89. Baptise with water and then baptise with fire and spirit

One first needs to be cleansed before fire can be applied and the spirit reached. Then the fire will light up all impurity on its way.

At a certain point more cells will be lost than will be rebuild and you grow older. During this aging process cells start to fail and you might end up with decease.

A river seeks the lowest points and bends around higher ground but eats away in the corners because it wishes to go straight.

Look at the karmic snake curled around your chakra’s.
Where do the 3 keys belong?

You will remember the 3 keys I have given you before

But where do they belong ? Let’s first look at the cubit of Noah
52,36. The number itself already is self-explainable, 36(0) is a circle
and 52. You also know that the torus can be seen as a circle
and 360 times 5236 is 1884960 and divided by 72 is golden ratio.

Then the 56,25 , the 56 are the two stars and 25 the snake.
These 56 and two make up the 8 or the 576 degrees. This
56,25 times this 576 is 3240000, another great cycle.

The first(576) is the cycle that encloses the 8, then the 8 that encloses
the paths within(32), or in other words the 32 paths
31,25 times the 32 paths is 10(00)
and yes when the one is in Malkuth, the one becomes 10
from Kether (Crown) to Malkuth.

The one has gone full cycle, the crown or circle.



Moshiya van den Broek