131. 144,000 and the law

By now you are familiar with the number 144 and it being related to the first group to be sealed and protected from what is coming( Rev. 7:3-8). Revelation 14 describes them as those who were “redeemed from the earth” (14:4). John says “ they have not defiled themselves” (verse 4). The 144,000 follow  the Lamb wherever he goes and “ no lie was found in their mouths”(verse 5). The 144,000 symbolize those who are true to god and his way, those who do not commit spiritual fornication by following false religious and philosophical teachings. They are true to god’s perfect way. Those whom god has sealed will survive the outpouring of god’s wrath. They may suffer trails, persecution or even martyrdom, but they are saved for eternal life. 144,000 are identified as belonging to god. Sealed by holy spirit.

As you have seen in the structure from 1728 to 1872 is 144.

Outside the cycle, having completed it. The cycle is described in the Thora (life) and as you also know from reading the articles that it contains 304803 letters.

Which gives you 00,3125 ( 3/4/8/3=00,3125) now god told Noah to build an ark 300 x 50 x 30 is 45,000.

This to save them from the coming flood . The present time is very similar to that except that this time it is fire (purifying fire) but symbolically the ark remains, so how does the 144,000 relate to the ark? 144,000 x 00,3125=45,000.

And as you also know the star of Bethlehem 576 is 18.

And needs to become 81, the law to be sealed within.

The ark of covenant is 1,5 x1,5 x2,5=56,25 times 144,000.

Is 81,(000). 18 plus 81 is 99 Amen. Full circle.

I need to point something out here which is related to the above and needs a warning because it is misleading unless understood: I call it a spiritual health hazard and should have a warning label. It is becoming like an advertising campaign being mass sent through the waves/internet, letters telling you that the spiritual secret will help you to get rich in material ways (and get away with it) turning it into a money making machine. Buy this course or cd’s, using the search for happiness (because mankind is flooded with all the negative things for personal gain. The latest I received through people with good intention is a newsletter from a practice for natural healing. The Headline: 40 symptoms of spiritual awakening, the sender even stating to recognize so many things mentioned in her life. Suggesting that they are signs of awakening. I will just take a couple of the things mentioned to give you an idea of this email flooding the internet, they start mentioning that there is a great transformation process that gradually transforms you to this new world and light body etc.(they do mention that the high frequencies crash into the lower ones).

1 ) changing sleeping patterns: waking up several times at night, or the need of less sleep…..

2 ) activity at the height of the crown chakra: an itch or tinseling sensation on the forehead, a sign that it is opening for the higher energies to come in

3 ) old traumas coming to the surface

4 ) a change of eye sight: blurry vision, flashes of light etc.

5 ) similar changes: to taste, hearing and skin, such as spots etc.

6 ) changes during prayer or meditation: less easy to focus etc.

7 ) illnesses : feeling uncomfortable

8 ) lucid dreams

9 ) events that alter your life: such as a death, divorce or change of job, this with them saying they are a helping hand to let go and opening you to feelings of love and compassion

10 ) you have the feeling time is going faster, your perception is changed due to higher vibrations

11 ) the desire to break free

12 ) the feeling of not belonging here, you are a forerunner of this great change

13 ) loneliness: because your guides have left which traveled with you throughout the incarnations

14 ) visions of numbers and symbols, like looking at the exact same time on your watch, often come across numbers like 11;11, 22, 33, 555 etc. triggers for a deeper awakening, hidden meanings received by the sub consciousness

15 ) faster manifestations of your intentions

16 ) memories of past lives, or youth experiences that were suppressed to be integrated

17 ) left side of the brain seems to function less, to make room for more psychical abilities(the left being of logic, etc.)

They end with saying: as you see your mental and physical body undergo a very deep metamorphose in preparation of the quantum-jump.

And then some practical advice: eat biological/organic, drink 2 to 3 liters of water, and follows with all the things you know about healthy food, exercise and finally a breathing exercise.

Purifying fire, the world was washed clean by water.

Now by fire.

Some proudly mention that they recognize the points mentioned above, thinking that these are signs of awakening. In truth they are signs of blockage, and this spiritual fire will burn its way through, burn away all that is not pure, and as long as you are connected to this illusionary I, you will be burned away with it.

Do not think that this healing and clearing will be done for you, you will have to do it, if you wish to be on board .

If you think that to satisfy your personal ideas of happiness and thinking that these points are signs of awakening and will ensure you a place within this safe haven, then all you will experience is that suffering intensifies until what is impure returns to dust.

I offer you all you need to know, but it requires all your attention so your eyes and ears are opened and you become the living truth.



Moshiya van den Broek