104. The truth is, no discovery can be intellectual property


The truth is that truth cannot be intellectual property, any so called (spiritual)researcher who wishes to patent or charge money for his finding or service has found his true ego but nothing meaningful to truth itself. Truth is being one with all, not to be disconnected from all or connected to a single individual, because the only thing man can do is RE-discover what was already there. But if anyone wishes to give in thankfulness for what was passed on of the beauty of g-d is spiritually more enriched than the spiritual researcher who asks money for his service. For his service of giving is his payment to g-d in thankfulness for getting the highest good.

So not in his asking but in his giving lies the opportunity for you to express your thankfulness through him to g-d, and through you in sharing it with others.

During the last couple of years I have contacted several researchers who have found part of the great truth, a bit like pieces of a puzzle, but none of them were open to the findings of the others which would complement each other. This is clearly due to the blinding ego who wishes to be the intellectual owner, strangely while each of them clearly pretend to be believers of a creator. When all is created then all was already given, there cannot be any pride and they should realize that g-d would plan it in such way that it would bring man together, he would ensure that the whole truth would be kept too high for ego to get a hold of, The truth will set you free, free from ego, free from selfishness, free from anything that would block you from seeing it all. All this for those whose believe has the size of a mustard seed, it is said that to them all will be given (this means to become consciously aware of, and to know g-d).

As you will remember I spoke of the 1 being divided by 7 giving 0,142857….. and also about the outer skin of the thorus, let us now look at the number 9 which is the highest number, (the zero itself is not a number at all) but before I go deeper let us first look at the tables.


If you multiply the cubit and add them up you will get

7,5,3,1,8,6,4,2 or the same order as the table of 7.

5+2+3+6 2x 5236=10472 = 1+0+4+7+2 etc.

If you take the kings ell and multiply it and add them up you will get


5+6+2+5 2 x5625=1125 = 1+1+2+5=9

If you take the royal cubit 3125 and multiply it and add up you will get

2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7,9 the table to 2.

Now if I would say that the ark of Noah was made of light 7
And the ark of covenant contains everything 9
And the royal cubit that comes from the Torah god and creation
Or male and female 2

But the ark 45 cubit is 9 but 45×5239=23562 and 2+3+5+6+2=18
One and eight. And the Chinese sign for ship comes from “a vehicle containing eight”.
Yes the light created, but let’s look a bit further there are two eights
If you still remember one of good and one of evil 88 or 8+8=16
16 like nine is in the second stage split up 18(9) 16=(7)
So let’s divide this 9 by 16 what do you get? 0,5625 indeed the kings ell.

And these 2 on the 88 one good one evil or 288( half the big 8 of 576)
9 divided by 288 is 00,3125 the royal cubit.
So the created is in 6 days and this one 16 which makes 7
But the light is not yet awoken within 1(7)6 176 1+7+6=5
88 divided by 176= 0,5 or half the 1(0)
And 99 divided by 176=5625 the kings ell again.

But remember Jesus or lord Jesus Christ? His number was 3168
As you will remember from previous articles
Divide 99 by this number 3125 the royal ell then his son will be born
99/3168= 0031,25.
And 31+68=99 while 31+25=56(the star of Bethlehem)
And 56+25 is 81 the mirror of 18(the one on the left or right)

Do you start to see a story line here? The creational order is hidden in these numbers and eventually translated in words to which mankind has built images in His liking.

Now the Torah has this 31,25 in it and 66 books when completed they turn 99 as far as you can get,  then the son is born. And I told you before that you only needed to go halfway 49,5 (1584)x7=11088)
45 with the 9 in the middle, ponder on these for a while.
The ark was 50 high, a black bird and a white bird, the opening or window was one cubit white and black, two mirrors of each other.
A 5 and a 2. 52 and 25 is 77 while 5+2+5+2=14(1+4=5) and 14 is twice 7
As is 5+2 and 2+5. 2×5=10 KING and CROWN.
7×7=49 king Alpha number 1 and the crown Omega.

4+9=13 another half way 26 generations(plus one) 2+6 is 8
8+1=9 or 1309(half golden ratio 2618) or right in the heart.
But 26 plus one is 27 or 2+7=9 and 27 plus 72 is 99
While 26 plus 62 makes 88. It is that very one that can make a difference. It is when the two come together heaven and earth.
Male and female, when the 2 turns to join the 5 to become 1.
If not then the one is on the wrong side and the 5 becomes a 4.
15 or 51, still inside the story 66 15+51=66 while 51-15=36
On the cycle again each a separate way. The 5 and 5 join but the one and one(the 2) each its way onto the circle of 8. one on the minus
15-51=-36 and 51 minus 15 is +36.

But still a closer look 49 divided by 3125= 1568 the star of Bethlehem
Stands between the one and eight 49×3125=153125
The 15 is the lower cycle as you know the lower one that contains the 5 pointed star and 3125 the trinity the 1 and 2 and 5. The 2 and 5 or 25 is also to be seen as the snake(place them on top of each other and you will see that they then look like a snake each pointing the other way.

The root of 5625 is 75 the cause and 25 the effect to make a whole.

31+25 =56 56+25=81 the cycle and 1 on the right side, and 81 minus 56 is 25.

You can remember being said there were 32 paths. Divide and number by 32 576 divided by 32 is 18 then divide 18 by 31,25 and you get 0,576. Multiply 576 by 32 and you get 18432, then multiply by 31,25 and you get 576000. But look here you have the 5 and 6 again with the 7 in the middle heaven and earth and the light. And as 576 is the circumference in degrees of the 8 5+7+6=18 the whole story fits within.

The ark of covenant contains the light and the snake is left outside(25)
It was the 5 that created its image (mirror image) and before all this he was 1 with g-d( the holy Om), the O was with g-d, out of him a rib(half a circle or the Zero) it came and he made of Adam a woman.

This rib is the bit that makes the half circle a 5 while the other has it below in mirror it makes the 2. A point, the iota and the O was with g-d, a point that is everything within, the point in the middle of the garden the point that is the tree in the middle of that garden, the tree with all its knowledge, god sent him out of the garden with all its light, scattered in light and soul to be gathered/harvested again.
When his eye opened he spread the light(his inner eye). As light through his material part of the cycle feeds darkness again, he builds his garden again by spreading the light, in the material phase the light is blocked within, merely its faint glow radiates out, discoloured by separateness,

fear for the unknown which makes love conditional while in knowing lies no fear and can love flow freely.

A black hole is the mother of light through which light comes into the world. The force of gravity happens by passing through and creates the boundary that is made so it can reach no further by the bending of light into different colours, light by the current returns to itself.

But the light you see is not the light of which I speak, you only see its reflections,
which make dark like all colours of paint make black. Focusing upon them without knowing makes you one with the outside of it, it makes you attached with it, know thyself ( not its attachments with what it has experienced, which by not knowing seeks to recreate for itself of itself).

Know thyself not as a personality, not as…but through it.



Moshiya van den Broek