129. Two paths, the path of light and the path of darkness

There are two goals in life that mankind seeks. The extrovert life of satisfying the ego and gaining its flickering joys among the sense objects, each experience of which soon sours itself to become sorrow, and the divine path of seeking the imperishable by ending the ego in a rediscovering of its own real nature as nothing else than the eternal consciousness of the whole.

He who raises himself above the various matter-envelopments and his identifications with them, reaches the higher spiritual realms from where, in the stream of his spiritual progress, he reaches the ultimate.

But in case he would be a courter of pleasures, ever singing at the temple of sensuality, then he falls on the path of realizing those developed instincts, and comes back into the field of action, where he can again make or remake himself.

The egocentric personality projects himself for its own joy transactions, as a world of sense objects. Deva’s do not literally mean the hosts of heaven, the word Deva rises from its root, to illumine, they are therefore the sense organs, which illumine the world of objects for your innumerable experiences. It should be clear by this that the self, the pure consciousness is the source of all senses/Deva’s,  meaning that the conscious principle is the substratum for both the physical and the mind-intellect life in each of us. Even when they sustain themselves in truth, they themselves cannot know the origin. So the consciousness, being the very subjective truth in you, can never become an object of perception for the sense organs, or objects of feeling for the mind, or an object of knowing for the intellect.

Now let’s place this over the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of knowledge of good and evil you must not eat from it, for the day you eat from it you will positively die. The Bible continues to tell us what happened thereafter, a snake approached Eve and said: is it really so that god said you must not eat from every tree of the garden? When Eve repeated god’s command, the snake said to her: you will positively not die. For god knows that in the very day of your eating from it your eyes are bound to be opened and you are bound to be like god, knowing good and evil.

It should be clear also that these two paths , the inner and outer are that of light and darkness, that knowledge gained through the senses is limited and that words only describe on the level of sense awareness.

You reach it not by reading, it points to the right path but you need to pick up your bed and walk. He who recognizes truth in these words has recognized truth in himself and follows the path of light, while he who said to recognize but does not follow the path with all his might follows the path of darkness and has recognized only what satisfies the egocentric personality.
The Bible also speaks of a golden calf, today there are millions.

Each cherishing his own created golden calf.

There are those who say they see no reason to follow guidance that is more than 2400 years old. Scientific knowledge, commerce, and even family life is very different from what they were when the Bible was written. But when you realize that the words used were merely vehicles to assist in giving an idea of a complex concept then its true value returns to you, and see that is was written for every age.

And not merely for believers, even those who pursue science(of god) for the good of mankind will find in them the very tools also. All this if you fully understand the meaning of the golden calf. Some will say well I know it is a metaphor for a believe that is not pure, I ask them to ask them-selves with what do you replace it, with what believe? (one that you have built in the understanding of the words?). To know its true meaning you would need to know what it is not also. Again I ask you with what do you judge, with what rule do you measure? Your experience? Your knowledge? Your golden calf!

Yes to see that these words were merely vehicles to the level of your understanding is a thought in the right direction but not even a single step, such step is a metaphor also. It is living according that knowledge just as you did according your self-created believe. If it remained an idea, then other ideas would still decide and run your life every step along the path of darkness.

When speaking then do it with care, for each word spoken reaches the other in the light of his understanding, and when the reason for care is love then words ring a bell.

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Moshiya van den Broek