91. The road to wisdom

True intuition is the awareness of the source, and dedication is the ladder that leads to this knowledge. In short “we start with instinct and the end is all knowing”.

The first step to knowledge is the ability to understand truth. To differentiate between what is true and that what is not, this treasure is only for those who have disconnected themselves from judgement, selfishness and ego.
For those able to take all truth without intervention of personality.

But their numbers are very few, because many judge by their own view.

The two pillars upon which the present world rests are that of official science and that of orthodox theology, while the truth lies on the middle pillar. Being two opposites in most minds, being ridiculed by either side, the road to this middle pillar is not an easy one with at most only a few ears willing to listen. Some will go along for a while because they find in it a reflection of their personal ideas, this often with the intention to strengthen those viewpoints despite the truth.

An educated mind is no safeguard to truth, and often it will be an obstacle instead of a help to be open, while the uneducated often fall for the trap in looking up to them. Both seek stronghold and hold on to what they know or “think” they know.

This blindness of the educated can be illustrated by a professor in Sanskrit.
He stated that there are no hidden meanings in the Upanishads, while the very meaning of Upanishad is secret teachings. This strong self-belief of their own insights are in truth blindfolds.

You will realise that any translation, be it Plato, Gautama, or Moses written by any of  the learned scientists, will lose much of their wisdom for those who hope to find truth through them. This is because even the initiate does not have all the keys.

While humankind considers himself the highest on the ladder of knowledge they are in fact lower today than ever before.

You need to understand that truth cannot be reached by what you think but by how you think, and with this I also mean to say not by thinking leading you, but the ability for you to lead your thinking as a start on the road to truth.
While many have not even reached this stage yet, before this, one needs the devotion that enables him to gain control over his emotions which trigger thoughts, while life’s experiences should give you enough insights to see that blindness was your leader so far.

It must also be known that those initiates of “true knowledge” took an oath, and had the highest of respect “not” to reveal the truth.
And all openly stated that there could only be spoken of “true knowledge” in allegory, and took all precaution to hide the true meaning of their words, so that only the initiate would understand them. This to insure that the “true knowledge” would not fall into the hands of man’s ego/personality who would use it for its own goals.



Moshiya van den Broek