120. Love of a different kind

I don’t speak about loving someone else,
I don’t speak about love as in a relationship,
I speak of love as a state of being.
Love is death of ego.
But fear weighs you down so much that you cannot reach it.
Behind fear is attachment to things and ideas that are familiar.
If you let this go then you are no longer victim of your reality.
It starts on top, then divides and returns to one.
Become small in material desire and you will see greatness in the small.
Limitless love unfolds itself, and a universe appears.

The creative processes of consciousness are also able to cause that which is unreal, such as death,  fear, greed, hatred and misery and they do appear in consciousness yet none of them are real, not one of them is of life. When light is present, darkness is gone, when life is present, death is gone.

Presence dispels the illusion of absence. The appearance of absence reveals an apparent lack of presence, the appearance of death reveals an apparent lack of life, the appearance of hatred and things of hatred reveals an apparent lack of love, the appearance of dishonesty, lies and deception reveals an apparent lack of light of true understanding.

Clearly life is present here on earth, yet death and the things of death are also present on earth, how can this be? After all, life is doing its part, doing the best it can to fill the earth with life, the trees, birds, monkey’s and vegetables ,they are all playing their part in life as best as they can. It seems humans have long forgotten their place and function in the planetary ecology, the part you play in replenishing the earth with life. You have been living the ways, you have been taught to live, learned to live, following out the many and various ways of the world, of your socialisation. Doing this, you have come out of conscious alignment with life. It is mankind who has temporarily disturbed the fabric of consciousness, allowing death and things of death to appear on earth, to appear in your consciousness of the earth.

The human consciousness or mind is magnificent, it is an essential aspect of life’s government of the creative processes of consciousness, but the human mind on its own is neither designed nor able to govern its consciousness, its world, the world that appears in consciousness. For the mind to govern its world intelligently it would require the mind to know all the relevant factors concerning everything and that is just not something a mind can do. Whenever the mind attempts to govern the world around it for its own ends it disconnects itself from life and something that is not of life puts in an appearance in consciousness, in the world. The revelation of the truth of life is obscured. In this apparent absence that which is not true of life, not real, appears in the field of consciousness.

There is no love without life, and no life without love, life is loving and love is alive.

Important decisions are best made with a clear mind, and at times it is the process of making an important decision that clears the mind.

It is not the mind that possesses an idea but the idea possesses the mind.

Practise develops skill, skill practised develops mastery.

Do not seek to picture enlightenment, any explanation is based on what you already know by looking for experiences you can relate to, it will make you overlook what your inner truth is truly searching for.

Do not think lightly of the path, as it is like swimming against the current of darkness,
thoughts and feelings create believes and views which are the very opposing currents.

Conscious evolution is the manifestation of divine will.

Your consciousness is the field of your whole song, two you know, one you don’t .

You might have wondered why you have not seen any article with the numeral structure lately, so let me add some insight here: as you know the structure is based on the 5 and 6 star and the one in the middle. While there are mirrors of it, let’s keep it here with the one in the middle,
516 and you will also remember that 36 times 52,36 is 188496.
The only part that changes here is the 96, this 96 can also be 69, and so it will become 188469. Now divide 188469 by 516 and you will get 365,25. And to remind you again there are 32 paths and the number value of the word heart in Hebrew is 32. There is one hidden one, known as Daath in the Cabbala which makes 33, but there are two of these eights therefore 66 and the wheel again, as you know in Hebrew is Galgal with the number value of 66. And there is one more tree, the tree of life which is also a 33, totals 99 Amen.

When you have completed the whole cycle which is 3 x 576 = 1728, and you add 144, then you are back at the beginning but now knowingly(returning home but know it for the first time). In Greek ”the same was in the beginning” has a numeral value of 1872. And what remains unchanged is the structure 888. In Hebrew the letter value of ”what remains unchanged” is 888.

The numeral value of ”I am the lord, I change not” is also 888. I will repeat this in other articles as to assist you in recognizing the structure.



Moshiya van den Broek