83. The star and platonic solids

Most of you who are interested in sacred geometry will be familiar
with the platonic solids (shown at the last picture below)

the cube with 8 vertices 12 edges and 6 faces
the tetrahedron with 4 vertices 6 edges and 4 faces
the octahedron with 6 vertices 12 edges and 8 faces
the icosahedron with 12 vertices 30 edges and 20 faces
the dodecahedron with 20 vertices 30 edges and 12 faces

All of these platonic solids can be made through the lines in the star of David (see the second picture above).

The cube with 8 vertices 12 edges and 6 faces translate in 8 x 12 x 6 = 576
in the above order 4 x 6 x 4 =96
6 x 12 x 8 =576
12 x 30 x 20 = 7200
20 x 30 x 12 = 7200

If you take a square and place a circle in it and one on the outside and take the radius of the difference between the two and draw a circle using the outline of the square as the centre point to draw this circle, then the relation between the big and small circle will be 100% the same as the  relationship between the earth and the moon.

If you take the outlines of a pentagram with one point up and place another one but with the point down, then draw a circle on the inner and one on the outer and you will be able to see the same as the relationship between the size of the moon and the size of the earth but now in distance between earth and mars all the way to Pluto.

There are 149,6 million km between the Sun and Earth, being the 7th planet
149,6 x 7=10472 or twice 5236 the cubit or 28 times 41888
Mercury 57.9 mil km add them all up and you get 16030 mil km
Venus 108,2 mil km and multiply with 63 =1009890 this
Earth 149,6 mil km number mirrors with a multiplication
Mars 227,9 mil km and is the same as the 10989 I did show
Jupiter 778.3 mil km in the previous article( light 2997.. and
Saturn 1427,0 mil km 7992 =10989 times two is 21978/33=666.
Uranus 2871.0 mil km
Neptune 4497,1 mil km
Pluto 5913 mil km

16030/916=175×4=700. 32×1,75=56. 36×1,75=63. 444×1.75=777 and 444 is again half way of the now familiar 888. ( and g-d 96 or 916 see other article). All these relationships between planets are related to the 56,25 and 31,25 as the difference is 25.  13 is half way divided by 2,5 is 5,2 because overcome 52 + 25 is 77 and this is the two trees of good and evil having reached the 7(star of Bethlehem) and 25 times 52,36= 1309.52-25=27
31+25=56 and 56+25 is 81 56+25=81 divided by the ark 4,5= 18.


Here is the thorus, recognize it when you cut it in half? And seeing it like this just see yourself walking on the inside of it in circles while in the centre ………………..by now this should be clear to you. And at the same time look at the thorus, on top you see the entrance much like a black hole from where light cannot escape, there is an inner universe and an outer universe much like an inner world and an outer world.


Moshiya van den Broek