116. Hidden secrets, is it really hidden?

51,84 times 5 is 2592
Look at its multiplications, and alchemy can be seen to be the same knowledge.
51,84 angle to be found in many works of alchemy is also related to the star of Bethlehem(9 x 576)

When one sees eternity in things that pass away and infinity in finite things, then one has pure knowledge. But if one merely sees the diversity of things with their divisions and limitations then one has impure knowledge, the Bhagavad Gita (XVIII 20-21)

In the case of seeking truth, reading it should not be done as a mental task but should be done with the eyes of the love for truth, then the truth within you will recognize of itself also, whereas the mental eyes look for themselves too. Reading this way is giving more than the energy it takes to read and will reveal what was not seen by the limited mental eye and ear. As it was said that all was already given, all you need is to see it, recognize it, and open your ears to it. Ask yourselves what am I looking for? Truth? Then what is able to recognize it?

The will is strengthened by the practice to focus awareness.

I remember well the realization of the implications of coming to realization that all is purpose and has purpose and was so created, and free will a highest good.
But only regained through the holy war within and sacrifice, an often misunderstood concept.

These by the way are revealed by the 3 upper layers of the text. The so called vehicles recognized by the mental eyes and ears. Kabbalists have 3 also, gematria, notricon, and temura, and then there are 3 more, the regaining through sacrificing the lower self and the war against impurity.

Mankind sees the ability to think as the highest good, of being on top of the ladder in evolution, but in truth , perfection just is.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 I mentioned :

Gematria : reduction of words in its numeral value
Notricon : the forming of words from initials or sentences
Temura : cipher writing through exchange of letters/numbers

There are 484 different permutations possible and there are also 3 pillars:

1 pillar of mercy (male)
1 pillar of judgment (female)
And 1 pillar of mildness or union

Which can also be translated to the two pillars Jachin and Boaz and the middle pillar or path of understanding.
Then there is the path of the arrow.
And that of the flash of lightening which is related to the physical search for power ( if not guided)

Now let’s look how this can be translated into the numeral appearance 18, 81 and 9 left right and middle.

According the knowledge there are 613 laws of which 248 are good and 365 prohibitive precepts, again mercy and judgment.
We have 248 bones in the body, flesh is 365.
A donkey is the symbol of carrier of the burden chamor = donkey = cheth-mem-resh=8-40-200
Chemer is clay, the material of the earth is 8-40-200.

Let’s get back to 10565 10-5-6-5 the 6th closes with 10-5

The 7th day begins with 6-5, as you know the pentagram and the star of David make up the 7.
This 10565 is also the 26 generations but this 26 can also be found in aleph.

2+4+8=14 1+4=5
3+6+5=14 1+4=5
And 5 + 5=1(0) the middle path again, the one.
Or 2+3=5+(4+6=10)+(8+5=13)= 5+10+13=28 2+8= again 1(0)
Just as the total laws are 613 (6+1+3=1(0).

Now there are 3 mothers, Fire, Air and water (earth is malkuth 4).
Water by the way is related to time.
Fire creates the heavens, water the earth, air being the equilibrium between the opposing forces. Fire in the head, water in the belly and air in the chest to balance.

Then there are the 7 doubles which refer to life and death, peace and war, wisdom and folly, riches and poverty, grace and indignation, fertility and desolation, power and servitude.

And then there are the 7 localities, north, south, east, west, above and below and the palace of holiness in the midst.

And the 7 Gates of the soul, 2 eyes, ears, nostrils and the one mouth. Then the 12 simples: sight, hearing, smell, speech, taste, sexual love, work, movement, anger, mirth, imagination, sleep, and the 12 constellations of the zodiac, 12 months great and small and 12 organs.

Now let’s relate them all to letters:

The 3 are: Aleph, Mem, Shin.
The 7: Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe ,Resh and Tau.
And the 12: He, Vau, Zayn, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tzaddi, and Qoph.

The whole Thora, each individual letter included, spells out the name of God known only to those who know the right order.

Like 72 words of 3 letters spelling out qualities 72x 3= 216
216 of which Plato said is as far as you need to go.
And god said it was good. Good is Tab (Teth-waw-beth) 9-60-2
Total value is 17. Now the window of the ark chalom is 8-30-50 or 88( dream is 8-30-40 = 78) the 88 or two trees should be familiar to you now.
Divide the 17 ‘good’ through the highest 9 and you get 1.88.
Very good “Tob meod”, meod is 40-1-4=45 or 40-6-4=50 is death.

And as you remember I did tell you that 49 was the highest you could get. The ark or Teba knows 4 phases until it came to rest on mount Ararat. The ark is 50 cubits high but the window was 1 cubit and leaves 49. Now remember the 88 thus means looking into the other world, had to wait 40 days before the window could be opened, and 20 for the raven and the dove, the raven being the expression of the body and dove of the soul.

And the soul returns its place and a new world starts.
Olive is the 6th fruit of the tree of 7 and is a bitter fruit.
After the flood 10 generations came to an end 10-5-6-5

And now the 5 begins and all is divided in two and the opposite becomes visual Gen.8:22. The age of man is also halved. Noah lived 350 years after the flood, the 7 of Noah is the 3.5, the name Noah is noen-cheth = 50-8= 58 comfort –rest. 58 marks the passing of time to the 7th and with the 8th begins a new time.

Scale, 1656 is the last year of the old time scale,1657 therefore the transgression to the new 1657 x 3,5 is 5796 and 1658 is the new time. This 3,5 can be found in Daniel 12:7 time, double time and half time. Does anyone know the Jewish calendar?

Water = majim mem-jod-mem 40-10-40 flowing time, water and time are measured by 40, please look at the shape of the letter M. The journey through the desert is 40 years ‘mem’ and has to do with water. The ark=teba taf-beth-he 400-2-5 =407

Teba = word. The measurement of the ark is shin (300) noen (50) lamed (30)=380 is the same as lashon = word. So the word has to carry life from one world to the next, which is the Bible itself.

The flood = maboel mem-beth-waw-lamed 40-2-6-30=78 which is confusion, mixing or babel. 17=Josef.
The sons of the gods.
The first time period after the 6 creational days is 130 years.

From Adam to sketh (Gen.5:1-3) or Moses 130 years after Jacob in Egypt, but also the revelation in Sinai sameth-jod-noen-jod=60-10-50-10=130. And the word for one is echad aleph-cheth-daled=1-4-8=13. The sons of Jacob should be 13 but because of Ruben are there 12, now think of the last supper of Leonardo da Vinci.

To reach the tree of life is not an intellectual question but rather a question if one is willing to take the road of god, willing to accept without first judging the results. He who wished to create with his intellect will meet the creational law which states that the road to life is closed off, man always wishes to weigh and measure, but there is a possibility to offer god your faith and trust, and this is to follow what the scriptures tell is good.

Insight in god’s order is needed, but the big difference of what mankind sees as god’s order is first to except the Bible as the order of creation itself .

One should not take earthly logic as highest good, but first accept the higher order, the deeper structure of creation.
The starting point is different, to accept a creator.
One should not give personal interpretations of the Bible in which all letters have their specific place.

If you measure according the input of the senses then you are unable to eat of the tree of life, the knowledge that the Bible is the tree of life is only for those who do not eat of the tree of knowledge, otherwise the essence remains unseen.

116.3this is the old Hebrew alpha-beth.

And all this, the 3 levels all fit onto the structure.

The reason I have placed it on its side is to help you
place it into the thorus.

As explained the star describes a pattern on the outer side of the thorus which is related to the division of 1 by 7 and the 369.
And all this is in the Bible, Koran, Veda’s etc.

I will go into this another time.


Moshiya van den Broek