6. Fear, desire and suffering

Fear is born through ignorance.
Desire is born of feeling, through senses that search contact in the outer world.

When fear is overcome by knowing, desire will be purified and devine love in all its fullness will be experienced. The waves will come to a rest and the deepest place will reflect the highest.

The star of David
You will probably wonder why I write this here, but it will be clarified when you have read the following.
You will remember that I told you that I will always refer to what is written previously to keep making the necessary connections for you to get a bigger picture.
When you look closely you will see 2 triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down.
See the upper one, that points up, as the Trinity and the lower one as a mirror of the upper one.
Count the angles or changes in the direction of the downward pointing triangle, each point a change of degree, there are 5.

2 and 5 = 7

Three colours of light are needed to create white light and there are five more ( this would be enough information for the moment) but these three form five (senses) colours.

Now we arrive at the 8 which I didn’t mention yet. When you look at the whole picture, like in the image of the Star of Beth-Le-Hem, you will indeed see the 8 as its whole.
If you then look at it on its side, you will see the symbol for eternal movement, the Greek symbol of eternity.

Moshiya van den Broek