86. Fire

If you go back to the article of Plato’s cave for a moment again you will see the fire that enables the actors to cast a shadow on the wall.

And there is the outside light and the somewhat defused light that enters the cave and causes the shadow of man himself.

Now I ask you to read Plato’s cave again first before you continue to read on…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

If you have done so it will become more logical when I explain the biblical name for this fire: Lucifer.

Then there is the crown that fell to earth and the light that comes from the fire, are you seeing the picture?

This light passes through your memories like light through a prism and colours the shadow, and in turn has the tendency to recognize of himself in the projection, I use this word purposely because you project this defragmented light onto the wall too.

While it is more complex as these memories have made connections such as sound, taste, touch, smell and eyes (you bring sound into the world and the world makes sound for you) remember that I have to use known concepts to explain the unknown. But remember that the rate you can see is 24 frames a second, we will get back to this in another article.

It is this light of Lucifer(the trees of good and evil) that is directed left or right, broken up into separate colours to which you are attracted.

And because the light passes through these memories it also has the tendency to trigger the associated feelings and thoughts, the I THINK, I FEEL, I HEAR etc.

If you would take the different religions(yes they all belong to one) you will realize they all follow a sort of natural order.  Buddha, Christ, Mohamed, emotions, heart, mind. Two to be kept in control and one leader.

But remember also that the heart is the centre of feeling, please go to the website: www.heartmath.org . Usually we consider the brain to be centre where the signals such as the eyes, skin, ears etc. enter and connect to similar frequency(words, images, feelings, taste, smell, feeling).

Please go to this website,  just read the first page and scroll down.

Now how do you get peace of mind which is really the only way to see clearly? And a real desire in many ways. It would need you to be centred, in the centre not being pulled left or right. This would lead to certainty because through this centeredness and peace of mind you recognize patterns. This will enable you to see purpose, something that they knew in the days of old.

This would provide you with your personal road, your task and obstacles which would need to be overcome on a personal level, something which has been lost.

But something that was known to Christ, Buddha, Mohamed etc. They had several calendars, a very good example was that of the Mayans, but known to all true masters.

The Mayans had one that was called the Tzolkin, Tun, and Haab
3 of which the last one is mostly spoken of but was the lesser one of the 3.

The Tzolkin tzol meaning count and kin meaning day or in other words to count the days.

The Tun, is the divine or prophetic calendar

And the Haab, was that of harvest and seasons and for tax.

The Tzolkin was 260
The Tun was 360
The Haab was 365,2422.

But I will continue with this subject in the next article



Moshiya van den Broek