115. Correspondence with Moshiya

Hi Moshiya,
Firstly I must thank you for showing the world the obvious regarding the numbers.
Everything makes such sense seeing them put together like you do.
The sense being clear signs of creation by a creator.
Despite saying that I must confess that I do not understand enough to reach out and touch people,
not in a way that seems to make them want to go look for more, anyway.
That the material is out there for the people living on this world of horror to see, is all that I truly
can say that I do know, so therefore helping people to see what there is of the mainstream circlet I will do.
A way to do that could be bringing together men of truth in one big festival.
Making the list of the men of truth is probably the most difficult thing, creating such a festival, because the true men of truth are hard to find but still possible with help of the internet.
Here in Denmark there is this one guy Julius Bøgh, who is a Danish kind of David Icke.
He is the first to go somewhat public with truth about the hidden agendas of the powers
in control.
That truth has always been in the mind of common man, but pushed aside by the fear
created by the powers in control, a fear that accepts “it’s like that and always will be” because the hippies tried to change it in the sixties and failed !
Because of that people don’t relate to corruption with rebellious attitude, rather despair and
just focus on their own life.
So the truth from the inside that you speak of is the way to go.
Should you need a helping hand bringing out the message I will give you that.
Should you say that I need to read more before reaching out, I will understand and accept.

From the heart
Mike Hansen

Dear mike,

Thank you kindly for your email.

Mike, it is not the level of knowledge that is a helping hand to reach out,
it is merely there to strengthen your faith. If your inner knowing does recognize
in it the logic needed to make from all, the whole, then you can reach out.

It is not the amount of reading but how it is read.
If you recognize those clear signs of creation of the creator, then read it as such
fully open in silence, and a heart filled with a loving thankfulness,
then the truth in you brings light to your reading and your eyes will open further.

Like the Bible, far more is said than the outer story that people used to read,
for in that story, they have lost trust( as the bible said about this time).
They say it is out, not in fashion anymore, we do not ride donkey’s or camels
anymore. We have come to live out this very life just in different colours(times).
people started to focus on the outer story, and so brought it to life.

Mike, do with such compassioned heart speak of your personal experience
in your own words. You convince your friends to eat here or there because
you told them there is great food, a good cook, it does not mean you are not able
to convince them because you cannot cook, no through your experience
of eating there they were convinced.
By the loving thought/feeling you experienced during that dinner(of bread and
fish) and were able to communicate to them by the passion the food created
during your own dinner there.
I give with purpose Mike, yet I give nothing that is not already there, right there
within you. All I do is give little bridges, because the experience needs to be yours.
I do not ask anyone to believe me, but read the way I said and you will start seeing it for yourselves, for so is the world created in the field of time so his light would not
burn you alive in a single moment.

Mike I am, like those who will be …grateful for all you do to bring all this to the awareness
of all fellowmen. Give of it with your heart, give of yourself this way and I don’t know how he cooks the food but it tastes great did not stop your friends to go there and eat.

I thank you for your help.

love and light
Moshiya van den Broek