123. The Thora

The amount of letters in the Thora are 304803 and if we divide by the kings el 56,25 we get 54,1872 and 54 x 1872=101088 which is a familiar number again, the two times 1(0) and the two 8’s.
54 being the mirror of 45, 45 is entering the ark and 54 is leaving the ark. 304803 is 3x0x4x8x0x3=288 which is half the 8 which is 576.

If we take away the zero’s you get 3483 if we divide this by the kings el you get 6192 times 2 is 12384 and 3 times is 18576.
384/12=32 and 576/18 is 32.

576/31,25=18432/32=0,576 this is related to the shifting of the decimal point.
And the Bible has 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new
75 times the cubit is 3927 while 75 squared is 56,25.

To get to the heart of our galaxy or the yin yang 2618 (golden ratio)
You go 1309 which is half 2618. 3 x 1309 is 3927, 4 x 1309 is the cubit.

And 18 x 1309 is the ark of Noah 23562, 24 times is PI 31416 and 32 times is the formula of a globe 41888 which contains the 3 eights.

And 144 times is 188496 which is the big thorus cycle of 3600 x 52,36.
Those of you who studied the Mayan numbers will be familiar with the cycle 3240000 which is 5625 x 576.
And 576 x 31,25 is the 18000 again.

But the familiar 1296, 25920 ,5184 and the mirror of 1800 , 8100 all flow from this, and the creational date 31104 as well.

I refer to the structure often as the star of Bethlehem, and they say yes but this is not as old as this or that symbol, which is much older such as the labyrinth. But what they do not know is that it was given many names over the ages, even the labyrinth unfolded gives you the very same structure again, I have shown it to fit the ark of Noah, the ark of covenant, connected it to language, math, geometry, platonic solids, the names in the bible, to the Koran, the Veda’s, planets, the universe,
DNA, physics, black holes, history, the zodiac, Kabbalah and most of religious streams, nature, heaven, the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, all matters physical and spiritual. I hinted to the possibilities it will provide science and mankind, but I have also shown it to reveal the way that leads to freedom and the alchemical life elixir, true rebirth. Some might say I did read some articles but it does not fit my idea of the truth.

Yet this too is answered, but it is not for the fainthearted, or for those who seek a quick fix and hope to find something that fits perfectly with their idea and then they are enlightened, or better still they can take a pill and then enlightenment is theirs. Some others ask me, when this time comes where must we go or what must we take with us? Thinking that a date, a place or survival kit is going to make them part of the 144000.

They do not realize that ego/personality (miss or mister bucket) is looking for something he or she can control, for it to have power over it.

Others hope that reading tarot, placing crystals in the corners, or even build temples will make them one with god, and true it is not reading all the numbers or drawing the symbols, no it is not even reading the articles, but it starts with how you read them.

And on a mental level( at first you have no other way to read them on a mind level) they assist in building connections between all these things and more, and that will in turn strengthen your believe to the level of knowing so you can really read with your heart that is filled with a love that is full of wisdom, full of thankfulness, a deep feeling of knowing that will make you want to stay wakeful in each and every moment and keep to the truth of his laws and act in each and every moment from this all loving heart. Some of you will say but I do read from my heart, yes true because I told you that the heart is the centre of feeling and your senses are like the feelers of that heart (like your hands and feet to the will to walk or touch ), but your heart is filled with all those material experiences, coloured by emotions it is like light that is BROKEN UP from white(complete) light into its different emotional/colours.

The level of consciousness of those feelers is like instinct seeking of self, the light it receives and reflects back, or as I did explain before, the bucket where hate is collected seeks of itself because it knows nothing else and can only have a sense of being if it finds of its own reflection.

Yes those 7 horses of the apocalypse, the plagues of Egypt, but as you might remember there were two trees of knowledge(one and its mirror image) there are also 7 on the other side(and another 7 but not of these two trees) and there are the 12 zodiacs, the 12 patriarchs and the 12 disciples 7+7+12=26 but if the third 7 is found it becomes the 33 on all levels 33,66,99 Daath now look :
33+66+99=198 1(9)8

And 333+666+999=1998 1(99)8 (amen has the numeral value of 99)

If we multiply them 33x66x99=215622 if we divide this in two we get 107811, this should remind you of the ark of Noah which was 235620

And half of 235620 is 117810 now (107811+117810=225621 a mirror of 215622) and 235620-215622=19998 1(999)8

While 235620-225621=9999 so is the difference between 225621 and 215622 also 9999 the 56 you should recognize as the 5 and 6 star.

So the ark needs to travel over the waves 2 times 576

Again you should slowly be able to see that this holy grail, the star of Bethlehem and its 3 wise men is indeed perfect in every way.



Moshiya van den Broek