9. Seconds are ticking away

Seconds are ticking away. Having spoken about the 9 and 6 before and when you did read the article “From knowledge to wisdom” you will be able to look with a broader view at this article then you did before because those two numbers have now more meaning to you. You will also remember that we spoke of mirror image, reflection and the light that has been discoloured and shines from you onto the world and reflects back onto (him) you. And we talked about the 3 and its mirror image, this being connected to left and right/above and below, the 6 to 9 and for instance 72 and 27.

This is something that belongs to the trees left and right. Truth is 733 while g-d spoke is 337(in Hebrew value.)

Please look up the true notes of music whereby each frequency is a sort of mirror image of another one.

This number i have not introduced yet, but will explain another time but now used for another purpose, 144 so its mirror image 441 and 253 plus 441 is 694 while 144 plus 352 gives 496.

Now let’s see if you understand, Noah’s ark 45 four to five times the 22 base letters of Hebrew is 990, but 54 from 5 to 4 times the 22 base Hebrew letters is 1188.

Now let’s get back to the 733 and 337, you know the place of the 7 on the tree and from that point to the four to the 5 is a bigger 7, and 33 is daath or the highest degree.

You in truth consciously or the truth unconsciously in you.

If you would now read the last chapters where Noah lets out the raven and dove (twice) and read about how it had to be made, you will know where the opening was made where they were let out.

How high can man come? Think of the last article 32 and 17, the ark was 50 cubits and the window/opening 1 cubit.

Your light directed to g-d or his light refracted through you.

Look at the top point of the five. It leads to a focussed point while looking down from that point it spreads. Only when you are focussed towards the truth can you when reached shine it over all flowers willing to open up.

While all others hide, many make the mistake that they focus through the ego/personality to do good where most is conditional. Where is that full trust in g-d? In the truth? Dare to live life from a good heart. Don’t see in others your brothers and sisters but see you in them, and forgive yourself by forgiving them. Make your highest aim knowledge of g-d and radiate it out into all your actions. Only being in that highest aim can you make flowers bloom of the fruit its seed buried so long. Or scatter your personal filtered light and know they will soon wither and turn to dust.

Give me more, feed me with the tree of knowledge of good and bad, but where does it end? Wasn’t it intended to make you aware? So the need of feeding ends with the tree of life, you ask more because of your hunger for more because he wants more to rule his world. Not that you can’t have it all, but when is it enough? You were given the garden with just one rule.

Need I tell more? Is it still not clear? Don’t you see the truth? Just be open in the love of truth, a guiding light, a reaching hand.

Many had faith and that was enough. You are given so much more, you don’t need to believe, you should know. But even believe is lost, fixed in Self. People go from one site to another, take a bit here and a bit there…..building their own believes, I think this and I think that! I give you all and a lot more but when do you finally wake up? You don’t need to search, it’s right here! No cards, dreams, drugs, UFO’s, mushrooms or rock and roll… the truth is here for each who really wishes to hear. When does truth finally get all your attention it deserves? Because it is, as said before, in need of all your attention.

Don’t think you can grasp it all, or did you really think you could fit the all in little you? It is not a feat of your mind that through thinking can say know it all.

But if you truly pay attention you will be able to learn. Don’t see your daily struggles as blockage, see them as opportunities to practise your awareness. Hold it steady in your heart, with a love that is grateful. Stand in the truth and look from there into the world. Tell me, are you not looking into the world with limited knowledge and expect to see it all?

By wisdom your days will be many.

Who of you would deny that wisdom is indispensable when it comes to dealing with life’s problems? True wisdom is the ability to put knowledge and understanding to its proper use. In fact the bible book of Proverbs is primarily written to impart wisdom and discipline, son of David, the king of is-ra-el, for one to know wisdom and discipline –proverbs 1; 1,2. It speaks of cultivating intimacy with Christ and how to safeguard our heart. “Come eat my bread and drink my wine (how many times you remember you or someone saying yes I know this and know what was meant? As if they have  tasted my bread and wine”

As you now should know the number 9 as being the high number, chapter 9 of Proverbs opens with ‘’true wisdom has built its house; it has hewn out its seven pillars.” The term 7 pillars is indicative of a mansion build around a court-yard, the structure being supported by 3 pillars on each side and one in the centre facing the entrance.

Does it start to sink in yet?

True wisdom has built a sturdy house for the reception of many guests.

And who was invited to the feast? Whoever is inexperienced, let him turn aside here. Whoever is in want of heart-come feed you with my bread and share in drinking the wine that I have mixed (does anyone know what this mixing means?) Leave the inexperienced ones and keep living, And walk straight in the way of understanding proverbs 9:3-6 (Now where did you see this number again? 936) Such as musical notes and distance in miles between sun and earth. And of course on the star of Bethlehem. Wisdom has send out his maidens to issue an invitation. Again a deepness few understand.

Wisdom contained in g-d’s words. Man has to humbly accept wisdoms discipline, not that all motives are bad but it takes time and effort to bring the heart into a condition that really pleases g-d.

Time of which so little is left. The teachings of wisdom also include correction and reproof. This feature of wisdom is not welcomed by many, therefore the closing of the first section of the book of proverbs contains a warning; ‘he that is correcting the ridiculer is taking to himself dishonour, and he that is giving reproof to someone wicked, a defect in him. Do not reprove a ridiculer, that he may not hate you.’

‘A ridiculer builds up resentment and hatred for the one trying to help make his path straight.’

‘A wicked person lacks appreciation for the value of reproof.’

‘How unwise to try to teach the beautiful truth of g-d’s word to someone who hates the truth or is simply seeking to ridicule it. They don’t realise who is pushing them to this battle!’

When Apostle Paul was preaching in Antioch, he encountered a group of Jews who had no love for the truth, they tried to pull him into an argument by blasphemously contradicting him, but Paul simply stated: “since you are thrusting (the word of g-d) away from you and do not judge yourselves worthy of everlasting life, look! We turn to the nations.” (Acts 13; 45, 46.)

In our endeavour to reach honest hearted ones with wisdom we should be careful not to get involved in debates and arguments with ridiculers. Christ instructed his disciples: “When you are entering into the house, greet the household, and if the house is deserving, let the peace you wish it come upon it, but if it does not deserve, let the peace from you return upon you. Wherever anyone does not take you in or listen to your words, going out of that house or that city shake the dust off your feet.”

“A wise man’s response to reproof is opposite to that of a ridiculer”, Solomon states; “give a reproof to a wise person and he will love you. Give to a wise person and he will become wiser.”

A wise person knows that no discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but grievous, yet afterward to those who have been trained by it, it yields peaceable fruit, namely righteousness. Hebrews 12; 11 Although the council may seem painful why should you retaliate or be defensive if accepting it is going to make you wiser?

Impart knowledge to someone righteous and he will increase his learning.

Solomon includes the essential prerequisite for wisdom, he writes; The fear of g-d is the start of wisdom, and the knowledge of the most holy one is what understanding is.

There can be no g-dly wisdom without profound reverential awe for the true g-d.

A person may be well stocked with knowledge, but if he lacks the fear of g-d he will fail to use that knowledge in a way that would honour the creator. He may for reasons I did explain before even draw wrong conclusions from known facts making him look foolish, moreover, the knowledge of g-d is essential for gaining understanding.

What fruitage does wisdom bear? The king says; by me your days will become many, and to you years of life will be added. The length of days and years of life are the result of keeping company with wisdom, yes wisdom itself preserves alive its owners.

Putting forth effort to gain wisdom is your personal responsibility Solomon states IF YOU HAVE BECOME WISE, YOU HAVE BECOME WISE IN YOUR OWN BEHALF; AND IF YOU HAVE RIDICULED, YOU WILL BEAR IT, JUST YOU ALONE. The wise one is wise to his own benefit, and the ridiculer alone is to blame for his own suffering. Indeed you reap what you sow, be wise and pay attention!!!

Go in through the narrow gate, because broad and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are the ones going through it, whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life.

A house not build on wisdom is a mausoleum you will not leave alive.


Moshiya van den Broek