105. A star is born

Having shown you several ways to establish the correct value of the kings ell, royal cubit and the cubit of Noah and several ways as to establish the circumference of the star of Bethlehem, also known as the holy grail or tree in the middle of the garden, I would like to give you more, which will without a shadow of a doubt prove to you this is truly the secret so long sought after.

Noah stayed in the ark for 370 days, a day is 24 hours therefore 370 x 24 = 888. In the original Greek language Revelations has 888 words.

There were 8 people on the ark.

Circumcision is done on the eight day on a Jewish boy.

On the eighth day Jesus arose from his tomb.

The value of the word truth is 64 which is 2 x 32(there are 32 paths on the tree but there are 2 trees) and it is also 8 x 8.

And the spirit came down on the eight day.

Now let’s look at the numbers adding them up, 1+2+3+4…16+17 = 153

A familiar number isn’t it? 153 fishes, and 17 as you will remember is the 1 and 7 but I will not go into detail here because you can find this in the other articles. So 153 is another special number. Let’s count, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8………….. 150+151+152+153 = 11781 which is half the ark of Noah 23562.

Remember hydrogen? And a number associated to it 2701, let’s count again 1+2+3+4+5………70+71+72+73 = 2701 (73 is a mirror of 37)

While 1+2+3+4+5……36+37 = 703 and up to 36 is 666.

In the previous article I mentioned 45 with the 9 in the middle (495)

As being the highest 1+2+3+4+5…….98+99 = 495.

You will also find the number 132 and 132 x 24 = 3168.


According to Chinese tradition it is necessary to walk for 108000 li in order to reach wisdom(now you know that the radius of the earth is given as 108, 108000 Li x 576 (the 8 in degrees) is 62208 km a LI is 576 meters.

If you looked at the 360 calendar you will see there are 6 years and after 6 years you need to add one leap month. The one and six or 16.

As 9 is the highest number we can divide 9 by 16 and you get 0,5625 or the kings ell.

And mentioned several times in the articles, the value of Amen is 99

And 99 divided by the royal cubit 31,25 = 31680.

The 5 and 6 star make 7 or 99 divided by 756 is 01309 another one that you should have remembered, half the golden ratio.

And if the 2 is turned to the 5 then 25 becomes 55 or 10

55 x 576 = 316800000.

What I am going to do, is to bring you in contact with a way of thinking that has always existed but which in the present moment is suppressed. As mankind is so much focused to outer appearances, when they see a tree, they are interested as to which group does it belong, or what economical or agricultural value it has, but no further, not realizing anymore. They have lost the insight that this tree is an expression of something that exists elsewhere. But I should not point, as elsewhere is everywhere. In truth the tree fills the whole universe, like a flower. That a flower has 6 petals and another 5 is not as most will say a coincidence or to have variation.

Mankind has lost contact with the essence, sometimes there are people who imagine that they have contact with the essence, and there are some who have, but for the world as a whole it has been lost.

This knowing is lost. The connection between the other world and the world of outer appearances needs to be re-established. Maybe the fact that you are reading this (to you maybe called coincidence) is because the essence in you is attracted to it, something you are not aware of yet. When you read the articles this contact can and will be renewed, you will notice that something tells you you already knew. It is somewhat familiar, only surprising in the sense that it can be brought back alive again(if it isn’t in you it cannot be brought back to life). But it is in mankind, mankind is millions of years old, in fact he is outside of time, time is one of the possibilities to express oneself. But how do we establish this contact? How do we bring it to life?

When we talk about things we use language, but language has become something external, something handy to communicate and as productive as possible. Being a silently accepted computer you learn a language to go on holiday, do business or order something, and find this fantastic. But you do not realize that there is far more in language, just like the tree, far more essential, language is not constructed just like that by our ancestors while we think we become more clever the closer we reach this time and because we stand at the end, all before were less. Language is no coincidence, you could say that there is a world where there is the word. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with g-d. Joh. 1.1.

And the word becomes flesh, becomes form, the word takes on variations, different expressions, like a tree, flower and colour. So there is a world where words rule the word, this is a bridge that is with g-d. And the word becomes flesh and I do not mean the flesh that you buy at the butcher, but all that is an expression of what is with g-d, that is why in Hebrew the word for flesh is synonymous with that of message. The root of the word flesh and message is the same, that what appears as flesh therefore is a message, a conversation which we are aware of through our senses, we hear, see and feel.

You are more or less familiar that there is also something with numbers, prime numbers etc., but here too in this time they are only used to do little tricks and as a tool to get high enough in society or earn a living to pay bills and or impress others, and we use them to express the elements in combination with letters, the atomic weight etc. But in truth it leads to much of the unhappiness you see today. There is something with those who have difficulties with numbers or words, a sort of resistance to the injustice done to numbers or words. If you discover that there is something hidden in numbers then it can make you happier than all those material things such as money and all that you get with it.

I have and will continue to show you and make you familiar with the roots of language and numbers that are here on earth as they are in heaven, the wonders that are in them and reached through them .

It may come as a surprise to you, but to tell you, the word tell does come from the word tellen or count, and a book in Hebrew is called sepher, from which the word cijfer or number originates (sin-fee-resh).

Sometimes you need to use a lot of words to clarify something, then there is the listener who does so with sympathy or antipathy, one will like it the other not, while both might not fully understand, this is because they do not have the connection with the essence of it anymore.

Disconnected with it. Interpretation ! If I wish to clarify, then I have to define as clear as possible, the same as they do with the laws, in order to know what was meant by that law, they wrote whole libraries full of text that leads to the ability to play with it. In natural science you try to formulate too, the shorter you do it the more clear it is. Many words often means you are not sure, if you wish to express exactly you will formulate relationships such as H2O which is clearer than river, sea etc. It is short and not easy to misinterpret, there is still a H and O, but more defined. Just think of computers, all is done in numbers, and relationships between them, and see how fast it is and what they can do with it. They use the computer to analyze everything as if the world is a world of relationships between things. Or what about GPS, numbers that pinpoint, it is not strange that we have developed computers now or calculators, statistics which enables them to see that there is a hidden code, number crunching. But the true hidden code they cannot find because they only know the outer meaning they have given to numbers or words.

The Hebrew language is called Ibri which comes from eber, meaning from the other side, and it does not mean from the other side of the Euphraat or Tigris as historians would like you to believe. No, it is not of this world but came to this world.

Talking about history, this too is cyclic and repeats itself  in a larger scale and on a smaller scale. But this time round it is different, this time you are able to alter the outcome, unlike before where an old one ended and a new one began all according the grand plan.

But be careful, the golden calf has the same value as a circle, focusing on what is to come means you are not in the here and right now. If you were, you would not worry, you would always be right there where you should be in each and every moment.



Moshiya van den Broek