137. The rainbow and the universe part 2

Now having some insight into the Holy grail, some of its principles, patterns and structure of the stars/thorus you will see that the structure will eliminate the possibility of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

This “principle” states, for example, that you cannot know the future position of an electron even if you know its past and present position, because one position affects the other by your way of knowing it.

The only way scientists can model an atom is to observe it, evasively, through an electron microscope, but this causes the electrons to absorb the light and jump the valence ring and you just deflected and contaminated it.

When the structure electron is observed not with light but by creating a mathematical matrix through the star of Bethlehem, or the trees, nothing is contaminated. And it is now possible to determine the electron’s moment in all frames of reference. This enables science to “see” infinitely small or large, from the quantum level to the shape of galaxies and the universe.

It explains the secret of creation. It explains how the universe reprocesses matter, uses matter as its coolant source to bathe itself at the core of a black hole, and then to dissipate heat away from the centre of the galaxy and every galaxy in the universe.

This thorus which is the shape created by the star configuration also explains how black holes work. A black hole is a negative vortex where everything implodes, swirled and compressed until it reaches the inner eye of the star at the heart of the thorus, which is called the singularity. Spirit emanates omnidirectionally from this point. Matter is drawn in at the top and ejected at the bottom. This is the source of gravity, of all motion, and of time, darkness/light. It is what causes everything to warp and spin.

When the old, dead stars and planets are shot out of the white hole (every black hole is connected to a white hole), they are a hot, gaseous stream of inter-nebular matter. As this stream gets further away from the exit point it cools and amalgamates, forming new stars and planets all over again. While this is a little more complex than mentioned here because matter itself is in truth very much the same principle.

The many possibilities this knowledge will offer the world compared to the present knowledge and technology is like a jump of a thousand years from now with the same speed of discoveries and technologies as the last 100 years.

It will provide free energy, space travel which is still science fiction right now, medical treatment now only dreamed of, biological and chemical knowledge that will solve many of the present environmental problems.

As mentioned before electricity has a natural pathway very much unknown to science today. An electrical coil following this pattern based on the trees (star of Bethlehem), the thorus! Without the eye but a usual donut shape will provide higher output against conventional coils, but the coil based on the star configuration will go beyond 100%.  A dream so many hoped to find.

To understand these effects it is necessary to review just a little electrical theory. When a current is passing through a wire it creates a magnetic field around the wire. When a wire is coiled like a cylindrical spring, as though wrapped around a pencil, the magnetic fields from the turns of the coil reinforce each other to increase the strength of the magnetic field. When the coil is bent into a circle, so that the ends meet, the majority of the magnetic force is concentrated inside the coil. This is considered a benefit in electrical circuit design, since stray magnetic fields can upset the operation of other parts of the circuit.

If the winding is done according to what the star(Bethlehem) causes on the skin of the thorus and the golden ratio which leads to the eye (fish) in other words the inner core, you will be able to create a zero point energy generator, and you will have the math with it.

This pattern of numbers/letters are based on the number sequence 1 divided by seven is 1.42857, you might remember the list of 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 causing a similar pattern just in a different order

1,2,4,8,16 (1+6=7) 32 (3+2=5) (1,2,4,8,7,5), then when I tell you there is a positive and a negative that pulsates like a heartbeat + – + – now read up on the sun and you will find this to be so with the sun.

Again I do not wish to make these articles too complex, I just want for you to recognize the principles and structure/patterns. Some of the mayor world leading company’s such as NASA, Boeing- aerospace, are doing research in this direction but would need many more years if at all before they have full insight, and I mean IN-sight.

This because, that what creates ideas and theories is not being approached from a deep knowing of cause and effect, of all being connected. The ego personality with its own ideas judges and decides, and you can all see that even with the great inventions they have made where it lead to, no worse, all this wealth has only made the divisions greater than ever. And look at those celebrities, they do not really give to the poor, they do not donate.  They invest in image building, and make sure you know about it so popularity becomes even bigger and with it their earning power. But don’t point a finger yet, because you made it so, who gave them this power over you?

People who see the desires of others as a way to enrich themselves, this whole spiritual hype, nowadays you often hear “ spiritual but not religious”,  I am Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc. never wondered why? Or ask yourselves who makes this choice? Do you really believe “ the secret”?  In your heart you know selfishness is the believer here, a law far bigger than that of the so called secret is: give and it will be given to you. But remember what I just said, conditional giving is not giving at all. Still, at this point many will say that they know, some even say they know un-conditional love. But this is a godly quality just as un-conditional giving. Mankind lowers these qualities. Born again Christian? This means something has to have died first.

Jesus the Christ lived out his life in accordance with these laws, the true value of the words you use, I meditate, no, practice! Believe in God? Allah?….

No you believe in your idea of his truth, of his laws, so desire can feed itself ,yes you feel offended when I say you sold your soul to the devil, you take it personal! But a good step would be to admit, to realize this truth.

Some judge me, so to accept their own failure.  I forgive because I know how it works.

Please, please, please wake up.



Moshiya van den Broek