101. Prisoner of the mind

This is the title of a little book I wrote several years ago, it was still during the period where it was not clear yet and far more a feeling than a knowing. There were still filters that blocked the knowledge hidden in the depth of being. Each time discovering the need to let go. In order to be able to let go you need to realize you were holding on, logical you will say, but believe me when I say this is no easy task.
Every day I hear someone say, I know, every day I hear people speak and use words which have lost their true meaning, and I do not just mean words like love, no nearly all words, how can that be? If you say the word Beth which means house in the right way you would be able to see your face appear on an oscilloscope, in other words ,words are vibrations/frequencies, a combination of vibrations/frequencies which are empowered with intent, and so karmically loaded if not from the heart. When you look at the state of affairs in the world today it will become clear how and what causes this. Emotions can only exist because there is impurity, just consider what drives many things you say and do, fear, jealousy, desire etc. You might not always realize the intent behind your responses, actions  and words, in fact unless you can rise above the lower mind which is mainly based on earthly experiences much will be karmically charged. Karma is more than cause and effect, it is more like a rectification, a law that ensures that what is to left will be steered to the right and vice versa to come into balance, it is the perfect teaching tool. A good reminder to practice to be thoughtful with the use of words and not to curse.

I will again explain to you how to read the articles. The judge of what you read is limited in knowledge, that is not to say that truth is not in you but the truth in you is not able to recognize the truth in what you read, it merely recognizes what it thinks it knows on lower mind level.

This does not mean that you are asked to blindly trust what is said! But only while reading it, in fact the intent is for your inner truth to learn to see through these filters by silencing the mind who wishes to interpret everything by its own limited insights (to be open means that the answer is able to recognize the question, and the question to be able to recognize the answer). You will have experienced not being able to remember somebody’s name and try to recall it, you do not know where or how it is stored in your memory, but suddenly when you are not actively thinking about it anymore it appears out of the blue. In a similar way but beyond the lower mind a greater truth can be reached if you open your heart and let a compassioned love flow in thankfulness. In such heart there is no room left for impurity, no room for judgment which in turn acts as a blockage for truth to find of itself.

You might recall having been explained alike seek alike, the discoloured light of fear can only recognize of its own colour. Yes you will say, but remember this is also for what you consider to be positive, good intent which is not based on truth but on what the mind considers to be true based on limited insights. It is just as blinding as the negative . Look and listen with your heart !

I like to add something here that should be read with the article blueprint of creation, where we were talking about hydrogen and the number related to light 37.

18 is a number you know that has to do with the 576 or star of Bethlehem just as its reverse 81, 18 times 37=666
While 81 times 37 is 2997 where 2997… is the speed of light(m/s).
And the famous Platonic number 216 times the reverse of 37.
In other words 73 = 7992 the reverse of the speed of light.

And the speed of light 2997 divided by the ark of 45 is 666
While the reverse 7992 divided by 8 is 999 or 12 x 666

And as you have seen the measure of hydrogen 1665
Is also 999 + 666=1665 which again is 45 x 37.

You might have noticed that the outer numbers such as the 1 and 5 of
The 1665 also make a 6 again and with the speed of light the 2 and 7
Of the 2997 also make a 9 again. And remember the mirror of 36?
63 x 2997=188811.

Refraction happens when light moves through an object be it air, water, glass etc., in other words it bends light. In a black hole it becomes a singularity and from the white hole variation again, life giving. From light to matter and from matter to light .

Matter is negative charged neutrons which are connected to a negative electron magnetic enclosure. A photon of light is a unit in the shape of a pyramid and move in pairs, as they both contain a unit of energy at opposite ends overlapping each other and causing a sort of separator.
And kept in the enclosure, they appear out of phase magnetically of each other. They move in a sinusoidal way and reverse their field inside out every cycle, so it takes 4 pi to complete a cycle instead of 2 pi for a standard Sin wave. The continual double helix reversing of pairs ensures that a light ray cannot be deflected electrically and forms a micro energy tunnel. A photon splits into an electron and positron pair.

Seen here, the difference between a proton and electron is in polarity.
Either attracted to points or base. Both free electrons and protons can move at the speed of light through a magnetized space but once an electron becomes attached to a negative neutron(matter stuff) to form part of its enclosure it is limited to the speed of that neutron.

Quantum field theory and quantum electro-dynamics have for some time been investigating the exchange of energy from electrons to photons and back to electrons and have detailed the experimental evidence in articles on electron–photon renormalization. These articles confirm that the light(energy) is able to pair in two different ways either point to point or base to base and form a spinning electron enclosure.

Some of you will be familiar with the double slit experiment which was originally performed on light by Young in 1805, but has been repeated by Hitachi engineers with both free electron pairs and a nuclei inside an electron enclosure and obtained the same interference fringes. This is yet another indicator that both light and electrons contain two halves of a pair, allowing half of the pair to go through the other slit thus confirming the similarities between electron and photon pairs.

The deeper you delve into the smallest atom, the more you discover that all energy movements are associated with electrical charges immersed within a negative magnetic-flux (electron) enclosure.

As you know all that is matter is constructed from atoms that only have a protons/neutrons nucleus surrounded by their attendant negative electrons. The electron enclosure material can be touched by you without getting a shock. In fact the outside of molecules of the solids and liquids are all touching together at the full negative ground. You live in a totally negatively charged environment because even gas molecules are all contained in touchable negative enclosures. Matter is made of electrically charged stuff, the negative outside of which you can feel for texture and density. You cannot touch the protons as they are enclosed and would electrocute you by annihilation, only the negative charge neutrons that are attached to the electron enclosure are accessible to you. There is nothing in a molecule of durable material except electric charge. Matter is 100% energy in the pattern of 32 paths.

Stars on the other hand are the exact opposite to for instance planets as they give away energy or electrically positive. They have externally positive environments with similar identifiable nuclei to planets for instance but are surrounded by positron enclosures instead of electrons. The border between the positive and negative environments is found in the Jeurgens double layer on the star’s surface.

Important is to realize here that the left field overruns the right by ratio phi.

The giving and receiving connection between the star/sun and its planets. But on this subject I will write a separate article.



Moshiya van den Broek