99. A tool to experience the astral plane consciously

When through reading the articles and recognizing it within yourselves by the practise of discovering the cause of personality, and the adding to blindness insight, you will be ready for another tool that will strengthen both your will and mind in the knowledge that there is life after death.

You will by first-hand experience find out that you are able to see and hear without the physical body.

Important at this stage is patience, if you have, then this experience will strengthen your faith far enough to move to the next level.

It is not the intention at this stage to explore the astral realm but just experience the ability/realization that this body is indeed no more than a piece of clothing to experience this world and not a necessity to hear and see.

If you were to continue the experience in the astral realm without the right knowledge of this realm then you will be as lost as you were in this world.
You will judge by your present understanding and therefore not evolve.

Understand also that this condition of being judgemental is far more complex than you think. Even the words you use by speech and thought and which with you connect to every image you see, are all influenced by the preconditioning of your earth life experiences.

If you do not follow these issues mentioned here, and consider exploring on your own accord, then please contact us because it will lead you further from the truth than ever before. As your motivation to do so is a blind spot that will need to be worked at, it would be like helping someone without knowing if you do right by it or wrong. Like not knowing the hidden strings of karma.

A warning often given about meditation and always taken to lightly as well,
DO NOT CLING ONTO ANYTHING ALONG THE WAY, FOR IT WILL MAKE YOU TO HEAVY TO REACH THE TOP. Your ego will love all that he finds and intends to use it for its own sake and weigh you down so much so that the land of everlasting bliss, the realm of the gods will forever be where you are not.

This is best done when you are alone or when everyone is asleep. Lay down comfortably and visualize yourself walking to the kitchen IN the first person, do not see yourself as in a dream but as if you are looking from your eyes walking down the stairs into the kitchen and pick up a familiar object in the kitchen to focus upon when you arrive there.
Such as a fruit bowl or another object familiar to you before you begin the exercise. Now walk back into the room you are in and lay down. Now get up and actually walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, then look at the object and walk back into the room and lay down again. Now visualize again your walk and then get up and do it again. When the visualization is very strong and almost perfect, continue to do the visualization. You may have to do it and actually get up several times before you reach that state.

Strange as it may sound the time will come when you return to your room and see yourself lying in the bed. Don’t panic immediately, say it is ok and stay in that realm, but before all this, before even starting the exercise clear and purify your heart as much as you can and ask for help in this journey of the highest. And then when you have reached that very moment when you see yourself and say it is ok, then help will be there and take over.

It might even take more than one night if your mind is to active.
Once you do have this first conscious experience, then let us know and we will personally guide you on this journey in preparation for the next step. While there are other ways to reach this state, I stress here again it is not a game, nor should it be food for ego.



Moshiya van den Broek