100. The blueprint of creation

With all the background information through all the articles it is time to start fitting it all together so the whole picture becomes more clear to you.

Before I start with THE BEGINNING you need to remember that Hebrew is written from right to left. At the same time I will show you both angles, that of creationist & evolutionist. Those in the camp of creation say, in accordance with the bible: in the beginning g-d created the heavens and the earth, to which evolutionists will say, nonsense! In the beginning, the big bang created stars and planets. Creationists believe in a Universal G-d, the master builder, the Architect of the Universe and life, while evolutionists believe that life evolved after planets were formed billions of years after stars originated from the big bang.

It is thought that hydrogen and helium atoms from the subatomic particles, produced after the big bang, coalesced millions of years later, due to attractive forces to form stars. Nuclear reactions within them brought about the birth of other different atoms of the chemical elements. The explosion of a sun on its death spews out atoms(star dust), which later unite to form planets.

Hydrogen then was the first manifestation of matter and can be seen as giving birth to all other chemical elements(atoms) such as oxygen, carbon gold, iron etc.

Hydrogen as you know is highly explosive, and suns were formed by the aggregation of hydrogen.  You will be familiar with ancients who worshipped the sun god, and that after death they would go on a spiritual journey to become a star. Also keep in mind here that the word enlightenment and Moses who emanated light when he came down the mountain has its relationship here as you will come to see.

Now does hydrogen have anything to connect it to the creator? It would have to have or carry something of the knowledge and memory of him.

Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant chemical element in the universe and the key ingredient of stars, while here on earth it is mostly combined with another element, oxygen, in water.


A hydrogen contains one proton in its nucleus and one electron that moves in its orbit(as can be seen in this image.)


This diagram shows you two joined atoms of hydrogen, and here it should start to become familiar to you, at least the shape with its vesica piscis.

Now let us look at the creational side(from right to left as you will remember, I will also add the numeral value to each.
Earth the and heavens the god created beginning the in.
296 407 395 401 86 203 913
or in the beginning created god the heavens and the earth.
The numeral value adds up to 2701. These are the first 7 words in the bible, and this number 2701(and its mirror image) can be found in the hydrogen atom also. The length of the vesica piscis arc is 2701.

Now you will remember that I did explain to you the number 7, that which is the seven rays of light and 17 ,the one and seven,

The number 17 is also assigned to the Mayan god C’haban, he who transforms from human to a god when he shakes off the ash clinging to him from the material world. Now read a little back again where is spoke of enlightenment and Moses on the mountain, it should become obvious that this 17 is related to light, as a definite indication of spiritual perfection, a purification of the soul.

So let’s have a closer look at light here for a moment,
I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a token of the covenant between me and the earth.

There are seven colours which combine to make white light, these seven colours are called the spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or sometimes called violet, and the seventh colour is a dark blue which comes between light blue and violet, it is called Indigo. So 7, in Hebrew g-d or creator “CW” which adds up to 37 in value whilst ”the g-d of the g-ds” Hebrew: nidl’didl’ has a value of 137, this number 137 depicts white light(1), its 3 primary colours, red green and blue, and its 7 spectrum colours.

37 also depicts the same, the 3 in 1 principle, like the three primary colours in invisible light, invisible light also contains another four colours which add to seven, there are also lower 3 states of consciousness and 3+1 hidden states of human consciousness which are firstly transitional and lead to the second one, spiritual, through which he is connected to all souls, then the mind gets connected to everything in the universe, thirdly is unity consciousness when you and g-d consciousness become one.

So 37, the light sent out and its reflection 73 or 37 x 73 makes 2701. The vesica piscis, the eye in the centre. Now let’s look at this image here and see that when the three primary colours red, green and blue are mixed, the result will be a further three different colours which are referred to as secondary ones, and it will be evident that 3 primary and 3 secondary make the 1 invisible light.


So 331 is related to light 3+3+1=7.

Now let’s look at revelations chapter 1 verses 15-16 you can read that ”in the midst of the 7 candlesticks one like unto the son of man…. and he had in his right hand 7 stars: and out of his mouth went a 2 edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shined in his strength”. Here we have the 2 and 7 or 27,  by the way you will find the number 7 137 times in revelation, and
there are 22 chapters in this book.

But back to this 331, is there a relation to the hydrogen atom? Yes there is indeed, two scientific measurements associated with hydrogen are its atomic radius of 0,12 nanometre and its covalent one of 0,037nm. By the two hydrogen atoms joined when* C is the centre of the atom then its covalent radius is 165,5 which is half 331, while the atomic radius is 537.
( *C in the next diagram)
The diameter of a single hydrogen atom = 1074
The length of two separate hydrogen atoms = 2148
Combined atoms, length = 1045 (537+537+331
Contraction = 2148 – 1045= 743 and that is the very height of the vesica piscis(71 x71=5041).

1072 and 2701 its reflection, 72 being the solar count, times 11 is 7920 “the diameter of the earth and its mirror image 0297 divided by its mirror image 27 both are 11( 17 x 71=1207).

The same for this 743 and its mirror image 347 which depicts the invisible light 3 primary rays, (red, green, blue) plus the 4 subsidiary rays(yellow, orange, indigo, violet) totals 7
and 347 x the solar factor (72) is 249840 miles which is the distance between earth and moon.


Now C&E are the centres of the two hydrogen atoms
the vesica piscis XMBYFN conceals two divine crosses
AC = atomic radius=537
CD = covalent radius =165,5
72 is the factor which converts mile measurements into micro and macrocosms(atoms, stars & planets) into divine simple numbers.
4 is the number of the soul, 5 is that of consciousness(art. entering the ark and leaving the ark)  then we have the earth which number is 11 and 11 is 4 ,22, one material earth and one spiritual . 22/7
A day is 24 hours 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds, the sun has a diameter of 864000 miles, Pluto’s 1440 miles, the moon has a diameter of 2160 miles divided by solar factor 720 is 3, chevron 720 miles which is one,  the sun is 12 or 3 and the distance is 13 or 4 and the moon is 347 or 5.
The measurements you make are correct as far as your normal perception is concerned, but are distorted and apparent, which by experiments in the quantum world are confirmed. Look at this picture, here the fish is not where you see it.


But let’s go back to the beginning again, the sun has a south and north pole and its field can be seen as that of the Thorus seen here.


The sun right there in its centre and when you slice the Thorus right down the middle you have the star of Bethlehem, or the double hydrogen shown previously. This creates two axes one horizontal one vertical. This is also the shape of our galaxy with the so called central sun. A black hole, light entering at one side, matter at the other side. And matter into one side and light from the other. Hydrogen switching between matter and light, unity by fire. The divine spark. And god said let there be light, sound or word or vibration/frequency sets alight.


You can look it up on the internet, son luminescence.
A molecule of water consists of two different atoms, two of hydrogen and one of oxygen, hence its formula is H20.

The building blocks of human’s normal reality depend upon the different atoms of the chemical elements like hydrogen, oxygen, silver, gold etc.

Light enables you to view objects around you, in fact the sevens can only be seen by another 7, light is required to view the objects of creation.
If you go back to Plato’s cave and ponder a while on what I said in that article, that your inner light is discoloured by impurity and has the drive to seek of itself, yet only recognizes in the discoloration of itself.



Moshiya van den Broek