135. Find Happiness while in the city with 9 gates

Observing from self within self.

But realize the observer within himself is not truth but truth standing on the open balcony of the intellect.

The consciousness that illuminates the observer is the spiritual centre, the self.

The diva’s or sense objects of which the self/pure consciousness is its source.

In intellectual and mental life there are 7, and they are the efficient and material causes for all creation. They are personified in all scriptures under different names. While they sustain in truth, they cannot know my origin. Therefore the consciousness, being subjective truth in man, can never become an object of perception for the sense organs, or an object of feeling for the mind or an object of knowing for the intellect . I suggest you go back to the article ‘Plato’s cave’ again and look at the cave.

Having used different stories and different images you may come to realize that you have listened and looked at the stories such as given in the Bible as a physical representation at first. Yes you might have recognized that the story such as Jesus Christ, Moses, Mohamed and Krishna, that all prophets teach right from wrong, be it the laws written in stone or through the events in their life,  things such as forgiveness and compassion. But also stories like that of Jesus kicking out the money exchangers out of the temple/church, saying they do not belong in god’s house, do have a greater meaning: pointing to the temple which is YOU through the physical presentation portrayed in the story.

He also clearly states that he is living out his life according gods will, as you remember he knew he would be betrayed but did nothing to avoid it. A structured plan!

A story line, now consider the names given in the story to be principles, forces and “ sense organs” mentioned above, then it truly describes man as man himself as well as his path. You might also recall the story of the seeds, some which fall on rich fertile soil and others not, and about harvesting, not just stories to explain farming as you will agree, yet still many take the stories at face value, a real tree, a real ark and yes a real crucifixion, but don’t let the good seeds go to spoil!

For a child the outer story was enough, I hear some of you say: but Christ said we should be as children again to enter the kingdom. Yes that is correct, therefore let go of the years of collected ideas, which through your experiences you added to the picture you had about it, so the seed might fall upon fertile soil. Parables, Metaphors but through experience you should have come to see that children learn quickly because they are less conditioned, more open to learn, not the childish child idea which is another excuse to hold on to the long held believes. No, be less conditioned, more open to learn, and hold to the laws written in stone, be forgiving and compassionate, harvesting will soon be .

So names are also personified principles and tell a different story and this story follows a pattern, this pattern is based on laws, laws of nature, laws of god, each individual letter has its own meaning (examples can be found throughout the articles). In fact the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the tree of life is the basis, the structure itself and to take this in is like drinking from the cup or sometimes called the holy grail.

At first it was enough to follow the laws and believes so you would not cause a heavy karmic load but as it was promised all would be revealed. The lord did not want you to hide behind your self-created believes (leaves) which caused you to feel naked and vulnerable( the truth would set you free). But limited knowledge leaves room for interpretation, interpreted by limited knowledge.

There was once a single language, and there was clarity among men, the language of truth, One GOD.

Do you know of any language that has the ability for all different religions to be One? I can hear some of you say ”YES” Love, I say NO. Many of you say they know love but if you were able to really look inside then you would know the source of what you call love. But I also say Yes, but very few really know LOVE. This language must be one that has great wisdom too so there is no room for misinterpretation. One that does not look at its expressions as the truth but its source as truth. You that has to work the land may eat of its fruits but remember who made it possible, therefore treat all and everybody with love while holding to mind that his love is perfect.

There is a language of single letters 22 and 5 were added for you to express……………

(360/22=1636(16×36=576) and for those of you who studied the articles know that 576 is the fabric of eternity? (the tree again). But there were 5 added.

360+5 and one opening of 24, a single day!!!!!

576/22= golden ratio 2618.. 18181818181818181

26 generations on this 18….. cycles.

There the 6 and the 5 was added, now the six also means rounded off, all was created in six days, but we were talking letters. Numbers are telling a story too, just like individual letters do. Something else that was lost. For most of you numbers only talk quantity, and the only quality you give, is that of luck, but luck is like an action without purpose, well no such luck! What purpose did you give to what was given to you by this so called luck? If I were to gamble I would say it wasn’t selfish, then some would say I’d be a fool, but all the times you felt unlucky you called me names too.

But honestly, is it not about time to come closer to the truth? Or do you let him convince you, he has enough? That what you know and what you do and pay attention to is all you need, and when it turns out to be wrong then I will change my mind, so again?

According your laws? Or do you think you can hide from the truth? Oh yes, you believed in luck and knowing truth, you know all the wires where they go and where they lead too, BUT then…… you do know there is no such thing as luck!

You know you have no will power, please do not say you have, desire was your drive and at times you recognized it as fear, but that is not the will power I am talking about, I am talking about this strength that fights them both. Empower with it what you truly know in your heart without listening to them or him. Yes what you recognized was his world. That, you were so able to point out, because you were looking through his eyes, judging all you did see by his light, because he is the whole you came to believe, a build-up of earthly experiences of which you have only little idea of its purpose. It is him that guides you, his unification with ego, the sense of I that you know, but you do not know the I within you and therefore you do not recognize the I am that I am .

The world was 1008 which is 7 times 144 or 144 divided by 1,42857142857… do you know where this seven is?

Yes if you have studied the articles you know 5 and 6 can also make 7 instead of 11 but then a point reaches into the star of David, the cup or cap-stone sticking out of the circle/cycle.

Or has your star fallen? Pointing down to earth, looking for its crown? It is time to exercise your free will.

Not the weakness some of you call choice.




Moshiya van den Broek