84. Read with your heart.

The lips of wisdom are sealed for those who do not read with the heart.

While there are other sources such as the Veda’s that use the same structure,  I will use the Bible and for those who are not familiar with Hebrew they can best use the older version of the King James Bible because as I will show they were familiar with the hidden knowledge.

At the height of each cycle according to the grand plan, insights are brought to light of the bible text that is inexhaustible of wisdom, fuller than the oceans and its counsel greater than the deep.

Insight into the perfect design happens in a blink of the eye, and yet the joy of such insight brings perfect happiness. The insights of today’s scientists which are pursued with such passion are but a pale shadow of the insights into the harmonic law of creation shown in the Bible. G-d is the divine mathematician, both in his works and in his words, each single person, place, idea, date, genealogy, precept, each single fact contained in the text is a crossing point of structures of the total design, each has its appointed place, meaning and function in the balance and harmony of the whole.

There are several keys needed to understand the bible, one is knowledge of the wisdom pattern, with this key it illuminates the text, these keys are within you too, but remember all that is given is the way,  you have to walk it. I will show you all the bridges, all the connections to strengthen your believe and will to do so .

You went to school with the other kids in your class, taught by the same teacher yet some learned more than others, a true teacher can only create situations in which you can learn but it is you who needs to do it.

You need to come half way to heaven,  reach out with all your love, eternity,  grateful and the hand that will touch you will lift you up.

The touch “of knowing” that has not yet found words to express is a believe the size of a mustard seed that made the mountain, the tower of Babel come to you, wisdom greater than a physical mind can hold right on top, in reading with the heart these steps are made. Such heart has no room for judgement but filled with the beauty of goodness.
The material world is like the picture in Plato’s cave, you can look at the shadow in all its detail but never from the light. Through control of emotions you will be able to turn around, discover that your judgement based on the limited view blinded you, looking from darkness to light, from not knowing, colouring your view. This knowledge joined with the old takes away the veil from your eyes, at first you did see patterns of your own ideas, like old experiences that are the actors that cast their idea on the wall, they seek of their own, they cause thought and feeling to arise to which you cling and so sold your soul. Dualism. White light broken up by impurity/memories that grew from darkness, it is their light that through your eyes falls onto this world, and you say I see, I hear,……yet the not knowing is part of the knowledge.

Darkness and light, as light is wisdom and love, and darkness is not.
Made of clay, of matter, struggling with shadows, g-d made boundaries.
He could not pass, made it so that all that was not according the will of g-d
were like blindfolds, to keep impure from the entering the garden, banned
to earth, but g-d in all his loving wisdom created laws that will lead you back. It is now time to wake up, to realize evil took you for a ride.

Some of you think they are on the right track, what makes them so sure?
What gave them the idea? What is it that makes them agree or disagree
with this or the other?

Some of you are busy with the question when is this great shift?
For them all to soon, ask yourself  if you can effort to loose valuable time?

And does this not also say something about your trust in G-d?

But let us now move to more bridges, as you know it takes 9 months, 266 days or 38 weeks to create a man or woman, now there are two “creations” mentioned in the bible, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2v4-7 . Kabbalistic  the first “creation” is a statement of intent while in the second one: and the lord g-d formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul, this verse has 3 systems of co-ordinates of which I will show two, obviously one of them is Genesis 2v7 the other or second layer is when you see that genesis 1 contains 31 verses and the creation of Adam is the 7th verse in chapter 2 which means in total it is verse 38 this also reveals another thing, each verse is a value of 7 days.

I will get back to this, but let us now move to the five books of  Moses, the section called the law of Moses, the Thora! From the days of old known of containing a magical structure, when you count the number of  verses contained within the law which runs from Genesis to the end of Deuteronomy  is 5852 verses or 38 x 22 x 7

5852 verses of 7 days is 40964 days with a diameter of 13034 using 22/7
Let me also tell you that the Pythagoreans said that all is number and that these mathematicians divided all numbers into two categories.

Male female

There are 187 chapters in the law(remember the article of a finger of g-d, a finger being 187) and you can divide the law into two categories male and female or odd and even.
Chapter 1, 3, 5, etc. up to chapter 187 there are 2913 verses ODD
Chapter 2, 4, 6, etc. up to chapter 186 there are 2929 verses EVEN

Now a difficult bit, the nodal Moon cycle. The moon revolves around the earth, and because the orbit is tilted about 5 degrees to the Sun-Earth plane this will result in a difference to the outer limits of the Full Moon risings on the eastern horizon. As the year passes the rising Sun moves along the horizon between two limits, one to the N.E. and one to the S.E. (approx.)
And the rising full moon mimics this motion only in a mirror image fashion.
In other words if the sun rises N.E. then the full moon rises S.E. and vice versa. Because of the revolving tilt of the moons orbit its outer limits shift slightly outside the suns limits and then back again.

This full cycle is 18,61 years long, or 6797 days from start to finish.

Now let’s go back to the odd and even of verse totals. The male side had 2913 verses so 7 x 2913 is 20391 days which contains exactly three orbits of the nodal cycle 20391/6797  is 3. Something else to mention, the 4 gospels are symbolising Matthew-man; Mark-Lion; Luke-Ox; John-Eagle. The astrological significance Man(Aquarius) ; Lion(Leo ) ; Ox(Taurus); Eagle(Scorpio) will be for another article.

But the whole time frame down to the birth and death of Jesus and the time of creation can be calculated. It is good to mention here that Passover or Easter is defined as: the first Sunday after full moon which happens upon or after the 21st March.

Now back to the law of Moses containing exactly 5852 verses of 7 days x 36 is 1474704 days, (for I have come to fulfil the law) so the fulfilment of Jesus’ life took 36 times the length of the Torah. Verse 23171 in the middle column reads, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the day of he rod the king…. Matthew 2v1 23171+2913=26084x7x8=1460704 .
Matthew 27v66(3927) 27+39=66 fulfilling reads; so they went and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone and setting a watch.

Count the words spoken by g-d 343 in total 7x7x7.
You have seen that there are two pillars one male one female, even and uneven verses and there is a total, the summing up of both.

So by now you understand that the circle contains the 8 or 576 and the 8 can be said to be left or right side 18 or 81
Let’s see, as you know there are 304803 letters in the Thora
But also explained before we can take the 0 away so that leaves us with
304803/3=101601 which is one 3rd of the Torah.
Now the circle, add or take a 0 3600/576=6,25×5=31,25
There are 10 Sephirot and 22 letters.
7+7+7=21×187 chapters is 3927 the 66 books.
Remember that 3×576=1728
18576×3=55728 this mirror of 5 was the 2 (5+5)
25 and 52=77
52-25%=39 39×27=1053
1053/13=81 1053×77 =81081
153×77=11781 – 11781
is 693(00) 17×693=11781




Moshiya van den Broek