have personally verified the truths in life as well as the means of balancing the body and the mind. Through personal observations and experiences, they treat their own body and mind as objects under observation, therefore they learn to understand the rise and fall of feelings, such as pain, and eventually acquire the methods of conquering the body and the mind. Every one of you can also treat your emotions as objects of observation and through the experience personally verify effective means of unifying the body and the mind.

To mistake false for true, to mistake the true for false, if one holds onto the wrong concepts, one will never arrive at the destination of truth. To recognize the truth as true, to recognize the false as untrue…

Only when one can see through one’s own mind and look at everything in this world with the proper perspective can one arrive at the destination of truth. Due to ignorance, many of you look at this world from an incorrect point of view. This is why people live in the painful sea of desires, hostility and delusion. To live in the sea of joy, you should think with a proper mind and look at this world with a proper heart.

There is no better virtue then a heart of grand compassion, there is no sweeter joy than a mind of quiet serenity. There is no purer truth than the existence of impermanence, there is no higher religion than the development of moral wisdom.

There is no greater philosophy then the teaching of truth that can be tested by all of you right here and now.

If it only promises a reward in the next life and not have its fruits in this life, then this may be a trick of ego to enable to continue to live out his life.



Moshiya van den Broek