94. The two present conflicting sets of laws, and one of the deepest mysteries of the universe

One, the rules that govern large objects like galaxies, the other, the rules that govern small objects like subatomic particles which need to be combined in order to have the theory of everything. They are looking at the string theory, and if you look it up on the internet they often show you something that looks like a rubber band. Some also say that it is so small that if you take our galaxy then a super string would have the size of a tree compared to the galaxy, isn’t that funny?
The string they are looking for and of which they say they could never see is the very tree you have been working with.
Another proof of pattern in the structure of everything.

If you remember I did explain that there are mirror images which are visible if you take the 6 pointed star that is in reality one of the platonic solids,  Plato so clearly mentioned the cubic.

I also told you that 666 is when fully run its cycle is 999.
And you are also familiar with the 144.
Take 144 plus 441 plus 414 and you will get 999.

A full cycle is 360 and this is really the tree of knowledge run through.
And 1728 is the 3rd cycle to which you add the 144.
1728 is 12 times 144 as in the 12 disciples and Christ makes 1872.
18 times 72 is 1296 plus the 360 degrees is 1656.

There are 3 important names all derived from YHVH which has the value of 1565.
These names and meaning are Hayah meaning He was, Hoveh meaning He is and Yehyeh meaning He will be.
The Divine names YHVH states the creator’s everlasting eternal existence without beginning and without end. This is precisely why it is called to as the essential name of God.

This also simply means that the letters are the definitive quantitative and qualitative elements of creation.

Now take a closer look at the numeral value of the name and its possible mirror images(Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh)

It also took 1656 years from Adam to the flood: Adam 130 years, Seth 105 years, Enos 90 years, Canan 70 years, Mabalaleel 65 years, Jared 162 years, Enoch 65 years, Methusalah 187 years, Lamech 182 years, Noah 500 years, and to the flood 100 years is 1656.

Let’s go back to the 414. 414 is synonym for Ayin which means either fountain or Eye of life, and when you look at the star of Beth Le Hem or the 8 you will easily understand that 4 and 4 make 8 and that the one in the middle will be clear to, and this is also where one can find the all seeing eye. 576+1152 is 1728+1872=3600

18+72=90 7×63 = 441
90+63=153 fish

64(=32 x 2) as in 32 paths
63 x 486 = 31104( remember this number? 18 times 1728 or 54 x 576 or 216 x144 or 12 x 2592 or 5184 x 6 or 108 x 288)
513+153= 666
63 being the mirror of 39 and 93 and 36 add them up and you get 231
which is 231 x 17=3927. Just use the mirror images of 231 and add them up.



Moshiya van den Broek