107. Secret ciphers & language

Now that you have gained some insight into the tree and a little in how it works I will be able to show you some of the basic ones used by those who were familiar with the hidden knowledge.


You can look at the square below and continue counting so from 9 to 1 again which will then become 10.
And the following round 19 then 28 and 37, with the 2 the same. The next would be 11 etc.

You will find this kind of code work often in Masonic and Madame Blavatsky’s work.

Now if you take 31,25 and use the square to draw it you will get a T
And if you do it with 52,36 a reversed U
And with the 56,25 you will get a triangle.

Several secret languages were derived from these magic squares and cubes
As you did see with the mirror of PI.

These mirrors reveal even more, let’s have a look at 1152 and 1125
360/1125=32 while 360/1152=0,3125 the sum of 304803 3/4/8/3=0.3125
the difference between the two is 0.75 (0.75×0.75=0.5625)
but then 32 path remember? This is where the raven is let go and 33 is Daath
the mystical Daath of the Kabbalah(32 x 36=1152).

Now take any number, divide it by 32 and then divide the outcome with 31,25
31416/32=981,75 98,175/31,25=3,1416
by the way 981,75 x 4= 3927 the books of the bible x 33.

You might also recall dividing 1 by 7 etc.
4 divided by 7=0,57142857142
5 divided by 7=0,71428571428

1+2+3+4+5+6=21 while the sum of all divided is 299999999997
let’s see, 5/7=0,71428571428 now let’s mirror the sum, 7 divided by 0,71428571428 =0,98 (6,86/7=0,98)
4/7=0,571428571428 32 path’s + 4/7=32,057142857142 x 0,98 = 3,14159….



Moshiya van den Broek