127. 3 levels of seeing

Withdraw from attachment of the object, withdraw from thought.

The physical eye, mental eye, the eye of G-d.

G-d created conscious and conscious created the physical eye.

Close your eye and picture the star of Bethlehem, you see there is no need for the physical eye to see it, so the further you withdraw the wider your sight.

Spirit led to mind, mind led to the physical world. G-d gave shape to mind, you with your mind create your world.

I suggest you read the 3 levels of the soul as well in relation to this.

He has inspirited mankind with his spiritual properties.

Through the descent into mental and physical a curtain has been pulled up and the purest of light has been separated.

The world becomes smaller because you learn more of the world, years ago Africa was a country so far away, but now through television etc., it has come closer. Remember as a child the house or garden you played in, it was big because there was so much to discover but now when you see it again it looks so much smaller than you remember.

Let’s say you were to hide yourself then, in your eyes there were so many places you could hide, now it has become so much smaller because you know most of the places, so as you know more it becomes smaller(aside of the fact that you too have grown).

It sounds like a contradiction does it not?

But think of G-d being in everything and everything being in G-D.

And think of withdrawing into yourselves first from attachment, then from thinking. As you get closer to spirit you will become able to see more, a singularity and at the same time everything.

Being conscious in spirit does not mean mind is not there, it just means mind has become a tool, unlike the false I that has attached itself to it, it being the judge(r).



Moshiya van den Broek