113. The Quran & Chemical elements

There are 18 steps on the tree and there are 81 stable Chemical Elements. As you can see mirror images again. The Quran like the Bible contains the very same structural principles which will become clear in this article.
The information in this article is known to several scientists, some wish to close their eyes to this and others believe it to be a hidden structure of which they do not know its purpose.
Others again believe it to be of Allah’s hand, but where all this leads to, or where it belongs in the big picture, none of them know. Here the discoveries do not lead any further, or do help to bring unity. The reason for this will become clear when you know that scientists fear to lose the sovereignty of their knowledge status. Even when a scientist does discover some number pattern that is revealing that there must be some hidden structure. Or when a religious person such as a theologian, priest or imam discovers some sort of pattern in his holy books, they will claim their g-d or their holy books are the only true g-d or books. They all make beautiful discoveries but never get much further than those discoveries, if not because of the above mentioned reason then it is often pride. All of these reasons are like safety locks that keep the door to true knowledge of g-d firmly shut.
Pride? How could you? Was it not said that all was already given? What? You know what is given and what is not? Ok but not him or her found it but I did, they say, yes? What? You are higher than the other who didn’t find it? Better? A better believer? None of these are valid, even those of other religions or other discipline of science, or even your enemy, or him that was wrong before, all have the truth within them, your lucky star is the hand of g-d who gives you many times, but each time it blinded you, and you wanted it all to be yours, instead of being it. If you do not know the whole then you cannot judge, and when you cannot judge in relation to the truth, then your thoughts of g-d are so low that g-d would never give you all.
All this talk about this or that ray which changes the consciousness of mankind, and good times await you, all you have to do is believe, not anymore, on the seventh day g-d rested and left it up to you. For you it might look as if nothing really changed because you always thought you were in control, but now for the first time in this cycle it is really up to you.
But g-d made sure his knowledge which will save you would be there for you when he rested, now you have to bring it into the world, you have to come into action, where is your gratefulness for being forgiven? For all this time before? Now it is up to you and you do not even know how it all works yet, fear was the root of all your evil, but it was never for g-d. You might think but how could it be g-d if he rules with fear instead of love? And why did he let it into the world? You let it! That was your choice! Yes he let it into the world so eventually it would lead you back to him, because in his world there cannot be the smallest of pride or any other impurity, g-d even told you this world would come to an end, you didn’t listen to the warning then, and many don’t now, they are busy. I will when I finish this or after this or that and the clock is ticking away. Get up and walk, fear his perfect justice if you are not already there so it keeps you on the right track where his hand of knowledge reaches out to lift you up. Listen and walk the talk. But let us move to the chemical elements and the structure revealed with the key number 19 in the Quran. Why number 19? Number 19 is the value of the word ONE in Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic and it is the alpha and omega of numbers. And this is important to realize, there are 114 Surahs and 66 books in the Bible together makes 18(0) again.
18(0)is 576 or 66 books x 114=7524 x 24=180576.
Or the root 75 x 24 = 18(00) as you know I often write g-d 9-6 or 916 and Arabic and Hebrew reverse 619 is the 114th prime. But 6×19 is 114 and GOD alone, he has no partners (wahdahoo la sharika lah ) has a grammatical value of 619.

The table above shows the mathematical order. It divides the building blocks of nature into 4 x 19 chemical elements, where four elements (Beryllium, Helium, Carbon and Lithium) are set above in a super-order. Over them all, sits outstanding, the key-number of this whole system, the number 19, which represents Potassium. The whole system is structured on the number 19.
Of the 81 stable elements:
The total number of pure isotopes is exactly 20.
The total number of double isotopes is exactly 20.
The total number of multiple isotopes divisible by 2 is 20.
The total number of multiple isotopes divisible by 4 is 20.

The largest Neutron number for any stable isotope=209=11×19

From unstable element 43 to unstable element 61 inclusively we have 19 elements.
The total neutron number for all the stable isotopes=30704=1616×19

The total electron number for all the stable elements=1+2+3…83-(43+61)=3382=178×19

Therefore the total proton number for all the stable elements also=1+2+3…83-(43+61)=3382=178×19
The addition of the above 3 totals=37468=19×1972

What is chemistry ? What is physics ?

Chemistry deals more with the elements as well as materials, from which the earth is made up. Whereas the physics deals with energies and(complex) bodies, that have been composed from these elements and materials.

Some nuclear-scientists and theoretical physicists, suspected that some structural phenomenon of the nuclear construction of the matter have to do with the theory of numbers and it will lead back to quite simple formulas and knowledge.

You notice that each earthly life is built on 19 left-built amino acids and an amino acid without optical centre(therefore neither left-nor right-built), just as Shakespeare’s Hamlet is composed also from only nineteen consonants. Others than these(nineteen plus one amino acids) can only be produced artificially, however never appears as natural product. Amino acids are not only vital in this respect but a life-requirement, since they form enzymes and proteins that are our life-bases. Wondered why God has decided exactly in favour of 19+1 amino acids? How would he be able to know also, that all great traditions have passed on the number 19 as the number of life?
The code 19 of the chemistry.
It is very important regarding the so-called periodic-system in chemistry, in which all chemical elements are specified, and from which the materials of this world are invented. Notice that this basic system of chemistry consists of over one hundred elements, from which eighty-one are stable element . Whereas the natural existing elements Thorium and Uranium are unstable elements(they have atomic number 90 and 92 in the periodic table).Thus they disintegrate. Seven further, radioactive elements, that possess the atomic numbers 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and 91 in the chemical periodic system, are generated from the disintegration of these two elements. Today, one hundred and six elements emerge in this most important table of chemistry. Two of them are however phantom elements, since they burst in fractions of seconds. Therefore, there are hundred and four actual elements, which form the chemical periodic system.

The non-chemist will vaguely remember why the periodic system is in this particular order that we know. The explanation for it is very simple. One has simply counted the number of the protons in an atomic nucleus of the respective element, and found that the natural occurring stable elements possess 1 to 83 protons. The Hydrogen(the first element of the periodic table) possesses only one proton, while the chemical element Bismuth(the last element of the table) has eighty-three protons.
{There are three observable particles, that in interplay form the matter:
protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive electric charge,
the electrons have a negative charge, while neutrons are missing every
sort of charge. Neutrons and protons form together the atomic nucleus.}

This would be without importance in the number theory, if the second element did not possess two protons, the third three protons, the fourth four protons etc.… In this way all elements are consecutively represented from 1 to 83. This proves, that the nature is very orderly.
The number of the protons of a chemical element is named also atomic number. The reason for it, is that one can sort the elements according to the number of their protons – and that is how this table came about: Table 1: Table of the 81 stable chemical elements

If you add up all the atomic numbers of the 81 stable elements and subtract the 2 phantom elements, 43 and 61, we obtain a number multiple of 19 :
(1+2+3+……+83) – (43 + 61) = 3382 = 19 x 178
The non-chemist will want to know, what does the concept of the “isotopes ” mean in this table, and here is the explanation:

Frequently, the same number of neutrons exist with the same number of the protons in the atomic nucleus. Beryllium for example possesses 4 protons and 4 neutrons. Phosphorus consists of 15 protons and 15 neutrons in the nucleus. The chemists and physicists have introduced the concept of the “atomic weight ”(or mass number) for the sum of all protons and neutrons of an element. The atomic weight of a material is therefore the sum of the protons + neutrons in the nucleus. With the element Beryllium, the atomic weight 4 (protons) + 4 (neutrons) = 8, and the atomic weight with the phosphorus is 15+15 = 30.
There is however a set of chemical elements, with which the number of the neutrons varies, although the number of protons remains the same in the nucleus. This variation of neutrons in the nucleus with same number of protons is called isotope. The isotope number announces the number of the variation of neutrons of the same element .

Isotope: any of two or more forms of an element having the same or very closely related chemical properties and the same atomic number but different atomic weight (or mass numbers) ; U-235, U-238, U-239 are three isotopes of Uranium.
Two elements are missing – why ?

When you study this table, you will notice that in reality two elements are missing in the periodic system of the eighty-three stable elements: the elements with the atomic numbers 43 and 61, (because these elements with their corresponding number of protons are not naturally existing). If one produces them artificially, they are not at all stable. They are Technetium and Promethium. You wonder whether the absence of these two elements in nature can be a coincidence? The answer is no.
Why are the elements 43 and 61 missing in nature? And why don’t some of the elements only exist in one form? Why for example the element Chlorine occurs twice, namely with seventeen protons and eighteen neutrons, but also with seventeen protons and twenty neutrons? And why does  radioactivity suddenly come in play with the element 84? You will be able to see that from the element 43 to 61 inclusively we have 19 elements:

Now let’s draw a parallel between the Quran and the two missing elements:

In the Quran, the surahs (surah= chapter) 43 and 61 have 2 common properties:
– they are prime numbers.
– their sum with their respective verses plus the Basmala (opening verse) gives a number which is multiple of 19.
This property is very rare in the Quran because only 3 prime number surah’s added with their verses and Basmala give a multiple of 19: the 13, 43 and 61.
43 + 89 +1 =133 = 19 x 7
61 + 14 +1 = 76 = 19 x 4

Radioactive elements begin with the element 84, the Polonium: a radioactive element gives energy by the spontaneous disintegration of atomic nuclei(to disintegrate = to separate into parts or fragments, to rupture or split (Webster’s dictionary).
In the Quran, surah 84 has the title “The Rupture” (Al-Inshiqaaq).
a coincidence ?

The 19 pure-isotopes.

There are actually only 81 natural existing stable elements. From eighty-three theoretically possible elements, only eighty-one occur in nature. Nature leaves out two, which one can produce. Scientists found out that from these 81 natural occurring stable elements of the chemistry, nineteen are pure isotopes. Pure isotopes are chemical elements, that exist only in one isotope form, that is to say that they occur with the same number of protons and neutrons. They are the elements with the atomic numbers:

9, 11, 13, 15, 21, 25, 27, 33, 39,
41, 45, 53, 55, 59, 65, 67, 69, 79, 83.

They are (19) in number. The other elements are so-called multiple-isotopes with the isotope-frequency 2, 3, 4… until 10. With astonishment, you will notice that all pure-isotopes are elements with odd atomic numbers in the periodic system.
The 19 double-isotopes. If you deepen its further analysis, you come upon what is called double isotopes, that is to say, elements with two “mass numbers” or isotopes. These double isotopes possess odd atomic numbers. The number of the double isotopes is also 19!

Table of the odd numbers elements:

In order to make the calculation with the odd periodic atomic numbers as conclusive as possible, you exclude the odd number element, Potassium, from the calculation. The reason for it is that  Potassium, which is coincidentally the nineteenth element in the periodic system, is a multiple-isotope. Whereas the other elements with odd atomic number are either pure-isotopes or double-isotopes.
Surah 19 of the Quran has the most complicated initial of all the initialled surah’s and it has the details of the important miracle of the birth of Jesus from a virgin mother. If you replace this category of isotopes by the surah’s numbers and their respective verses numbers:
The Surah’s and 19+1 Pure isotopes parallel.

Surah’s and 19+1 Double isotopes parallel.

Notice that for the Double isotopes.
Double multiple of 19. 19X19X7
A coincidence ? 2 x 19 multiple-isotopes.

A look on the table of the elements is sufficient to see that there are further thirty-eight or 2 x 19 elements with even atomic numbers, which are multiple-isotopes with the isotope numbers 3,4,5 …. We cannot, in this case, take the element 4 (Beryllium) into account, since it is at the head of the series of the altogether 20 pure-isotopes and also the element No.2, Helium, does not fall into this category. Since Helium despite even atomic number is a double-isotope. The nineteen pure isotopes and nineteen double isotopes and the thirty-eight (2 x19) multiple isotopes with even atomic numbers are thus divinely linked. The divine Building Plan is supreme and perfect.

You can now recognize the important role that number 19 plays in the chemical periodic system:

38 or 2×19 pure-or double-isotopes with odd atomic numbers and

38 or 2×19 multiple-isotopes with even atomic numbers.

The pure –and double-isotopes are again divisible by 19. In fact there are:

19 pure-isotopes with odd atomic number and

19 double-isotopes with odd atomic number.

In the calculations, you cannot fail to notice that from actually eighty-one elements of nature only 4 x 19 or 76 elements entered in this 19 system classifications. What about the remaining five elements?
For their properties, the elements Potassium, Beryllium, Helium, Carbon and Lithium must set five extra-categories in the system of the elements.

To come to a clearer overview and representation of the 19 structure,  you can use the divisibility of the isotope number, because you will notice that of the thirty-eight isotopes with even number there are:
19 “divisible by 4 ” atomic-numbers


19 “divisible by 2″ atomic-numbers

and with the thirty-eight elements with odd order-numbers

19 indivisible or prime number atomic-numbers


19 at all divisible atomic-numbers

and therefore this gives four division categories.
Therefore the following table, that represents a nuclear-chemical order in contrast to the chemical periodic order:

The atomic-numbers of the elements and their divisibility.

Remember these divisors 4 , 2, 6, 3 also use the number 1 as prime number, but do not include the numbers 2 and 3 to the prime numbers- that are divisible by 2 and three.
The table documents an amazing order. It divides the building material of nature into 4 x19 chemical elements, where four elements (Beryllium, Helium, Carbon and Lithium), are set above in a super-order. Over them all, sits outstanding, the key-number of this whole system, the number 19, which represents Potassium . The whole system is structured on only one single number, the number 19, and Potassium, the nineteenth element, is the top and the start of the table.

“Over it is 19″ (Surah 74:30)

Understand that nature strictly divided the stable elements according to the type of their divisibility in four nineteenth columns. It assigned a twentieth number to each of the four categories, (that stands in the table over the nineteen numbers), without violating the “nineteen-rule” which regulates the divisibility. The coding effect of the number 19 is distinct and clear. The whole system is subject to one 19-Code. “Over it is 19″.

The encoding of the code.

However something extraordinarily interesting appears here. The pure isotopes consist of eight elements with atomic numbers, that are prime numbers, and eleven elements with divisible odd atomic numbers. Just as well, one can say: the nineteen prime numbers that represent atomic numbers, have a proportion of 11 double isotopes to 8 pure isotopes. The same 8 to 11 is also apparent with the “divisible by 4″ atomic numbers. Here is a relation of 11 elements with odd isotopes numbers to 8 elements with even isotopes numbers, like the table shows:

It is clear that the 19-Code is coded in itself, in fact through the numbers 11 and 8.
The biochemical components of life, the amino acids, are coded by the number 19 . The structure of the eighty-one stable, natural existing chemical elements, the components of nature, are in many ways subject to the same code. A lonely number, the number 19, is the King Number of  chemistry.
The question, why all elements with odd atomic numbers possess either one or two isotopes and only the nineteenth element, Potassium, does not? Because with its three isotopes Potassium actually would have to be an element with even atomic number. Because this number is an odd prime number, and the element 19, therefore Potassium, behaves like an even-numbered element. A double-face element. An element, which is odd, however it behaves like an even element .
“Can something in this Universe be simultaneously, odd and even?” The strange behaviour of the neutrons, if they leave the atomic nucleus, let him come to the belief, that was like that. The puzzle of the neutrons and the puzzle of the isotopy must have identical solutions. Only for isotopy they had already made the discovery: “Over it is 19… ”

They had to bash most of the physicists and chemists with their findings. They named the discoveries ”Number tricks ” and jugglery”, from fear to lose the sovereignty of their knowledge status.
So they felt obligated, to clarify an open question about the meaning of the meta-numbers 4 2 6 and 3 over the four 19 -column of his ordering-table of the chemical elements. Was the sequence of these numbers a coincidence or more?

It will be soon clear that the number sequence 4 2 6 3 was more than a coincidence. A German chemist betted that the number of the entire stable elements (81) and the clear coding of these eighty-one elements could be closely connected with a number, around which everything turned: he executed a simple arithmetic operation and divided 81 by 19:

81:19 = 4,263

The result consisted of the digit sequence 4 2 6 3.
The chemist was fascinated, how nature obeys mathematical laws and especially the number theory .
The four order-numbers 4,2,6 and 3 plays an interesting role also in the Quran in relation to its verses and to number 19:
The total sum of the verses of the first 19 chapters is 2 3 4 6, taking into consideration that surah 9 has only 127 verses as proved in appendix 24 of the Authorized English translation of the Quran.
In the Quran there are a total of 6 2 3 4 numbered verses(counting the total verses of surah 9 as 127 verses). 6234+3927=10161 x 3=30483 remember the old testament has 304803 letters and one third 101601. 6234-3927=2307 x 87=2007.09

Now let’s look at the reason that the eighty-one stable elements of the chemistry must be divided into 4×19 and 5 separated elements. Nothing is responsible for it other than the universal 19-Code, that God set into these elements.
The number 81 is the complement of the number 19, 100-19 = 81 . The nature and what concerns its chemical basic elements, is mathematically structured.

When calculated that altogether there are 243 isotopes or variations of elements. In other words all natural existing stable chemical elements, possess together 243 variations of elements. Focus then on the relation of the fifty-seven double or multiple isotopes to the total number of isotopes (243). And find out that:

243:57 = 4,263!!

The relation of the two hundred-forty-three element-variations to the fifty-seven elements, with which double –or multiple- variations occur, is indeed identical, as sequence of numbers, to the four meta-elements of this table! Again the same number, that determines also the relation of the eighty-one elements to their order-number 19.
This means, the elements 4,2,6 and 3 had been therefore, separated in their order-system from the remaining four characteristic-classes, deliberately and not at all by any chance.

This calculation becomes more astonishing by the fact that there are 3 x 19 elements and 3 x 81 = 243 isotopes (or additional neutron variations).

Who could imagine few decades ago that everything around us resembles an enormous computer that is well programmed and connected with and in control of everything.

[41:53] We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things?
[ 72:28] …….. He (GOD) has counted the numbers of all things.
[ 27:82] At the right time, we will produce for them a creature made of earthly materials, declaring that the people are not certain about our revelations.
Allahu Akbar, God is Great.



Moshiya van den Broek