98. A contradiction?

For as long as you are trapped into the lower mental realm of books, texts and codes, you will never enter the higher consciousness (experience true rebirth). Strange as it may sound considering the fact that this(rebirth) is exactly what you will find if you read all my articles, texts and codes.

But the texts and explanations of the codes hidden in many of the scriptures are there to help you through logic and function, as a bridge builder for the mind and will, to reach the state of a true adapt who loves God with all his heart, mind and soul. He must have a unquenchable desire to know and not just believe. If you do not seek to know the truth then any knowledge you acquire is only a belief of mind. Remember truth is not of mind but to know within your heart without a shadow of a doubt, instead of adding to your own belief system.

When you have it, you will be it. By reading the articles on Truth & Revelations without any judgement, you will come to see that you are all sons and daughters of the living God.

Since you claim imperfection you do not know what perfection is. Not knowing perfection means you cannot discern imperfection. You do not know if you are imperfect, you just believe it! This is your perfect error to help you to evolve, and some day you will recognize it and evolve to it.



Moshiya van den Broek