109. Zuisudra, the sumerian Noah

Although you are able to obtain your first glimmer of the fact that there was another non-biblical flood account in the Semitic Epic of Gilgamesh, there was actually an older source. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, they called the man who survived the flood, (Noah in the Bible) Utnapishtim. In old Babylonian times, he was Atrahasis. But, further back in history he was called Ziusudra.

Ziusudra, like the biblical Noah, was a devout and g-d-fearing man.
He was humble and pious, traits not often seen in a king or ruler. He was constantly watching for divine dreams and revelations from the g-ds.

While there are many parallels which could be explained, it is outside the scope of this article. With this article my intention is somewhat different than looking at it from an historical point of view, which is of interest as well, but not needed for now.

Ziusudra ruled for 10 shore, a shore is said to be in the region of 3600 years,
so it would be 36000 years ( 10 x 3600). But how does this all relate to the biblical Noah?

Let’s first look at a list of our forefathers:

Noah was over 900 years old, and he built the ark 300 x 50 x 30=45,000.

Ziusudra ruled for 10 shore 3600 x 10 = 36,000 and there is 9000 difference between 36,000 and 45,000.

Let’s look at the triangular of 9, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9= 45

But let’s multiply, 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9= 36288 (I will get back to this number), there is now 288 more than the 36000 of Ziusudra and the difference between 45,000 and 36,288 is 8712 or 87 and 12.

Elohim and the 12 tribes of Israel, Elohim thy g-d is one.

36288 36+288=324 36×288=10368 288/36=8 but twice 36288 is 72 576

And 576 you know as the circumference of the eight. And 576 divided by 72 is eight. If you have studied the material you will slowly come to understand creation a little more when it is said from the primordial point came into existence……., the singularity and the story of Genesis.

From 3 to 6 to 2+8+8=18(9) = 369 but all that goes from g-d comes back.

Now there are two in the garden and the two trees 8 and 8(288).

369 and 963=1332  half way and the 32 paths. Twice 666 or in the middle, in between, and 666 times 15 makes 999. As you remember 15 is really the circle of Rennes-le-Château, divided by 15.

And if you multiply 666 by 16 you will get 10656 which of course is the tetragrammaton YHWH.

Let’s look at this 13 for a moment ACHAD A=1 etc. totals 13 and means unity.

AHBH has the same value 13 and means love or beloved.

That they are related I do not need to explain.

And that he meets you half way to make a full 26(and there are 26 generations) I do not need to explain either,  do you remember placing the point on paper to make a one and then rounding it off? ( a 6)

That within this first trinity 369 the structure was already within.

As 3+6+9= 18 and 3 x 6 x 9=162.

Remember the triangular of 207? It was 72000 and if you go half way the eight there where the 4 and 5 is you have 192 remember? And the triangular of 192 is 69,000 while the angle of the 5 and 6 star is 96 degrees, a difference of 27. 162 is mirror 192.

288 divided by 15 is 19,2 but 69000 plus the 36288 is 105288, in other words the highest point on the lower circle from left the 1 and 4 while from right the one and the 5 so please take a look again, there is a one on the left and on the right side and a 4 on the one side and a 5 on the other. The eye in the middle is the 0(please take the drawing of the star of Bethlehem and try to recognize/and visualize) Let’s divide 96000 by 192 =500 and 69000 divided by 192 is 395,375 0,625 less than 360 or in other words the 5 is missing to make 5625 the ark of covenant. It takes 9 x 0,625 to make 5,625.

But the tree of good and the tree of evil 8 and 8 is 16 and 16 x 0.625 is 10, the one and the crown of the world. Just look up the Kabbalah and see that the one of above is on earth,  Keter in Malkhut.

There was 15 el of water above the top of the mountain therefore the ark being 50 ell high makes 50 plus 15 is 65 instead of 56.

Then there is this 1656 which is 24 times 69(000).

And 24 is the opening in the lower point of the 5 point, as you remember,  as the circle is 360 degrees divided by the 15 is 24. And 69 minus 24 is 45.

1 plus 5 is 6 and 2 plus 4 is 6 also and 45 is 4 and 5 is 9 and so you have the 6 and 9. 1+6+5+6=18 the cycle, and 1+9+5+9=24 the opening!

The deference between the 10656 and 1656 is naturally 9000 again.

And 33 or with the 0 in the middle 303 or Daath the seed of knowledge makes 1656 into its mirror 1959. Adding them up makes 3615.

And 36 x 15 = 54(0) the mirror of 45 or the one is entering the other is leaving the ark. But the joining them is fulfilment 45 + 54=99 Amen.

It will take some searching but would you be able to write 1959 in letters?

I did mention the 359,375 and there are two circles of 32 paths making 64

64 times 359,375 is 23(000) 86 Elohim x 359.375=30906.25

64 times 0,625=40 96 times 0,625=60

And the now familiar 153 times 0,625= 9,5625

9 x 5625 = 50625 5625/9=625

To write 15 in Hebrew you write teth vav 9+6=15

It is not my intention to translate the THORA either literal or numeral and as you might know from the stories, that a scribe is trained to copy and not a single mistake must be made.

The Bible is really a living book.

So why wishing to change that which is perfect, all I wish for is for you to start to recognize the truth in all this, and realize its implications, no matter if there were 33 individual writers or a single one who wrote all 66 books, either the one or the 33: they were or he was guided all the way. Mankind was blinded by pride, he discovered this or that while in truth as you slowly come to see, as it was said all was already given.

That g-d never left you shows in the fact that all knowledge was lost in this blindness, and he made it such that it would lead you back.

He made those laws, karma that by repeating the same mistakes in every possible angle would eventually make you see. He made it come back to itself. Yes, all pride should be put aside and thankfulness should take its place. Now you might understand when I said that knowledge is the third next to the two opposite forces good and evil, male-female principle, positive and negative, to come to know G-D, knowledge of G-D which brings you closer to Him.

Yes he guided you all the way, you only lived in the illusion that he didn’t. But now that you know you become responsible, just like the temple guard(and of this story what it means enough can be found) before you were forgiven because you did not know. A g-d fearing man is a man close to g-d, when I said this once to someone, he said it cannot be right when g-d rules with fear, but this kind of fear he speaks about is the fear that comes from not knowing, the fear I spoke about is what happens when you do not live according his laws. There is YOUR free will, My will is with g-d. Be sure judgement day will come, and according the law you were given a choice, and eventually you condemned yourself to be taken or left behind. But the strength of your self-created believes cannot be blamed, the strength of your will has all the power it needs, this power grows through love, through unity.

Remember also that you all have been given the opportunity, you still have time? Who told you so? 2012? If you do not know g-d himself how could you be sure that judgement is not already made?

This too is said: suddenly one is taken, the other left, don’t forget it is mankind’s idea of what those signs are, he tries to translate them, tries to recognize them based on his own fears and limited understanding.

Your free will is in who you listen to.

Him that tells you “yes but” or whatever excuse, and you know this is not you  but him that turned away from g-d too, who is blinded and in whom you trusted.

For the first time in history you can make a real choice, but do it now, and hold on to it with all your might, truth will set you free.



Moshiya van den Broek