2. The Davinci-code – What it really means


for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear

Imagine a big bag with pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, without having the box with the picture. That’s how it is with the different sciences and religions, which all belong to this one all-embracing theory that every science is searching for. One tries to find the whole in every small piece, when one should first learn to know the whole to be able to recognize it in that single small piece. Instead, one starts out with a theory and subsequently searches for a confirmation of this theory, therefore one searches selectively.

Thus we can speak about a limited insight, a not-being-open to the truth.
What one does see is duality, positive and negative, male and female, so let us examine this more closely.
The feminine stands for feeling, the masculine for the intellectual (the mind).
The feminine, or feeling, has to have receptors to be able to feel: the senses. To be stimulated, these senses are dependent on contacts with the outer world, in other words, one can translate dependence as leading to desire.
The masculine, intellectual (mind) on the other hand, has the capability to discern. To have the capability does not mean to be in the possession of, just to have the capability to.
This discerning means, as the word implies, a separation. In the process it loses the connection. We are born in ignorance, from which fear develops.

The intellectual (fear) and the feeling (desire or seduction) are translated in the story of Eve and the apple. The serpent is Satan, whose crown fell to the earth. One can consider the crown the structure of the intellectual (the mind): it has the hardware, but not the software. So this structure is like the picture of that puzzle we talked about earlier.

Feeling is like God’s love; that is why people sometimes say that the woman is closer to God, for the love of a mother for her child is unconditional and this comes closest to it. This feeling needs to be connected to the intellectual (the mind), so it can become wise (emphasis on ‘can become’). An exchange between positive and negative leads to insight through suffering (the necessary evil), from knowledge to wisdom.

Through experience one builds an idea. The problem here is that the consciousness identifies itself with this: I feel, I think, etc. and so man identifies himself with the tools.

Although much more could be said on this subject to get a complete picture, I will leave it at this as far as the feminine and masculine is concerned and continue on with a small part of this structure or the description of it.

The Bible describes the road and this road is written down very accurately. For example: God spoke to Noah and told him to build the Ark, 300 x 50 x 30 cubits, length x width x height= 45(0000), but what now is this cubit exactly? What is its measure?

As you can see I place the zero or circle between brackets. These stand for cycles or rotations and I leave these out for the moment.

What now is the measure of this cubit? You will understand this is connected to the cycles, 52 weeks of 7 days and so a cycle is 364 degrees. Yet the circle remains 360 degrees. If the circle is 364 in cubit then what is its diameter? Although there are more types of measures, this is the cubit, 52.36 cm. If we multiply this cubit, we get the following numbers:

1 x 0,5236 = 0,5236
2 x 0,5236 = 1,0472
3 x 0,5236 = 1,5708
4 x 0,5236 = 2,0944
5 x 0,5236 = 2,618 (the Golden Mean)
6 x 0,5236 = 3,1416 (Pi)
7 x 0,5236 = 3,6652
8 x 0,5236 = 4,1888 (Spherical calculation)

An exception is made here for the iota. For as it is written in the Bible, the iota cannot be moved.

Much more could be said here too, but I will leave it at that. For trying to explain everything would require a book, like the Bible. You can see that in this book, as well as in the Koran and the Vedas, they knew the geometric formulas.

If we go back to the Ark and multiply this 45(0000) with the cubit, we get 23562. What a coincidence! The pyramid of Giza is 235,62 meter each side, four sides (0000) or cycles. (Also, next to the pyramid was found an Ark or ship, with which one travelled to the heavens). But there are 3 pyramids: two big ones and a small one. Two big four-sided ones are 8 together, and by putting these together (overlapping), a third pyramid forms.

The Vesica Pisces (see picture) is located where the two circles intersect. If you take out the eye, you’ll see that these two circles are 288 degrees each. Coincidence has it that the ancient texts mentioned that the pyramid is 288 Ell and this number times 3 gives us 864. Coincidence again? 60 minutes times 60 seconds times 24 hours equals 864 (00).

But there are three decks on the ship, so this 864 times 3 gives us 2592 and you will recognize this cycle again. For it takes 2160 years to go from one astrological sun sign to the next: one degree per 72 years and 30 degrees per sign, or 2160 years. This times 12 (there are twelve signs) equals 2592(0) years. When you multiply this again with 12 (because there are small and large cycles), you get 31104. Those of you who have studied the mysteries more in depth will recognize this number, which the priests of old have named as the time of the Creation (in the Vedas etc.).

The two open circles are together 288 + 288 (degrees) = 576 (the circumference of the 8). This times three (because of the three decks) = 1728, divide this by 8 and you get 216.

Plato said you need not go further than 216.

But we should not forget the one. The ONE and the 8 is 18. The number 576 divided by 18 is 32. And again, everyone who has studied the ancient wisdom knows that it was said that 32 steps were needed to develop a heart and 17 to make that heart a good one. This Master degree is rudimentary known by the Freemasons as the 33rd degree, for 576 divided by 33 = 17, 45…

Plato’s 216
576 minus 216 = 360
360 minus 216 = 144
Two times 360 (the two circles) equals 720, this minus 576 equals again 144.
And 60 minutes times 60 seconds times 24 hours equals 86400 seconds or 1 day.

But do not think that by playing with numbers or even by possessing this whole knowledge, you have reached the highest. The number describes the road (but is not it). God created everything in 6 days, the 7th day he rested. On the 8th day the cycle started which would lead you.

One more thing. Every science, every physical expression (form), mental or spiritual, finds its answers here. Whether you talk about the universe, the human mind, cause and effect or life itself. Yes, even the Bible was formed this way. God’s love was rounded, so that one would return to God eventually. The Creation was wound up in 6 days and after that He set it in motion, 69 / yin yang.

Anyone who really wants to reach this goal and who is prepared to put aside his own ideas to experience the truth, can from now on find the steps (according to the same structure) on Truth & Revelations.

That goes for every human being: Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. The faith of the Ancients is a knowing in the new times that are upon us. A new time where each idea of truth, brought forth out of self-interest, will perish together with everything else that is not pure.



Moshiya van den Broek