92. Guardian angel-archetype

Every mortal has its immortal counterpart in heaven. This means that through each incarnation and for the whole duration of his cycle he is connected.
This connection is a sort of a trinity of physical, mental, astral umbilical cord which is connected on the one hand to the foetus and on the other hand to the womb.
This cord, the radiating that holds men and the lower inner, or even astral body which can earn from above but never reach it by itself,  is never fully understood.
This is because man cannot disconnect from this lower being to which he identifies himself, this guardian angel so often spoken of is but your true self. But like in dreams when you reach above those lower levels and receive of the highest levels, it will by its lowering to this world be coloured by the lower self who only knows this world.

In a special way this structure is related to karma, and how one receives forgiveness, and how one leaves behind the lower in order to reach high.
Most speak of prior incarnations and some say I was such and such, but how could they ever be? They identify themselves with the outer shell, and the personality connected to that body,  but this personality is nothing more than another shell, and those shells are left behind like everything else connected to the material world.

Think not that through reading you become truth, think not that by hearing them you become truth, it’s through life’s experiences, those that are to come and those from the past upon which you can reflect this truth, that you can come to recognize and eventually understand and turn its waters to wine.
Because in this true recognition you will find strength to walk the narrow path.

Try not what cannot, do that what should be, and courage will lead you to even greater wisdom than knowing the difference between the two.

A heart with judgement is like a house without love, such house he passed by.

There is great wisdom in learning from failure, but most is lost in success.



Moshiya van den Broek