7. From knowledge to Wisdom

 It has been a while since I last wrote an article on the site, but not without reason. Not only do I speak with many personally who visit, phone, and email me, but the giving is done in more than just one level, and it becomes personal at first. If one dares to give of himself then light can shine on you.

Both thoughts and feeling which are based on your earthly experience, even if you consider some of your experiences to be of the other side or deeper than the outer appearances, they still are given an image based on the known. In other words you measure according to your own built ideas.

I spoke of 32 paths to make a heart and 17 to make it good. 32 takes you through the waves (read the story of Noah and the ark!) 49 altogether. How high is the ark? From where the raven was let go, once the raven did not come back and the dove was sent out and returned, and sent out again for a second time before it came back with the olive branch.

Building a heart is connecting the “feeling centre” which the heart is to the mind, so one builds a level of understanding. As this understanding is gained through the human senses which are limited in knowledge, but enough to eventually come to the realisation of its limitation, then you will eventually be able to open up.

Yes, the ark is 50 cubits high while men can reach to 49, means one will be given the One that was hidden for so long and was said to meet you half way.

Consider this too, you were able to look at your past and see the moments where you wrongly judged and acted, and to look with your present gained knowledge at those past moments. But because of your present ‘impurity’ knowledge added some knowledge to the past experience so it is less blinded. However, in order to be able to cleanse it fully it should be shined upon by pure light, so it might cleanse out all darkness (remember that a single drop of poison contaminates a clear glass of water). The lame helping the blind!

But your conscious, when held in every moment, means you will be aware of each response from your sub-conscious. If this knowledge through experience has become a true part of you, then he will not guide you in life anymore, you become the observer instead of the instrument or his tool through which he experiences.

This does not mean that you have now reached the goal nor have you got access to the Source because your actions that follow the observations are still based on your personal idea of good and bad. But progress has been made, if you then live while staying in the conscious of each moment it will not sneak in his longing or desire, for he has many tools at his disposal. His home is in your sub-conscious and he knows his way around there better than you know yourself! He uses all that has been collected over time, all connections.

I often hear someone say: “But that is personal, is he then not hiding what needs to come to light?” Ask yourself who it is that is hiding. Ego wishes to remain in control, yes fear, true if it is all you know, it is fearful to let go. But does that by itself not say something?

The people who offer me this opportunity to share, are often asked: “when does he place more on the site?”, but I ask you to share too. If you wish to have more, then share your own.

Please ask questions and share your experiences, so others may learn from it as well. Don’t let Ego control your questions by making it look as if you know. Be open. Share your experiences. Ask and read from your heart not attracted by left or right, but in the love for truth.

You are still on the way walking the path that leads to 32. Once you come to the realisation of its source you may enter on the path of 17, in other words knowledge has become wisdom in all your actions once the one is added in your heart (33). The 7 will be added onto you.


Moshiya van den Broek