106. Evolution/Revolution is Creational Evidence

There are big debates going on with both sides offering large sums of money to prove either creation or evolution. People like Dr Hovind’s $ 250,000 offer and a million dollars from James  Randi. But you can find many of these on the internet about both sides of the camp. While I would like to say there is far better use for that money with so many in need. But let’s look at it a little closer.

Evolutionists read the biblical account at face value, and therefore ask questions to prove the Bible wrong such as, how can all those animals fit in the ark of Noah? If they read the bible at all. Creationists seek material proof too, they even go as far as mount Ararat to find the Ark, but do not read evolutional material.

Both are not open to the full truth but only seek proof of how they see it.

I will not go into all the points both give to disprove or prove as you will be able to find many articles on the net. If only they would join in their effort, then it would surely lead to the science of g-d. First of all, in order to join their effort they would need to put aside their self created ideas and that alone would already open a door for them.

If you have really taken the time to read and study the articles with your heart as described elsewhere in the articles, you will have become aware that there is a sort of order in the Bible. You will have become aware of a cyclic movement “ YES” the headline “ E+R=C e-volution and re-volution is created to grow in conscious awareness.

The events that lead to the disappearance of the one and appearance of the other. These shifts that took place are often only looked at from a single angle and they do not realize that the cause lies not in what is used or has been instrumental in such situation such as a comet or flood.

As this would be like blaming the hand for taking something out of the jar, you will also have noticed how easy it is to fall back into old habits and forget the things you must have come to realize through reading the articles, because language turned out not man-created but given, that your so called great discoveries were given, that coincidence exists only to the blind, that the great big story lines in history repeat themselves, that all that happens to you has purpose even though you are not always aware of it, it is all part of the grand plan!

I have made you somewhat familiar with the first language “ numbers”. And when you see letters as its expression into this world then when I mention that there are vowels and consonants then you might already start to hear a bell ringing, the consonants can not be pronounced, it needs the assistance of the vowels to form words, vowels are like the hands into this world. But then there must be something similar with numbers………….. indeed .

What do you remember about numbers? The zero was not really a number was it? And there was also something with the other numbers as well, wasn’t there? They always ended up in a particular order.

And then you also have this 369 and the others 1 2 4 5 7 8

Which switch places when divided 1/7, 2/7 etc. 0,142857.

And then there is that story about the letters, and it did not start with a A but with the B, and as you can read in the sepher Yatzira that there are three which are mothers A, M, SH and seven are double.


And then there are 12 single E, V, Z, CH, H, I, L, N, S, O, TZ, Q (water).

Or in other words the 12 disciples. From the primitive water he took his 12 disciples, because spirit was first among them.


Ponder on this: from spirit he made air and formed for speech the 22 letters. Holy spirit is his voice, His spirit, and his word.

The wind, the air,try to pronounce each series, the mothers, the air and the water. When you pronounce them(original Hebrew) pay attention to your breath, some will make it flow, others are more guttural, some can not be pronounced without the help of another letter like B, but you say BE.

And from the void he made earth.

And at the end I come and collect, the children of god “ bnj h,lhjm “.

2+50+10+5+1+30++5+10+40= 153 was he not the fisher of man? From the water he took them, the 12 single ones, the apostles and Christ. Or in other words the Holy spirit, His voice!

And there were 12 extra baskets of bread from the five barley loaves.

12+5=17 it represents the gifts of the old and new Covenant, the Ten commandments and the sevenfold spirit. The triangular of 17 is 153.

How unique this number is? It is the sum of the cubes of its own digits.

1x1x1 +5x5x5 +3x3x3=153 in Hebrew gematria of “ the sons of god” is 153.



Moshiya van den Broek