102. The significance of the discovery

The knowledge it will bring to humanity is far beyond your wildest dreams, it will change mathematics, science, biology, medicine, genetics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and computer science.

It will give free energy, solve the riddles science has been looking for.

It is the full blueprint of the universe, it enables you to know past, present and future, to tap into  the continuous energy of creation and recreation. It reveals the so called dark matter science has been unable to find, become real co-creators. The underpinning geometry of the universe. It will give humankind a new propulsion system that will enable intergalactic travel. It is the fountain of life, the philosopher stone, the holy grail, the ark of covenant.

It is truly able to decode the entire universe from quantum level to galaxies, explain black holes/ white holes, cure all illnesses, replace the conventional combustion engine, alternating current, conventional computer compression schemes, communication, airplanes, chemical approaches to medical treatment, mankind himself.

It reveals the secrets of DNA. This structure or blueprint of the universe, the fabric of time itself will enable mankind to make a shift unlike ever before.

N. Tesla knew some of it and his power grid which remained a secret will be child’s play, reactionless drives that are unaffected by weight will stop pollution, it will solve all present problems.

While they are still at a rudimentary stage of development with a thorus based setup which already shows a 60% increase of magnetic output compared to present day standard wound electrical coils because it hints at revealing the natural pathway that electricity wants to take without forcing it, scientifically known as the longest mean free pathway of least resistance pointing to the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron. This has led to insights to incorporate a crucial gap space that creates underpinning nested vortices that are responsible for super-efficiency, and the ability to create microprocessor electrical circuitry in which conductors touch, yet do not short circuit as it creates a natural wall of insulation without requiring any special materials. This natural insulating wall is created by the harmonic phasing activation sequence of the electricity. But true optimizing and full control can only be reached when the whole inner properties are known to them, not the outer skin of the thorus alone. They speak of a perfect mathematical coherence on all six axes and it is not only three dimensional but actually higher omni fourth dimensional and it would enable them to navigate on all axes and thus resolving the obstacles to creating artificial intelligence by being able to compute multi-dimensionally. They also add a new factor of polarity to the binary code by using a binary triplet which is based on the fact that all numbers begin and end at a point and would enable them to map the process through the event horizon of the thorus and into the vortex – well singularity where it inverts. No mathematics can calculate while inverting, as all existing branches of mathematics self-destruct before emerging on the other side of the thorus. The only math that will be able to is the math that I am making you aware of in the articles .

You will come to realize that as I said before the first language is the language of numbers, and this is what is all hidden in the text of for instance the Bible.


The question whether numbers are man-made or based in nature, will with this be answered by the simple fact of this creator-math leading to the correct solutions. This so called vortex based mathematics harnesses the secret of the upright vertical axis by aiming all of the numbered quantum tiles over the thorus surface topology at a single point in the centre. This is based on proof that the numbers are stationary vector interstices resulting from positive emanations. These positive emanations have been postulated and conjectured to exist, but have never been observed. They are linear, do not bend, and travel in a straight line, forming linear radial spokes along the Z-axis of the thorus.


Therefore, due to the pattern, it makes the Heisenberg uncertainty principle absolute which stated that you cannot know the future position of an electron even if you know its past and present position, because one position affects the other by your way of knowing it. The only way scientists can model an atom is to observe it, invasively through an electron microscope, but this causes the electrons to absorb the light and jump the valance ring and you’ve just deflected and contaminated it.

With the pattern an electron is observed not with light but by the numeral matrix and so nothing is contaminated, and so you become capable of determining the electron moment in all frames of reference.

In one of the articles I talk about a black hole, in where lies the secret of creation, where I did explain it is an instrument that reprocesses matter to light. Do you recognize in these things the spiritual principles?

The process of evolution, the stretching of time that enables you to become conscious? That matter bends of light so you can come to know each colour? And the principle of god being able to see, to be able to say be in it but not of it? To see everything? That matter itself is like a miniature black hole, a vortex? And by the internal clock(the star of Bethlehem) it runs its course and works like a switch leading it through the whole process/cycles until personal awareness becomes total self-awareness or unity with god?

A black hole is the negative vortex where everything implodes, swirled and compressed until it reaches the inner diameter(the all seeing eye of the star of Bethlehem) where it is processed to the singularity and according its level ejected at the bottom, recycled! This passing through from black to white into the colours of the rainbow is the source of gravity of all motion and of time.

It is what causes everything to warp and spin. From the smallest to the biggest.

When for instance an old dead star or planet is shot out of a white hole(or white side of the structure) it becomes a hot gaseous stream of inter-nebular matter and when it reaches the ring or disc that lies around the thorus/star of Bethlehem it cools and amalgamates, forming new stars and planets all over again, yes we are the sum of all that was before!

Herein lies the principle of rebirth. Through time you have the opportunity to learn to see cause and effect, at first so far stretched that you could not see the wires that lead to effect and step by step you come to see that you can create and do create your own future, at first lead by this negative force and eventually by positive where you eventually will be outside time itself. Your own flex capacitor, your own”” back to the future””, leading or be led.

Creating the garden again. As time will be no more, creation will be instantly, to you a 1000 years may pass but to Him who said let there be light it was a day.

Today, no one is able to pinpoint a location in space accurately, for example, once a spacecraft gets close to its destination, the technicians are forced to incorporate a correcting calculation and then reset the direction of the craft. With this knowledge of thorus math you can accurately pinpoint any direction in the universe and calculate a trajectory that always pinpoints a spacecraft’s position at all times, even jump, yes it is your real star gate.

This thorus principle with its inner structure is like your eardrum but perfect in hearing, tests with a thorus based coil have shown to be 60% more sensitive than any present existing antenna.

So not only does he see all, he hears all too.

DNA is thought to be a double helix with a displacement called the major groove nestled inside it. This displacement is critical to the field of medicine. Genetic scientists believe the major groove is hollow. However the structure reveals mathematically that the major groove nested inside the double helix of DNA is not hollow but occupied by a morphogenetic field or bio etheric template. The mathematical pattern is based on the 3,9,6 which I showed you in other articles.

More on this in the next article.



Moshiya van den Broek