87. Alpha & Omega

“I am the beginning and the end, I am the alpha and omega”
This was as close to understanding these sayings most of you
were able to get.

There are those who believe that ELS (Equidistant Letter Sequence) is the secret
hidden in the bible, but the clusters of words don’t give answers.
Then there is theomatics based on the value of words and sentences, but these do not give answers either.
Then there is geometry which shows there are patterns, but this too does not provide any answers. Then there is a deeper meaning to the stories, all of these and more are like leaves on a tree but not the tree itself.

Someone said, if ELS and theomatics had something in common then G-D must be a fantastic juggler. This just shows you how far away they really are from understanding.
They cannot see that they are all fruits of that very same tree.

So let’s see if it starts to make sense to you, now that you have been given the basics of the star of Bethlehem, the holy grail.
As you will remember the 8 with its 576 degrees has a pillar, the 1 and with this 8, is 18 or 180 or even 1800

And it moves from right to left 18 or 81 and the one in the middle makes 9

Now alpha has a value of 1 and omega has a value of 8 (00) joined makes 9
In truth the 8 is a new day, a new first day. 576/18=32 paths.

The lord rose on the 8th or new first day. Now if you have a look at theomatics it will tell you that 888 is the sum of the tree of life  and they also say that the number of the earth is 4.
The sun is 93 million miles from earth which if converted to inches and the zero’s taken away is: 5892480 divide this by the speed of light in miles and you will get 3168 the light of the world. In Mark, there is a list of the disciples which have a total value of 9639
And the light of the world is 3168. 3168+9639=12807  but there are two trees so twice the 32 paths is 64
This 64 times 12807=819648 see anything familiar in this number?
36 x 5236= 188496 188496+819648=1008144
The diameter of the earth is 108 but there is more… you take the 12807 and multiply it by 9 and you get 115263, 1152 you know the 63 will come,
If you take 819648 – 188496=631152.

As you know there are 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament, 3927.
The 32 paths are known by those who study the kabbalah and many of you know that there is another one “33” or Daath 33 x 3927=129591
3927 times 6 is the ark 23562 and 8 times is PI 3,1416.
The earth diameter is 7920 miles, 7920 x 4 = the light of the world =3168(0)
792 is twice 396 multiply this number and see which numbers you get.

If you look at the value of sentences in the bible, take for instance John 14:30
The ruler of this world cometh, it has a numeral value of 414(8)
And it is 23 x 18=414. All these can be divided by 180.
Judgement of this world 180 x16=2880

Now shall the ruler of this world be cast out 180 x32 this 32 again.
Yes 32 is where the raven left to find land but did not come back.
Where your personal ideas did not lead to dry land.

The ruler of this world 22 x 180=3960
The ruler 9 x 180=1620
The numeral value of “the tree of life” is 240
( 3×8 )
And the 240 squared is 576.



Moshiya van den Broek