134. A naked mind opens the way into the bliss of truth

Of the many that hear intelligently and perhaps understand the theory and the text provided on Truth & Revelations, only a few sincerely apply themselves to live fully the truth in the way of life.

The chances are that when this uniting way of life is explained to the student, who is attending with all enthusiasm, sincerity and concentration, can raise himself up to the very gates of truth, but there, he himself may come to block his own entry into the sanctum within. There some imperceptible vanity, or unsuspected desire, is sufficient to exile him from himself.

There is a great wealth of meaning in Christ declaration that a camel can pass through the eye of a needle more easily than a rich man through the gates of heaven(the riches here are not the worldly wealth). The true mental insight that spirit identifying itself with matter is the cause for all its suffering, and when it is detached from its identifications, it will rediscover for itself its own essential nature as perfection.

The spirit identifying with matter, and sharing the destinies of the inert equipment, is called ego. It is the ego that comes to rediscover itself to be nothing other than the spirit that presides over matter.

The five great cosmic elements are represented in the microcosm by the five sense organs by which man comes to experience and live in the world of sense objects, the sense organs are the channels through which the world of stimuli reaches within, and the inner point of focus of the five sense organs is called mind. The impulses received by the mind are rationally classified and systematized into the knowledge of their perception by the intellect. At all these three levels of sense perception (mind, intellect and ego) mental reception, and intellectual assimilation, there is a continuous sense of I-ness which is called ego.

Each organ does essentially the same job: it translates its particular type of stimulus into electrical pulses. A pulse is a pulse.

As above so below.

Those students who have studied the articles will be able to make the link(the star of Bethlehem and the trees in the garden).

We spoke here and in other articles about the lower nature of the self, but that is not all, the self  possesses, besides those equipments, a higher nature which is constituted of pure awareness, and it is this spiritual entity that makes it possible for the body, mind and intellect (made up of  inert minerals) to act as if they were in themselves so vitally sentient and intelligent. The spiritual factor here is the entity by who’s contact the equipment functions, and without it becomes dull and insentient. If consciousness would not be in you, you would not be able to experience either the world out or inside you, it is consciousness that maintains, nourishes and sustains all the possibilities within you. Without this spiritual spark functioning in you, you would be not more intelligent or divine than the inert minerals.

The mind gets the support from the judgment of the intellect since the decision is known and realized by the consciousness. This spiritual entity is the ultimate support for the world of change. Not just the world of objects perceived by you through your sense organs, but it includes in its concept the world experienced through and interpreted by the mind and intellect also. Thus the world of objects, the world of feelings and the world of ideas that man experiences, these together stand for the world of change.

This conscious principle is like the fire in the back of Plato’s cave.



Moshiya van den Broek