128. What shapes your values?

This question by having investigated the other articles can be answered by you now.

I need to call to your attention the fact that the moral lapses in private life, in governments, in sports, in business and many other areas are at an all-time high. Many of the cherished values of past generations are no longer respected, they are often reevaluated or rejected, yet others are revered in theory but not in practice.

The qualities such as honesty, kindness, compassion and altruism should be cherished, they create laws that impose, but should this not be by nature? Written in their hearts? And consciousness bearing witness with them. Is it enough however, for you to be directed only ‘by natural instinct’ when you try to decide what is right and what is wrong? As you might know history is filled with the failures of individuals and groups, which lead mankind to believe that they need direction from a higher source in order to establish the best values by which to live.

Dr. Carl Jung observed: the individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world. By all means drink deep of the fountains that are given to you, Isaiah 48:17: for your own good, I teach you, and I lead you along the right path.

There is again and again the experience of return, just as sleep is not the end of life, but only a refreshing pause between two spans of activity, so too death is not an end, but often , only a restful pause in the un-manifested condition, that comes between two successive manifested existences in different embodiments. Consciousness, the ego-centers will have to return to exhaust their un-manifested cravings, birth as was said is a house of pain and finitude.

To obey these moral laws will spare you from this suffering, but many of you are too attached to the physical world and their cravings! Topped up with fear for the unknown.

But do not think that restraining these cravings means you are home safe, there are also these of the senses themselves, both mental and physical and these often lead to breaking these moral laws. In fact they argue in accordance with their cravings like lawyers keeping a law breaker out of prison, or to hold on to what is known.

Cycles, dictators run a country with strong hand and eventually it leads to rebellion and the longing for freedom, and democracy leads to taking liberty and so to a growing number of laws that will become a dictatorship again. A repeating cycle black and white and many grey tones in between. What do governments do to avoid this? They don’t?

No they don’t because they too are slave of these cravings, they are like those humanitarian and medical organizations who do not seek to solve but maintain their own need for being. A world that creates shortage is called economy, an organization that creates dependency, drug dealers.  Oh sorry, pharmaceutical industries I mean.

Even education plays its part in this power game. That is where these morals should be taught, that is where each individual quality should be developed, instead of soldiers for this so called common-good. Your choices were never really free. Ask yourselves, who are your teachers and guides? Spirituality too, nothing more than just another consumer product on the one hand and a marketing tool in the other, and you as trained slave responding to it. Thinking that by fulfilling the desire you have done good to yourself.

Let’s look at those moral principles.

1 ) All things therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them, this, in fact, is what the law and the prophets mean.

2 ) Love your neighbor, you must love your neighbor as yourself.

3 ) Respect and honor others.

4 ) Pursue peace, and all that leads to it.

5 ) Be forgiving.

6 ) Be loyal, faithful.

7 ) Be honest and truthful.

8 ) Be industrious, diligent, whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as to God, and not to men.

9 ) Be mild, compassionate, kind.

10 ) Conquer evil with good.

11 ) Give God your best, heart soul and mind.

Now look around you at the moral qualities of institutes such as governments and many other organizations, these who as guardians of these morals made sets of their own.

I spoke of spirituality being a commercial enterprise, getting a certificate and this all from a “qualified” teacher, or this great secret how to become rich(by you paying them a fortune), about the religious institutes who’s riches outreaches the need of a whole nation, about becoming a police state that creates its own need to be needed. You hear and read a lot about one scandal to the next on a nearly daily basis, and You being part of its maintenance and its mechanical wheels, all have and all are involved, play their role, even those who kick against them, they too fuel this negative curve.

But when do you really wake up? Take your red or blue pill? Or are you taking it literally and are you  waiting for a pill? For this or that to happen? If you are, then your journey just started and you need to wake up right now. Yes YOU, not when this or that happens or any other excuse. Now is the time, get up, take up your bed and walk(the talk)!

What are your morals? And remember if you don’t keep them for a 100% all the time then they are not morals at all. We need you to help others to wake up too, tell your friend, show him through your actions this is serious business, invite them to Truth & Revelations.

Nobody but you can make it happen. Just imagine with the effect  off material desires filling the heart can have, what the effect of a heart filled with love of G-D that will poor it out in accordance with his wisdom would have for you.



Moshiya van den Broek