3. The base numbers

We talked about the numbers 3,2,1 and 5, and at the same time about some connections and descriptions, which are connected to these. We shall now talk about the 4 for a moment, which also stands for the earth. You enter this 4th and begin the development of the 5th (your senses), so from 4 to 5 (45).

Vesica Piscis
If you take the measurements of the Ark (300 x 50 x 30), you get 45(0000). We shall talk about the zero some other time. So you get 4 and 5, you enter the 4 and follow your way to the 5.
Maybe you can recognize this in the structure: the five-pointed star (the earth 4 and the 5th point of the pentagram, which is outside of the circle, or sticks out above it).
The 4 points, which fall within the lower circle (earth), like the four cornerstones. The 5 is visible in the drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, ‘the Vitruvian Man’, in which he places man in a pentagram (with his head in the air).

I would like to continue with the development of the consciousness and its first phase, where sensations were the complete master of the thinking processes and where the first cognitive efforts were stimulated by desire. This led man to slowly and crudely figure out and design things. He started to recognize a connection of images. When one appeared, he could expect the other to show up (think about the child getting a feeling of hunger and then the satisfying of it). You will see time and again that I will return and connect to what we have talked about earlier, so you can understand the relative connections.

By the appearance that followed without exception and by drawing conclusions that way and even by trusting these conclusions, he came to act.

Also, he began to sometimes doubt the strong urges of desire he followed, because of his experiencing the demanded satisfaction in his thinking. He came to find that satisfaction often came with a price: suffering.

In other words: this interaction gradually gives you insight (relatively).

From vapor to water to solid you come from the one to the two-ity to a third, which is like a solid. Love forms a structure that can develop the capability to connect this again with wisdom, from where love originates.
In the feminine it forms the feelings (be mindful that love flows through us also, and so we have the tendency to follow that and in so doing our focus is outward) and the senses that come forth from it like receptors, are to experience. The capacity to think and to draw conclusions represents the masculine, which needs to be connected to this feeling, in order to create a pure feeling, hearing and seeing (a relative/limited hearing and seeing for the time being).

Here I repeat again: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; five are the senses, instrumental to go higher.
Because, as said, the firmament is 5(000) high, 6 is like the rounded one, and this with the realization of the one is 7. The Ark was indeed 5 (0) high, as was the hatch through which Noah released the raven and of course the white dove too, which stands for the outgoing love.


Moshiya van den Broek