110. A million euro for you…..

…..will be nothing compared to the gift you are not yet aware of.

And yes, this has your attention did it not, “ a million euro for you”?
The fact that it did, means you do not yet know the impact it has when you comprehend the whole.
But if it does, then it is not asking much to become a member of  Truth & Revelations. Not only will you be updated when there is a new article but we will also organize lectures anywhere in the world.
We are therefore looking for volunteers who are willing to assist in coordinating. Furthermore we wish to invite any scientist or religious organisation, priest, imam, and any other organization who seeks the truth.
For them there is the possibility to be shown in a personal meeting, the keys and insights that will strengthen their faith and ability to give and assist to his fellow man and to the world. They will, by this very knowledge, be able to heal diseases, have energy without the side effects such as pollution, in other words have a world as it was intended to be.
They will not see the differences but the common source, no more poverty, free energy, and no more wars.

We will provide all the tools that will enable to connect all fields of science under one whole truth, as it will do so with all religious directions and make them one. But not all will be ready for it. Some will continue to hold on to their self-made believes, they will experience great turmoil as we near the end of this cycle.

People consider 7 to be a lucky number and 13 to be unlucky, on the seventh day G-d rested. If you do not know or recognize his hand in everything, then you might not realize the impact if He took a rest.

Do you really think that truth can be found by applying your judgment of what is and what is not truth? Just consider the words you use. Words such as love and compassion, or words such as freedom or work,  just ask anyone to tell you what these words mean to them. Or let them explain beauty or what is beautiful, or ultimately ask them what truth is. I do not ask you to believe me, I do not want blind faith! No, I want you to see for yourselves, by these very simple questions you will see that the truth of these words are no more than personal ideas.

Is your will strong enough now to read the articles in the way explained in the articles themselves? Yes you thought you did recognize it in something you did read here or there, you might even heard something or even seen something that fitted with your idea of truth, but by these simple questions you must have come to the conclusion that these truths are relative truths. So what you might say… it matters with the big issues, I can live with these small ones, WRONG, you live out your life according your understanding of these words, and therefore you are prisoners , to understand the meaning of “ truth will set you free” is the very freedom itself. To know the truth of this word of which you say, I can live with its relatives truth, would really set you free if you knew its full meaning. I do not need to explain the power of a word spoken in full truth because I have done that in many ways in the articles already, but I will say this about it, the spoken word is more powerful than you could imagine. You have experienced this to some extent when something was explained which you did not understand and then this truth sank in(hit you), a hitting home(and yes as I did say, the truth is in you too, all you need to do is open up as explained in the articles). So the truth in you recognizes of itself in what is given, and so hits home. Understand therefore these articles are more and have more functions than you realize. Once again, do you have eyes to see and ears to hear?

Then reply to this call, join as brothers and sisters and I will be there and personally talk to you.

You came to Truth-Revelations to look for something that united with your ideas, and through it in contact with something that seeks unity with the truth in you so your words are purified and come to life.



Moshiya van den Broek