122. To free yourself of negative influence

When you followed the articles, then you remember the first steps to clear out the blind spots or negative influences that affect you in the now, experiences from the past which still actively influence you from an unconscious level( they look through your eyes and listen through your ears). It also explained how to delve into them and see them for what they really are and override them with correct knowledge. You will have noticed that this was possible to do for some things in your life, yet others you could not penetrate and still influence you today. So let’s have a look at what to do with those you cannot yet clear out.

So what do you do when you have negative thoughts?

In truth you are focusing on negative that is what you do. Stop….. replace them with positive, if you have those negative thoughts then it means you focus on them, and when you focus on them you feed “HIM” with energy. It does not matter if you try to push them away or argue against them, it is still feeding HIM with energy, any attention is, I did explain, because anything you focus on you attract.

If you practice it during your daily activities by just an affirmation such as I am love and my heart is filled with it, then there is no room for negative. Now something might happen which is negative in your eyes, then always remember it is an opportunity offered to learn from, and go back to this positive heart filled state.

In this state your decisions will be as good as your idea of good is, and this is like sending out the dove. Do not fill your heart with those ideas but when you need to act then use your knowledge of good.

If you become open enough and your love becomes unconditional then the truth in you will guide and answer when needed.

Do not pay attention to anything negative, start to be grateful for everything, praise every moment from your heart.

This must sound familiar does it not? You used to do it maybe just before you eat, this thank you, amen bit, remember? But I tell you if you do it all throughout the day for a single one full day and with the heart as we talked about, then your next day will certainly bare the fruits of the day before.

You would do well to read the articles again, and remember doing this really shows you understand, you know it to be true, it has strengthened your will enough to follow it through.

Unconditional love is a godly quality.



Moshiya van den Broek