140. The theory of everything

The structure explained in the articles is the only one that fits it all. The thorus which is created by the star of Bethlehem and the tree of knowledge and life. Neither the church, religion as a whole or science as a whole have sight on the truth, and are far away from reaching this one theory that connects everything.

I have explained enough on the religion side of things and how someone is led away from it and what seeing really is and what blinds you. Those of you who now know how this works will also have realized how it influences the world and how the world in return feeds you again. It will be easy to see how desire, self creates desire, and this on many levels. For those who do not yet see this or understand, ‘I urge you to really pay attention and make time to study the articles, time is of the essence’.

But I have spoken less of science, its blindness, other than telling you they are driven as humans, by the same thing. But I did not yet give you an example that clearly shows this. While many might think that science is like holy because you do not understand the language of math or the complex formulas etc. and therefore believe what they say, but remember a theory is just that, something that is not fact, not proven, scientist then try to prove their theory right. Something different than being open for the truth. In fact they often reject the obvious because it does not fit their theory.

Now let’s begin at the beginning the Big Bang theory and the light spectrum. Redshift, which tells that an object moves away from you and blue when it comes towards you. Now scientists have discovered that everything in the universe is moving away from us, and this seen from every direction, but this would mean that we, “the earth”, would have a centre stage role, oh no, that does not fit their theory even while it is the most logic. So they come up with another theory to avoid this logical conclusion. It is like a balloon, where ever you are in the universe it will be the same. But how could that be? If I look at a galaxy 20 light years away and another galaxy in the same direction but further away, then when I would look from that furthest galaxy to this one then I would see them coming to me and therefore blueshift and not redshift. Now usually scientists do not accept anything religion has to say, but now they are all too happy to call upon some exotic mystery. In truth logic places us in the centre.

But those of you who seriously study the articles will see that the structure also tells you something of the spectrum, and that what seems like it is endlessly moving away is more static then they thought.

But this too is not intended to become too technical just to make a point, and to prepare you for a greater truth. Just remember any defence they try to bring up is only a theory to get away from the painful logic.

Cool Cosmos. While this gives you science’s present point of view this too is not fully correct. The structure fits all, logically .



Moshiya van den Broek