133. Bliss

And the art of seeing the unseen through the seen.

To learn the art of recognizing god in a few things will lead to the ability to recognize god in everything.

Withdrawal of one’s identifications with the world of objects, the world of thoughts, and the world of ideas can only be successful when one has discovered in one self a something all-consuming thought to serve as an efficient substitute, providing a satisfying absorbing happiness. The bliss absolute self has enough captivating charm to engage your attention entirely, and therefore, to the extent to which an individual gets attached to the truth, to the extent he gains detachment from the painful embrace of false.

If you contemplate steadily upon the self in an atmosphere of love, delight and contentment, identifying with the infinite, then the holy spirit will touch you… This holy spirit is the right knowledge gained through meditation upon the infinite nature of self. It is an intellectual contact with and comprehension of reality. I do not mean that the intellect can comprehend the infinite, but I need to borrow a phrase from the finite experiences for the sake of comprehension.

To bring the mind to quietude, arresting the minds agitations will lift the curtains from his intellect.

This self which exists within the heart is veiled and these unfavourable conditions need to be removed.

When the density of the mist between ego and the self is thinned, partial revelation will come, when fully removed self-revelation will come in its own light. For this there is a price to pay, if you open the curtains the sunlight will illuminate the room. The light is there all the time but only when you move the curtains aside can the room be illuminated.

You should also realize that you need an insatiable thirst to understand, to know, and to appreciate. Without it you cannot profit, not only to be digested and assimilated but lived intensively therefore.

Anxiety to listen is a noble quality if he is to be assured of any progress on the path, just as motherly patience is.

God lives in you and you live in god, in the air your breath and in all the space around you, yet you say you are separated by space from your fellow man. It is relatively easy to see differences in others, it might even be easy to see similarities in others, but to recognize the entire universe in one reality is near to impossible except through the eye of wisdom.

How blasphemous: you judge what you read, hear and see, grasping only to your own understanding which is what the ego has collected for its own sake, it gathers to its liking and with it judges what is offered.

To see the one in the many will require a heart soaked in faith, and the intellect being educated and so learned to see for themselves the logic of the philosophers .The subtler cannot be brought within the scope and compass of the instruments of perception given to man. The external sense organs can play only in the outer world of objects, but the intellect can comprehend what the divine eye sees when educated by the true master.



Moshiya van den Broek